Chapter 163

The comprehensive Yanglong Yue and Yang Xue quickly arrived at the police station.As soon as they entered the police station, they immediately caused a small commotion.Many people greeted Yang Xue with a smile.But obviously they could see that they laughed very barely.Faid and helplessness in the eyes.Of course, there are also no lucky people who are lucky.But she laughed and indifferently.Now she is no longer Yang Xue, half a year ago.The experience of over the past six months has made her calm and mature.

"Ah. Axue, you can come back." The old criminal policeman he had seen before seeing them saw them coming to alert to Yang Xue."Now Li Yuqing has already replaced your position and became the captain. And you are afraid you have to be punished."

"Okay. Don't say Zhang Bo. I understand." Yang Xue was indifferent. Laugh."You don't have to worry about me."

The elderly glanced at Yang Xue in surprise.But then shook his head with a bitter smile.After looking at the Yangyue Yue again, he turned and left.

"Jiyang Longyue, Yang Xue, you go to my office." Suddenly a familiar voice sounded.Hearing this voice, Yangyue couldn't help but smile contempt.Then he looked at Yang Xue and didn't say a tacit words at a glance.But it was full of momentum with Li Yuqing into his current Yang Xue's office.

"What are you doing?" Li Yuqing, who walked into the office first, walked to the desk and turned to the table."Do you understand discipline? Do you know ..."

But when he turned around, he found that the back was empty.There is no shadow of Yangyue and Yang Xue at all.Update him as soon as possible.Then he was angry.I just wanted to furiously told them but fiercely discovered that the two appeared at the door and walked in.His open mouth did not scream.Give it there.

The comprehensive Yang Longyue looked at him ridiculous.There was a trace of contempt in the eyes without any concealment.I said I wanted to take me out of breath.Play with me.It's really daring to fat.I have abilities.You are careful about it, but I can hear it clearly.You know you are angry at this moment.Don't mess with Grandpa early.That grandpa is also a grandson who is playing with you.

"Captain Li." He Yangyue sneered with a sneer and grabbed a chair and sat down and raised Erlang's legs."I don't know how expensive you are so anxious to call us so anxiously."

"Comprehensive Yanglong Yue. You are so presumably. Who asked you to sit down." Li Yuqing saw him immediately. Greatly.

"I don't seem to apply to others." Heyang Longyue glanced at him with disdain.

"You ..." Li Yuqing was at ease on the spot.Pointing at the comprehensive Yangyue, he said."Okay. Tongyang Longyue. I ask you. What have you done these days."

"Pick up girls, fight artillery." Heyang Longyue watched him exploring him forward Said."How. You have to ask this too."

Li Yuqing was very angry.Angrily pointed at him and shouted: "Comprehensive Yanglong Yue. Do you know if you are in trouble?"

"Oh. Is it?" Essence"Then you talk about me."

"You have been expelled from police statues. Please get more and faster." Li Yuqing looked at him with anger.

"Fleeing police statues." He said with a sneer in Jiyue."Who fired. Why didn't I receive a notice. Don't tell me that you are expelled."

"Comprehensive Yang Longyue. I also tell you. In K City, you'd better give me old age. Listening to me honestly. Otherwise, don't say that you are expelled from police chefs. Just drive you out of the K city, it is even more common. "I did not expect Li Yuqing to hold his mouth.Very arrogant.

"Oh. Really." He Yangyue glanced at him with disdain."Do you really think you have this ability?"

"Comprehensive Yang Longyue. I tell you." Li Yuqing said with a cold smile to him."I just investigated you after the last time Yuntian International. You are just a little bitter from a foreign country. Relying on Yang Xue's relationship, I don't know how to make a police officer. But you offend people who you should not offend. . So you have to pay for it for this. "

" People who should not offend. "Zongyang Longyue said pretending to be meditated."Why don't I remember who I offended which one I should not offend."

Li Yuqing's mouth was straight.He pointed at him and scolded: "Comprehensive Yang Longyue. You villagers. I watched you without seeing the coffin. Okay. Then I might as well tell you. My father is Li Qiao."

br> "Oh. Liqiao." He said in surprisingly in Heyang Longyue.

"Hum." Li Yuqing looked at him and sneered."How. Are you scared?"

"That's not." He said with a smile and took out a cigarette without impatient litter."At first glance, I thought that your father was Li Gang. But if you listen carefully, it is Li Qiao. Hey. I said a lot. Is your dad and Li Gang a brother? Why are their sons so two hundred and five? "

" Comprehensive Yangyue. I don't talk nonsense with you. "Li Yuqing was so angry that he pointed at him and said."Now the M Municipal Bureau calls to say that you are in a private house in M ​​city. And abducted the daughter of others. Is there such a thing?"

"No." Speaking of shaking his head like a drum.

