Chapter 343, willn't it jump from this?

The whole Yanglong Yue was stunned.Looking at Lin Miaoyue for a while, he shook his head and said, "I don't know if Lin Yuquan is dead without death. But I guess it might be dead."

"How do you say this." Wang Yaoyao glanced at Lin Miaoyue frowning and then turned to look at Jingyang Longyue again."Death is to die. No death is not dead. Why maybe it might be dead."

"Eat the noodles first." At this time The steamed buns came in.

The total of Yangyang Yue is really hungry.It's okay when I didn't see food.When you see it.The stomach couldn't help gurgling.

"In fact, this is the case." Junyang Longyue said with a deep breath and said.At this time he was very calm.It is the most important thing to live in his eyes now.When he and his women told them that the situation was very calm when they left.And a few women were stupid after listening to his Shu Shu.They really did not expect so many incredible things happened after they left.

"I really didn't expect that there is really a soul in this world." Li Xiaolu said with his chest covering his chest as if he wanted to suppress his too excited mood.

The whole Yanglong Yue laughed.I didn't say anything.He didn't believe that there was a soul in the world before.But this is indeed what he has seen.If you don't believe it, you can't.

"That should be that white ball saved you." Wang Yaoyao said for a while."Although he brought you huge pain. But it was after it entered your body. You can not only move. We have also given you a procuratorial. You have no internal injuries now."

"Um." He Yangyue nodded and said."It should be like this. I just don't know why this happens. This is really incredible."

"Shenlong Dan." Lin Miaoyue was very serious and affirmed at this time He said."It must be Shenlong Dan."

"Shenlong Dan ..." Zhenyang Longyue could not help but hold it.Please get more and faster.After turning around her mind, she looked up at her and asked."How is it possible."

"Yeah. Do n’t you say that Shen Longdan has been eaten by Zhao Lao?" Yang Xue also frowned.

"I heard my master said before. Some spiritual items can gather together. Is it true that it is true." Wang Hairong also said in surprise.

"It should be." Lin Miaoyue said."Although I have never heard that Shenlong Dan can reunite for forming. But I heard that Grandpa said that Shenlong Dan was like a pearl with a bright white ball. Starting with warm but the Yang Yang thing."

"Why does it suck the soul." The integrated Yangyue asked puzzledly."You need to know that whether it is a man or an animal. Their souls are pure yin."

"I don't know this. Maybe those souls may be yang. Or those white. Smoke is not a soul at all. "Lin Miaoyue said."I don't know some of its characteristics. My grandpa has never told me. Even he may not even know. Because this Shenlong Dan has never been used. Because in the concept of our Shenlong people, this Shenlong Dan will It can only be used once. It is not necessary to use the time when the gods are related to the survival of the priests. "

" Oh. This is the case. "He nodded and said.Later, I looked up at the beautiful women and said with a smile."Anyway. There is no need to tangled these things. It is no longer important whether Shen Longdan saved me. The important thing is that I am still alive now. You are still alive. We can continue to live together. We can continue to do what we like to do together. Hey. "

" Long Yue. I said your heart is a bit bigger. " road."You just come back from the Ghost Gate. It's just getting poverty again. You are not afraid of God's seeing it. I am angry and take you away."

"Hey. Well. Living for a day. It's okay to live for a second. You have to be worthy of your own life. Are you guys? "Heyang Longyue said with a smile.

"Why did Lin Yuquan use the Shenlong token?" Lin Miaoyue murmured and murmured."Could it be that he doesn't know how to use the Shenlong token. This is unreasonable."

"Maybe the Dragon token is not alive at all." He said."Because I didn't see the fake forest Yuquan who took away the Shenlong token from the beginning to the end."

"Then you mean that the fake Lin Yuquan took the Shenlong token and got up. Greed. I escaped. "Yang Xue frowned.

"I dare not say it. But it is very possible." Zhenyang Longxian nodded.Then I looked up at the beautiful women and said with a smile."Do you say that he will go after getting the Shenlong token."

