Chapter 147 The bottom line of civilized human beings

The phone was called by Wang Yifu.It was because he heard that Wang Yiyao had a anxious call to him.So he called back the phone about what he wanted to ask.Wang Yiyao lied that it was because the phone call was not turned on.I thought something happened.Now it's okay, so it's okay.

"Yao Yao. Are you in M ​​City?" Wang Yifu asked suddenly.

Wang Yiyao stunned.I don't know how he knew he returned to M City.He didn't understand why he suddenly asked the cause.Because her relationship with Wang Yifu has not been so good.Except for major things.He usually doesn't ask himself.

"Are you okay?" She thought about it and didn't say it.Nor said no.

"Is Long Yue be with you." Wang Yifu asked easily over there.

"Um." Wang Yiyao whispered helplessly.She understands.He should have known everything for them.

"Let's call his house to eat together at night." Wang Yifu said with a smile.

Wang Yanyao frowned.To be honest, she was unwilling to go.But now my father said.And the general father rarely intervene in her business except for her marriage.So she can't say it.She glanced back at Yang Yangyue.Seeing him staring at himself.And whispered to her.He was tired today.So she said to Wang Yifu.It will pass at noon tomorrow.

After Wang Yiyao hung up the phone.Looking up, he looked at the comprehensive Yangyue and Yang Xue for a while.Then he called Jiyang Longyue to go to the room.Want to talk to him alone.And Yangyang Longyue smiled bitterly.Guess it might be what she realized.Also follow her.


"My father wants to see you." Wang Yiyao stared at the Dragon Yue Road.

"I know." He Yang Long Yue said with a smile.Laughing a bit bitter.

"I want to know the reason." Wang Yaoyao still asked at him.Then sighed and then asked."What happened between you."

Zhenyang Longyue was silent.He didn't know how to explain to her.About this major thing.He doesn't want to lie to her.But there are discipline restrictions.Some things can't be said.Update the first time

"Is it you come to him this time?"Wang Yanyao smiled bitterly and then said.

"Yao Yao. I don't want to tell you some things. I shouldn't tell you. But since I talked about this today. I will ask you a word. What your father does. Is it? "He Yanglong Yue thought.Watching her solemnly said.

"No." Wang Yanyao shook his head with a bitter smile."This is why I did not run to K city in City M. And this is why Fifi told me to be stupid. Because she didn't know what my father did. . "

" Just have nothing to do with you. "Please get more and faster.Although she also speculated that she should not participate.But it is not the same as he really listened to her.

"I know he had an accident in the morning and evening. But I don't understand why a policeman in a K city came to the city to check him." Wang Yanyao stared at him with a slightening in his eyes."Is he a crime in K city. Or are you not a normal K city police at all?"

综 ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ This smart woman.for a long time.He laughed.Laughing a little bitter.Some helpless.

"You guess right." He sighed and said."From the perspective of what we have at present. He has committed heavenly crimes. Unforgettable crimes."

"天“ “."

"Yes." > "Unforgettable crimes."


"In K City."

"At present."

Wang Yaoyao is silent silently It's right.After a long time, she sighed and asked, "Is it drug trafficking?"

"You know he is drug trafficking."

"It's really." Wang Yiyao said with a bitter smile."I didn't know his drug trafficking before. I only knew that he was the behind -the -scenes manipulator of a gangster in M ​​City. I didn't expect his hand to reach the K city. Actually, he still trafficking."
"Then how do you know that he knows that he sells drug trafficking What. "He Yangyue couldn't help wondering.

"Naturally, it is from the cover for a long time. His relationship with the Gai for a long time is extraordinary. Now the accident is happening. He was investigated immediately. He has something to do. "Wang Yanyao smiled helplessly.

"In fact, we really did not discover him from the corner for a long time. And we were not checked him or because of drug trafficking. It was more serious than drug trafficking." Said.

"More serious than drug trafficking." Wang Yiyao couldn't help but stunned.She really thought that she couldn't get more serious than drug trafficking.Is he killed.And still kill people with a very background.She thought like this.

"It is more serious than drug trafficking. It is more than thousands of times more than tens of thousands of times." The total of the Yangyang Longyue couldn't help but feel angry.

"He was killed." Wang Yiyao asked slightly."Who is killing?"

"Yes. He was killed. But it's not just a murderer." The comprehensive theory Long Yue said with a word.He understands what she meant.But she misunderstood what he meant.

