3 3 ji xu chang ni kuai gan shang zhou jie lun liao

This is how you are cut into a few inches of long scars on your head or a big scar or a lame of walking with a few inconsistent scars on your head.What is the chrysanthemum?The shameful face was thrown into the house, let alone the public.

Brother Prince can't afford this face. If you don't give Liu Ziguang, don't want to look up in this life.

The wounds sent to the emergency prince to the hospital are relatively lighter.Bone for a hundred days, these people can't use it in the short term.

Brother Prince lying on the bed has to bite the scene in his hate to the bathroom, making him unforgettable humiliation for life.There are several wolf dogs in the three wolves and dogs that have a real hard guy. Unfortunately, it is unfortunately not taken on the body today.

Suddenly the mobile phone rang the Prince's brother gritted his teeth and accepted and scolded: "If there is no good news, I will peel you alive."

Crying from the mobile phone: "Prince, we are missingThe gunfoundment was caught up by them, and I was seriously injured and I was seriously injured. The police took away the police. What should we do now? "

"! You ** a bunch of waste! "When the Prince hung up the phone, when did he do not care about the life and death of the waste? But this solves him.The three triumphants would not be hurt by others, and they were seriously injured by others.

Although the Prince brother is mixed with a big brother under a good hand, but the one who can do it is just a few who have been put over by others who can get it out.If you have serious injuries in the back door, you ca n’t sit without sitting, let alone revenge in person.

"Da Fei This is the key to my room, you go to get some goods and let the dog Xiao Bubin take it out of 50 yuan.After his pants, he took a string of keys from the belt and handed it to his sales director.

Dafei has taken the key to sincerity and is sincere: "Prince, you can rest assured, I will definitely do it."

The boss came out of the hospital and called for a taxi to go straight to the residence of the Prince.

"Oh oh oh oh oh" A humble white Fukang Ribu Xiaoshuai under the shade opposite the hospital hit a long yawn and stretched out a lazy and admired: "Guangge is really like a god like a god.Ah. "Saying the car followed.

Now it is the early morning, but I have been full of energy. I have lost a few phone calls last night. I contacted the men's meetings and did not notice the richness that followed.

I did not get a lot of time to the Binjiang Community's fare of twelve pieces of fares, and I took out ten dollars and said, "No need to find it."The driver didn't dare to chase his dressed up as he was dressed up, just scolding: "What kind of stuff, urine*taste."

"Hurry up with a double stick call, haha," Dafei snortedXiaoqu entered the elevator and reached out and pressed the floor number and pressed the door key stainless steel elevator door to close. One hand extended in one hand and opened the elevator door to cut off three familiar faces to appear on the spot on the spot.

"Da Fei met again." Liu Ziguang smiled maliciously and walked into the elevator.

"Continue to sing you to catch up with Jay Chou." Bei Xiaoshuai also mocked maliciously.

As Zhuo Li walked into the elevator's door, the door was finally closed and the three people did not light up at all.

At the door of the Prince of the Prince on the 10th floor, Liu Ziguang had a key in his hands. He stood at the door of the door and Bei Xiaoshuai stood on both sides of the alert key.sound.

Liu Ziguang rushed in and looked around and looked at it, "No one comes in."

This is a vulgar half -bottle vinegar Chinese style of a three -bedroom house.On the decoration cultural wall is the woodcarving picture of Dapeng's winged winged winged sand chair furniture furnishings simply throwing fast -food boxes and cigarette butt bottle windows tightly closed curtains to pull an inexplicable smell raging in the house.

Zhuo Li asked Da Fei in the sand and threw it on the sand: "Where is the goods?"
"What do I know what you said?"Fight.

Bei Xiaoshuai laughed and said, "He doesn't understand you in the second brother."

Zhuo Li said, "When I talk to him, he understands me."Speaking of a sorrowful smile and flying to the bathroom.

Liu Ziguang and Bei Xiaoshuai looked at each other and said that Zhuoli played Bangju addiction?

A few minutes later, Zhuo Li took Da Fei out of Bei Xiaoshuai and said in a stunning: "The second brother, you won't be a stick this time."

Zhuo Li said, "Where do I want to go, I just pressed him in the toilet. I just drank a few sips of water. "

Isn't it the big horns of the water stain on the face of Dafei?: "I said that the goods are in the mezzanine safe."

The safe did not set a password behind Dapeng to open the key directly to open the inside.A small drawer opened it to see the little black and bright little **.

Liu Ziguang, as soon as he drew a handsome knife, fainted on the ground and stood up on the ground to take out the gun and retreated to see a grain of yellow Chengcheng bullets.Suddenly praised: "The real guy is authentic six-fourth type **."

"Really? Let me see." Liu Ziguang picked up the gun and fiddled with his lips: "This is six-four,It is the Grandpa of Six-Fourth Grandpa Germany Walter PPK, I did not expect that the prince still has this taste. "

" Really, I think it is almost like Liu-4th.Let's go. "Zhuoli said.

Liu Ziguang said with a small smile and said with a malicious smile: "Forget it next time, let me help you get a good.>
"Look at this prince to go online, but it’ s a Sony Ben. "

Bei Xiaoshuai admired the prince’ s notebook and opened it.A lot of anti -virus software in the lower corner, 36O security guards, Kingsoft Poison Battle, Norton, Kaspersky ...
"My Celebrate Brother, I really have to call you a brother, you are too thunder."Handsomely bent his waist.

"Mali hurry up." Liu Ziguang reminded.

"Okay." Bei Xiaoshuai ** came out of a superpatient.After some handling, Liu Ziguang left the prince's house in the bag and left the prince's house fifteen minutes later, and then rubbed his head and woke up to climb the door of the safe and opened hundreds of pills on the ground and the table.

"** Anyway, leave me some." Da Fei hurriedly lay on the ground one by one and picked it up and left the prince's house uneasily.

Da Fei is very afraid of the Prince's inventory at least a few thousand, only less than 300 pieces, but the loss of two or three00,000, then the prince will definitely blame the prince.The place is to go to the prince to go to the prince, and if you do n’t do it, you will kill himself.

Thinking to go to Dafei, I decided to hurry up and run away.


The prince's injury is not serious anal fissure, and the rectum has also been damaged, but this is nothing for the prince who has worked part -time in a comrades in Shenzhen for a period of time.That past thing was still the helpless work of the prince's south to the south. It was also a history of blood and tears humiliation. So far, it is unwilling to think about it, but the excellent iron rod inevitably touches the most vulnerable scar in the heart of the Prince.

The Prince Prince was really out of anger. He thought about a hundred ways to torture the enemy, but the implementation of these methods must have a prerequisite.

Without Ma Ziguang, he couldn't get revenge, but hired Ma Zai to spend money from where to make money.

At least two thousand capsules in the family have the inventory of the inventory, which is 100,000 yuan. Now the prince is anxious to use the money to call Dafei at 10 o'clock in the morning.

But no one answered the phone and then turned off. The Prince Lake immediately realized that the accident immediately called the other Ma Zi to ask them to see that Da Fei did not answer.What about the pill.

"Be sure to catch him! Life and death!" The prince was fiercely ordered him to understand that Da Fei was alone and wanted to fly while he was injured.

Hanging the phone, the prince was still scolding the footsteps outside the footsteps, and the two male nurses came to the two male nurse with pliers gauze medicine cotton.~ "The screaming of pig killing was echoed inside and outside the hospital for a long time.