Chapter 242 Eleven Girlfriends

The whole Yanglong was in a hurry and blurted out: "A Jing. I don't let you be a junior. Because I'm not just a girlfriend."

He regretted it after he said.Looking at Xu Jing's increasingly ugly face, he hated his mouth and cheap.When you can't wait to stand up, you will pump yourself a few big mouths.

"What do you treat me?" Xu Jing, who wanted to get up after a while, still stayed.Staring coldly at Jiyang Long Yue.

"Girlfriend. Real girlfriend." Zongyang Longyue quickly said.This can't help but relax.Originally, it was to solve this sentence.But he made so many oolongs.Really depressed.He thought like this.

"Girlfriend." Xu Jing sneered."Then how much do you have a girlfriend."

"Hmm." He Yang Long Yue stunned.Then he raised his head and started to count in your heart.

"How." Xu Jing saw him sneered again and looked at him with a sarcasm."Many people can't count."

"Hehe. I'm sorry. I really didn't count it before." Heyang Longyue said with a smile."But now I count it. If you want. You are my eleventh girlfriend."

"Ten, eleven." Ren Xujing had a psychological preparation before He was stunned by his words.You want to come here, you just have two or three.There are three or four more.But he opened his mouth.This is too big with her psychological expectations.

"Hey. Yeah. The two girls you saw before were my girlfriend." Junyang Longyue said with a smile again.

"You say that the two beautiful girls are your girlfriend." Xu Jing was even more surprised.The curiosity of a moment made her forget the unhappiness just now.

"Real or false." Xu Jing looked at him in doubt."The two of them live with you at the same time. Don't you feel awkward."

"awkward." Heyang Longyue looked at her puzzled."What are awkward? Everyone is from themselves. Update a family in the first time. Should you be together. Except for one special reason for my ten girlfriends. The other nine are all with me. Together.

"Ah." Xu Jing opened his mouth in surprise.Looking at the compatible eyes, he said with an incredible look."How is it possible. This is so bizarre."

"How is it impossible. We have always lived together. Everyone is happy and happy. I think it is good." But it was very indifferent.

After Xu Jing listened.Silence for a while.At this time, he had fully understood the meaning of the words that Jiyang Longyue just said just now.I hope she can join them.Become one of them.Listen to him.Please get more and faster.Not only nothing bad.And pretty good.But she always felt awkward.I always feel like I suffer.

"They can really get along peacefully." Xu Jing was a little tempted.After all, I still like the boy in front of him.The most important thing is that I drank more for myself to the guy for the first time.

"It's very harmonious to get along with." He Yangyue smiled slightly.Said it very well."If you don't believe you, you can ask Yang Xue and Lin Miaoyue."

"That ..." Xu Jing suddenly looked at him a little bit of embarrassment."Then where do you sleep every night? Is your ten girlfriends accompanying you. Or do you make a flip like the ancient palace. Update the first time"

"Hehe." He said so much that she couldn't help laughing and said twice."You really imagine. I'm not as stupid as those emperors. I hurt my women very much. How can I let them keep their empty rooms at home."

Xu Jingwen wrinkle.I looked at him very puzzledly: "Those ten women. You won't run ten rooms one night."

"Halo." Sanyang Longyue said depressed."I can't run ten rooms in a night. But ten women and me are in the same room."

"Ah." Xu Jing's nerves today are really enough.I don't know how many times I was shocked today.She once again had a surprise look."You mean that you are sleeping in a room."

"Well. Not just a room. It is also in a bed." He Yanglong nodded and nodded solemnly. Said.Suddenly I thought of something."Oh no. At present, it should be nine of us. Of course, if you are willing to be my girlfriend, it is our ten."

"Well." Xu Jing frowned very well road."Don't you say your ten girlfriends."