"Kill. It's not just a killing." Wang Yiyao frowned.It looks very puzzled.

"In short, I said that. He violated the bottom line of the entire civilization and human beings." Zongyang Longyue said solemnly."So don't count on to protect him. No one can protect him. Because his case is not only the attention of the city of K or even M."

" The matter is so serious. "Wang Yiyao murmured with a sigh.Then he looked up at his eyes and prayed."Long Yue. What are the bottom lines of civilized human beings you are talking about. There is still a chance to ease. I can ask my dad to let him let go. > "It's too late." The whole Yanglong Yue sighed."No one has given him the power to him."

"Well ... would he sentence him to death." Wang Yiyao sighed a sigh of confused eyes.

"No." The total of Yangyang Longyue said with certainty."Because his sin will not go to legal procedures at all."

"Don't take the legal procedure ..." Wang Yiyao was shocked.But then he sighed like an air balloon.Please get more and faster."You can't live for yourself. Long Yue. Can you tell me what the crime he committed is that you don't even need to leave the legal procedure."
"Sorry. Yaoyao. This is confidential. This is confidential. This is confidential. . "He Yangyue laughed at her helplessly."I can tell you like this. His crimes have reached the point of pointing. Once it is revealed, it will cause social anxiety. I can only say so much. I can't disclose these identities as you. Give you. Because I trust you. So I will say this. But I also hope that you can distinguish right from wrong. "

" Rest assured. I'm okay. "Wang Yaoyao smiled and said with a bitter laughter."Actually, I don't care about his life and death at all. It's just my sister."

"What does it mean."Please get more and faster.Watching her in puzzlement."You don't care what his life and death mean."

"Forget it. I have the opportunity to tell you in the future." Wang Yiyao shook his head and said.

"Okay." He Yanglong Yue smiled and said.He didn't want to force her.After all, it was his father.Let her not care about his life and death.There must be a big reason.And there will be a story that hurts her.Since she is unwilling to say.Then he didn't want to expose her scar anymore.


"Comprehensive Yanglong Yue." The two of them heard Fifi shouted in front of him as soon as they went out."You are a big carrot. With my sister, why may you still have so many women."

He looked at her dissatisfied.The heart must be what these women said to her during this time.To prove their relationship with themselves.Not farther than Wang Yaoyao.But how can I care about your fart.His dissatisfaction complained that she ignored her and walked towards her women.

"Comprehensive Yanglong Yue. You

"Comprehensive Yanglong Yue. You bastard. I'm talking to you. Are you deaf." Fifi turned around when she saw him without existence.Immediately turned around and pointed at his back and scolded.

The whole Yang Longyue did not have his mind to tease him.Just smirked and shook his head.Continue to move forward.However, she misunderstood this as a contempt for her.So he was even more angry.

"Don't make trouble." Wang Yaoyao drank a cold at her.But she remembered that she was about to lose her father.This heart hurt again.

"Sister. How can you ..." Feifei was immediately unhappy.Turn around and complain.But half said, she saw her sister crying.She suddenly stunned.Then she turned around and shouted at the Yangyue Yue."Comprehensive Yang Longyue. You "Comprehensive Yang Longyue. You bastard. How can you bully my sister. I have not finished it with you."

I took out my mobile phone to prepare for a phone call.And his eyes stared at the whole Yanglong Yue.

"Fifi. Can you not reverse." Wang Yaoyao took her mobile phone."You are just idle enough, right?"

"Sister." Fifi seemed to be afraid of her sister.Looking at her sister's grievances."But he bully you."

"Who tells you that she has bully me." Wang Yiyao sighed a bitterly and held her in his arms a little choking."He didn't bully me. I just distressed you."

"Sister. What are you." Fifi was a little overwhelmed by her move."You're okay. Sister."

Wang Yanyao let go of her.Wipe the tears at the corner of the eyes.He said with a smile to her, "Sister is okay."

"What are you crying." Fifi asked uneasily.

"It's okay. Sister just hurts your beautiful hair. It's a pity." Wang Yiyao touched her board and said with a smile."That's your fetal hair. I have been used to your long hair since childhood. It is really not used to scamming into short hair for a while."

Ke Fei did not squeak.But I looked at her very seriously and said, "Sister. Don't lie to me. Although I love to play and make trouble. But I am not stupid. Are you hiding from me?"

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