"You mean he went to the head of Shenlong Society." Lin Miaoyue stunned.Then he looked at it suddenly."Want to kill people."

Zhenyang Longyue smiled.Then he turned his head and looked at Wang Yiyao and asked, "Have you ever made a phone call?"

"The phone couldn't get through." Wang Yiyao said with a helpless smile."They can't make a call."

"Hmm." He Yang Long Yue was stunned.Then he turned to look at Yang Xuedao again."Haven't you asked your brother?"

"No. I'm afraid his phone will be monitored." Yang Xue shook his head and said."Where are they going?"

"Call. I call your brother. Update the first time." Junyang Longyue said.

"I can't make a phone call at all." Yang Xue said helplessly."There is no signal at all in this deep mountain."

"Deep Mountain." Zongyang Longyue was stunned.Some unknown why.

"We are afraid of being unsafe outside. Just take everyone to my master." Wang Hairong explained."Anyway, my master is not there."

"Oh." The integrated loudly.Wang Hairong learns the arts in the mountains.

"Let's throw the phone in the mobile team." Zongyang Longyue turned to look at Yang Xue again.

"If I don't lose it. What is the difference between updating the first time and we live outside." Yang Xue said with a little uncomfortable manner.

"Okay." He said a sigh of breath."I went out. Take the Fifi back. Then we went to find the fake Lin Yuquan to bring the god dragon token back."

Say he moved to get out of bed.

"Let's raise your body first." Wang Yaoyao said."This matter can't be anxious."

"It's okay." Zongyang Longyue just laughed.Then got out of bed."You can just wait for me to come back."

"Hey." When he stood on the ground and walked forward, he couldn't help but whispered."Why do I feel that the soft cotton is fluttering on the soles of this foot."

"You still raise it first." Yang Xue said."Although you were saved by Shenlong Dan. But you just woke up and it would not be possible to recover so fast. I still go down the mountain. I secretly ask my brother."
"No. The situation. "Heyang Longyue waved her words.Continue to talk a few steps."Although I feel that the soft cotton is fluttering under this feet. But I don't mean a little bit of unstable. On the contrary, I feel that my lower plate is quite stable."

"No ..." Yang Xue looked up and down in doubt."No."I am talking about it."

"It will not be the role of Shenlong Dan." Lin Miaoyue said with a trace of excitement."If it is really that way. Brother Dream, you are really blessed because of misfortune."

"Um. No." Inana Longyue also nodded and said."I have to go out and try how much change this Shenlong Dan can bring me."

When everyone said, they went out of the house.At this time, Jiyang Longyue also discovered that this place was really deep.The place they just stayed was three small wooden houses.And this cabin is actually on the mountain wall on one side of the Grand Canyon.The cabin is halfway in the mountain wall.The other half is outside the mountain wall.There are some wild vines around.I have to admit that the holy thief door really chooses a place.

It was just that he couldn't see where the road was going up and down the mountain for a long time.You can't jump around straight down.It is a few hundred meters high in the next look.Obviously that is impossible.

"This. How can this go down?" The total of the Ding point where I looked at the cliff at the cliff, looking back at Wang Hairong, who was about to fall cliff."Don't jump from here."

"You can try it." Wang Hairong teased rare.But the footsteps kept walking to the beyond the beyond the beckon to drag out a very thin green silk to beckoned to the whole Yangyue."Come. Let me send you it."

How can the total of the Yangyue Yue send it to a woman.How can he exercise his rights in front of such women in the future?He thought like this.So he lifted his head decisively.Hey said with a smile: "No need. As long as you tell me how to go down. Then I can go down myself. Is it right?"

"Don't be embarrassed. You are not about the situation. Understand. No one will say you. "Wang Hairong probably saw his mind and said.Then he showed him the green silk and then said."This silk is not so long. It is only ten meters. But it really wants to go through this silk. But it is impossible to think about this silk until the bottom of the cliff." BR> This book comes from, read the genuine content for the first time!