Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Dilemma

"Are you okay?" Huang Ying asked with concern, and he didn't know when he had run to Lu Xuyang.I still limped when I walked.

She could feel everything she did to her before.Never thought that the robber who was misunderstood would sacrifice herself for her.As soon as she fell on the ground, she began to be a little angry, but immediately, she was full of movement.Such a high place fell down, if it weren't for his support, she would not just be such a simple thing.

When I heard Huang Ying's question, Lu Xuyang smiled bitterly and squeezed out a few words honestly: "I am not good! At least I can't move now."

To Lu Xuyang's answer, Huang Ying was in a hurry.

"Mobile phone ..." Lu Xuyang was really powerless, and when he opened his mouth, there was a painful pain.

"I lost my phone. What should I do, are you still? I think your bag is still on, should you still be there?" Huang Ying said anxiously.

"Well ~~" Lu Xuyang sighed.Put your hand to your mysterious bag.

"His ~~"

It is a painful pain, but Lu Xuyang has no other way. You ca n’t appear directly on your hands. In that case, Huang Ying will definitely doubt it.He couldn't explain it.So I can only endure my hand in the bag.

Get the mobile phone, Lu Xuyang took his hand out of his bag.Suddenly, I just felt dazzling, and when my eyes were dark, I passed out.Before losing consciousness, I heard Huang Ying's worry.


再次恢复意识,吕旭阳是被冻醒of.After a little movement, the frozen limbs were frozen, and Lu Xuyang looked at the yellow warbler.Entering the eyes is empty.The yellow warbler was still not there.

"She really can run! I limped when I saw him walking yesterday. It should be injured on the feet or feet.This girl is really bold. "Lu Xuyang secretly praised.

"Are you awake? How do you feel?" It turned out that Huang Ying came back.I saw something in her hand, and so on, why is it so like his mobile phone case?

Seeing that Lu Xuyang didn't answer, he kept staring at his hand, and Huang Ying lowered his head, just aiming at the things he had.She was embarrassed for a while, and the cough twice rushed to Lu Xuyang to explain: "That ... the phone is good, I haven't moved it, just use this shell, rest assured, I can put it back after use."The shell stretched to Lu Xuyang's mouth.

Lu Xuyang's lips moved slightly, so he knew.It turned out that Huang Ying just found the water for him.

Looking at Lu Xuyang, who was stunned, Huang Ying thought he was still concerned about his mobile phone.Then I explained: "I really have no other way. I tried to tear my clothes with my hands and wanted to tear the piece of cloth, but it was too firm, I couldn't tear it. It's too cold to take it off all.I can't hold it. So ... "I lowered my head and lowered my head, but my hand did not move at all.

"Fool, you find water for me, I am happy, how can I blame you? Besides, you did n’t break it."The water was clean.

To be honest, how much water can a mobile phone cover be hit?The water from the yellow warbler was just enough for Lu Xuyang to moist throat.But her approach moved Lu Xuyang's heart.

After drinking the water, Lu Xuyang's strength to recover to move himself, and began to look around.First of all, he looked at the hole that they fell on the top, and soon.Seeing the distant white light point, Lu Xuyang was completely dead to the original road.

Suddenly, Lu Xuyang slowly turned his head like thinking, and asked Huang Ying: "Did you get through? When can anyone come to save us?"

"There is no signal in this place ... "Huang Ying replied disappointed.

"Ah?" Lu Xuyang, who heard the answer, was also disappointed.He took the cell phone and looked at it, but there was no signal.

Suddenly, Lu Xuyang thought of the yin and yang mirror, maybe you can receive the signal with the lower level?

"... .. Your energy is not enough. Can't upgrade the items, please try again later ..."
"... .. Your energy is insufficient, you can not upgrade the items, please later againTry ... "

There are two systems of system prompts.Lu Xuyang, who is holding a hint of hope back to the bottom of the valley.

If you do n’t give up, he looks around again. The whole hole is about 30 square meters. The more you go to the entrance, it is no wonder that the ground is so humid.

Time has passed slowly, and Lu Xuyang also felt that the temperature was getting lower and lower.While he kept looking at these four weeks, those classmates who came together had determined that the disappearance of the two was looking around.At the beginning, they hadn't noticed it yet. It was not until the event was over. When they were ready to go back, they knew that they might not come out.Then I started looking around.

The sun slowly goes down the mountain, the sky is getting darker, and a gust of wind blows. The classmates can't help but shivering.emergency call.

Surprisingly, when the phone call, they immediately saw the police.

"Strangely, the police officer is too efficient? Did they know that someone had disappeared? But it seemed to be different from the normal?" One of them guessed.

Another classmate replied: "What do you wear? As long as it is the police. The faster you come?"

The classmate who guess also nodded, and then the sameThe previous police negotiated.However, from the police's mouth, they knew a bad news ---- There was a general criminal hidden on the mountain !!!

General criminals, what is the concept?And it is a fierce general criminal, it must be the kind of fierce and evil, the kind of improper life! What should I do if Lu Xuyang and Huang Ying really encountered a general criminal?Will it be extinguished?The students couldn't help but numb.

The more you want to worry, the more you want to be, the more you want to be, the more girls even start asking the police to let them help find the disappeared two as soon as possible.

This criminal policeman is also helpless. They originally found the clues of the gangsters and came to the arrest. However, I did not expect that there were students who came to play in a remote place. In particular, there may be two students who had already fell in.The gangsters are in their hands.This is a great obstacle for their arrest prisoners!

Anyway, the hostages still have to be rescued.So the police who got the news quickly arranged.

Not to mention how the police arranged, but Lu Xuyang was sad. Over time, the temperature was getting lower and lower.I'm afraid it is better to get a cold!

Looking up, the yellow warbler's yellow warbler has already frozen there. If it is not a problem of foot injury, it is estimated that it will jump and warm.

"Are you okay?" Lu Xuyang asked with some concern.

"It's okay, it's a bit cold, and it's warm." It's just sprained her feet. Lu Xuyang is much worse than her.

"That's good." Lu Xuyang turned to think about getting out.

It is estimated that it takes a while to rely on the discovery of the classmates, and it will definitely not find here with their eyesight, so the students who decide to call the police have to have it for a while.Then police officers need time.Even if you find this, rescue is a big problem.

"Well, why is it so moldy?" Lu Xuyang murmured secretly.

"What are you talking about?" The yellow warbler thought Lu Xuyang asked her and asked her again.

Lu Xuyang laughed at her: "Nothing!"

I heard that Lu Xuyang said that it was okay, and Huang Ying took care of himself with various actions.