"No." Li Yuqing sneered."But the President Wang of Yuhuang Group personally went to the M Municipal Bureau to report the case and said that you broke into the house of others. Is it a billions of big bosses in the dignified family who will be dirty in your little comprehensive Yangyue Yueyue. No. "

" Oh ... "Jiyang Longyue immediately pretended to be suddenly realized."You are talking about him. Yes. I really have been to his house."

"Hum. You admit it." Li Yuqing said his mouth.

"What do I admit." The total of the Yangyang Longyue was pretending to be very full."What I admit. I only said that I have been to his house. But because I said that I was a private house. How do I think this logic is so ridiculous."

"Come less. People have already reached M M. The municipal bureau has reported the case. Do you still want to quibble. "Li Yuqing said with confidence that he had eaten him."And you still kidnapped his daughter."

"His daughter." He said a little for a while.But then it was funny to look at Li Yuqing like watching silly."His daughter is my woman. Do I take her away is abduction."

"Don't quibble." Li Yuqing said angrily."I have checked it. You did have a ambiguous relationship with his eldest daughter Wang Yaoyao. But the case of reporting the case was her second daughter Wang Yiyi."
"Fifi." Slowly laughed."She is also my woman."

"Ah." Li Yuqing heard it on the spot.Looking at the compassionate Yanglong Yue, who had been for dozens of minutes, he said, "You say that Wang Yixun is also your woman."

"Yeah. What's wrong. Yang Longyue took his mouth and said

"Then you are a fraudulent minor girl."Li Yuqing said suddenly like catching his little braids.

" When will I seduce the minor girl."Heyang Longyue said with a cold smile." Where is the evidence? ""

" You.Don't you just say that she is also your woman."Li Yuqing saw that he said this and thought. It was not established by his words. And when he was all, he would never admit it. But he still said a little bit.

" I am What said."He Yangyue smiled coldly and looked at him with a scornful look at him." I said whether you and your mother and my mother believe it."

" Comprehensive Yang Longyue.You You bastard."Li Yuqing was anxious when he heard the words. He punch him with a punch.

Heng Yang Longyue stood up and flashed, and he took a palm towards the thick desk around him. There was a "snap". Then a thick desk collapsed.

He looked at Li Yuqing, who was shocked and sweaty. Hey sneered. "Li Yuqing.I might as well tell you now.I know your father is the secretary of the city party committee of K.But I might as well tell you.I haven't taken your father as shallot.If Lao Tzu is willing.He can ask for his dog's life at any time."

Li Yuqing is very aggrieved. But watching the desk of the desk who was paralyzed by the whole hand, he watched a few difficult swallowing movements. br> "Hum."Heyang Longyue sneered and sat down again and raised Erlang's legs and shook with a scornfulness and snorted." Li Yuqing.I tell you not to think that you have a father who is a secretary of the municipal party committee.Don't think that you are now relying on your father to become the captain and think that you are awesome and others can't Don't think that you are now relying on your father to become the captain and think that you are awesome and others can't fuck you.The reason why others do not ignore you are suspected of you stinking.Don't want to Don't want to fuck you.You understand no.So please recognize yourself.Don't always feel that you are so popular."

Li Yuqing looked at him with a lot of anger. Especially the words he said was really unpleasant. No one has dared to say a lot with him. He was insulted by him. He was unwilling. But he dared to say anything. But he didn't dare to speak with his head. And he was really scared. He suddenly remembered the thing that he killed for a long time. It is creepy. So he believes that this person is fundamentally very human. Hey. If he wants to kill. He will not take that person as a person at all. So he just dare not speak. That's because he is in How great it is to be in front of others, it is that others have failed to threaten him. But now Jiyang Longyue threatened him. Because he was afraid of death. He was more afraid of death as miserable for a long time.

> "Why don't you speak anymore."He Yang Longyue looked at him in fear. He smiled and said." You call us, won't miss us.Let's stay here for a while."

" Speak.Seeing that he didn't speak, he couldn't help but drink. "How Seeing that he didn't speak, he couldn't help but drink. "How dumb."

" Well.That's it."Li Yuqing squeezed out the ugly smile." Some people responded that Yu Weiwen's car accident was related to you.But I believe it is absolutely impossible.In addition, the M Municipal Bureau said that the Wang of the Yuhuang Group called the case and reported that you kidnapped her daughter.But I think it must be a misunderstanding here.Absolute misunderstanding.I just want you to come over.I informed you."

Li Yuqing said hard and careful to him," But you can rest assured.I will definitely deal with these things."

" Well.I believe you have this ability."He Yangyue stood up with a satisfied smile and stood up to pat his shoulder and narrowed his eyes and looked at him." I don't really like violence.As long as others don't force me."

" Yes.yes.yes.I see."Seeing Jiyang Longyue stood up and raised his hand to scare him, but he didn't dare to hide. Fortunately, he did not feel the power when he took it. But he said nervously when he heard him. .

"Liu Bureau.Why are you here."Yang Xue said suddenly to an old man who came in when he opened the door.

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