"I just didn't explain." He said with a smile."I am a girlfriend. But I don't just say it. One of my girlfriends has not been with us for some reason for some reason. And another is that she is still young. I am still a middle school student. Don't want to hurt her. So she is alone in a room. "

" Middle school students. "Xu Jing couldn't help but stunned.Then said very seriously."Comprehensive Yang is in Yue. Don't tell me that you are the female middle school student who is raising."

"How can you have it." Junyang Longyue smiled bitterly."She is actually the sister of my girlfriend. It is not very entangled in me. The bizarre is her sister who actually supports her very much."

"Oh." Nodded.Very confused and looked at the generals of Yangyang Longyue up and down.Surmo in my heart.Just such a young man who has not reached twenty.Why is he so attractive?Ten women are willing to live with him willingly.I think this is really incredible.After all, although it is a bit handsome in Longyue.But it was not handsome enough to be a woman who ran to him when he saw him.

"You are really amazing enough. In the same bed as ten women. I don't know how big your bed is. You really let the eyes open." She laughed.Said.

"Hehe. Sleeping for twenty or tens of people is fine. The bed is made by me alone. I also customized a large bathtub. It can also accommodate more than a dozen people to take a bath in it. "He said happily.

With his depiction.A seemingly beautiful in Xu Jing's mind was immediately formed.Please get more and faster.But there was a very erratic life.She suddenly understood why she felt awkward just now.That is the protagonist of these people.And these people are just some dolls around him.It is hard to imagine how a man can give so many women a pure love at the same time.

"Long Yue." Xu Jing's heart calmed down.Looking up, he looked at the whole Yanglong Yue very seriously."I ask a very serious question. Can you answer me truthfully."

"Of course." The total of the Yangyang Long Yue said it was sure."I have always said what I have always said."

Xu Jing ignored his words.It was still a very serious and serious asking: "Long Yue. You really hope that I will become your girlfriend and live with you."

The deputy Yan Su is serious.Can't help but follow.But when she asked her question.He suddenly stunned.Suddenly Yang got up her identity as the Minister of Security of Shao Hao Technology.And it seems to know Zheng Huaizhu of Natasha.What hurts him the most is.Just the day before yesterday.He also found a shocking secret between Natasha and Shaohao Technology.He was distressed by her in the bottom of her heart.He always kept silent in his heart: these have nothing to do with A Jing.

A Jing was his first woman to fall in love.And he has been occupying so many years in his heart.It's not that you can erase it.Suddenly she stands on her opposite side.But he also became his girlfriend.This is very tangled.

In the end, Yangyang Longyue looked up and looked at Xu Jing seriously, "A Jing. I love you."

Xu Jing's body couldn't help shaking again.

"So I really hope you can be my girlfriend. We can be a family." Zongyang Longyue went on."And I also want to know all of you. You will tell me. Right."

"Of course." Xu Jing nodded without hesitation."Because I am in fact I am your woman anyway, and you look good to me. So I don't need to hide what you. But I don't want to be with you. I still need to consider it. "

The total nodded in Yangyang Longyue.He understands her.Like this life.He will think it is beautiful.That's because he has many super beautiful women.However, for Xu Jing, she needs to share with many beautiful women.So hesitating this is normal.Even if she refused to contact herself.He will not feel surprised.

"Long Yue. Do you really love all your girlfriends." Xu Jing was silent for a while.I couldn't help but ask the question that made her very puzzled in her heart.

"Of course love. Why should I be with them?" Said Yang Yangyue said with certainty."I love every woman who loves me. Including you."

"You love so many women. Then how can you ensure that so many women you can feel your love." Xu Xu Jing still doesn't believe it.So asked again.

The total of Yang Yang Yue smiled slightly.He pointed his own heart and said, "You are all in my heart. If you love me too, you will naturally feel my love for you."

Xu Jing couldn't help but whisper.Obviously, she did not have a cold about this kind of sensational and ambiguous words of the whole Yangyue.

"Long Yue. Some things are not just talking about." She thought about it."You should have heard that there are a lot of couples who have a good relationship. But in the end, you are still helpless. Do you know why?"

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