Chapter 90 Set upgrade (below)

Chapter 90 Upgrade (below)

One day today is the easiest day of Lu Xuyang.Occasionally, a class is not a small test or a self -study.

Soon, at school time, Lu Xuyang, who was sent home according to his arrangement, ran to the store to buy a set of sets, and returned home to call Wu Wanfang's phone.

It was connected as soon as it rang, and Wu Wanfang's voice came from opposite.

"Hey, I was finally willing to call the phone!" There was a hint of joy in complaints.

"Fangfang, what are you doing? How can I do it like a thief? The sound is so small?" Wu Wanfang pressed her bright voice very low, so that Lu Xuyang could not help but lower the voice.Ask doubt.

"I was in my sister's room, she just fell asleep, and you waited for me to go out now."

"Okay." It turned out to take care of her sister, no wonder the voice was so small.

"Husband, what are you looking for me, or ... I miss me? Hehe" Hehe "Wu Wanfang's voice has become obviously normal, and the courage has become bigger.Essence

"Yeah, we do n’t see it every day, we have n’t seen it after Sanqiu, you say I think I do n’t think."

"Really?" Wu Wanfang blushed, and then covered his phone and whispered, "I miss you too, think about it."

I feel that sex is expected, and immediately replied: "Since we miss each other so much, can the beautiful Miss Fangfang come to her husband's house today?Set.

"Okay, wait for my mother to come back, I'll go to you, wait for me." Wu Wanfang blushed back.

"Well, I wait." Lu Xuyang, who was hung up, was unable to support, jumping three feet high.Today's sleeves can come in handy, haha.

But soon, he felt bored again.What should he do when Fangfang had to do?Suddenly, his eyes were swept to the yin and yang mirror.

At a glance, my heart suddenly thought: If you upgrade the sleeve with yin and yang mirror, what will you come to?

If you think of it, you can do it.He immediately picked up the yang and yang mirror to aim at the sleeve in his hand.

"A normal 'strong brand condom' disappeared ... Congratulations, successful refining, you get a comfortable condom. Comfortable 10%, safety degree of 10%.. After discarding, disappear ... "

The information displayed on the depressed mirror makes Lu Xuyang happy. Look at the time, Wu Wanfang hasn't come yet.It seems that her mother hasn't returned yet.

Lu Xuyang, who was tossing, didn't know what to do.He quickly remembered another effect of 'Yin and Yang Mirror "-blood refining!He thought: I do n’t know what the comfortable condom blood refining will look like. If you think of it, I will do it. Immediately picked up the 'comfortable condom' on the hand of the bumpy side, and began to toss.

"A 'comfortable condom' has disappeared ... Congratulations, the blood refining is successful, you get a strong Ruyi condom. The comfort is 20%. Safety is 20%, the durability is 10%.Body ', this set can become large and smaller at will, smaller is a safe state, and the security index is increased by 20%. There is a 1%chance to add to the opponent; the bigMake the other party addicted. The items have been binding, cannot be traded, and disappear ... "

" Haha! "Seeing the strong rurly condom on his hand, Lu Xuyang kissed two sip holding the yin and yang mirror.

This is the real baby. Lu Xuyang thought proudly: My body is now slowly transformed by psychochemical mirrors.... which MM can block the favor of Grandpa.

If you encounter an unsuccessful, push it directly, just the comfort index. If you don't think about it a few times, it is estimated that the other party will not be happy.Hey, thinking that Lu Xuyang couldn't help but laugh.How sensuality and sensuality should you be sensual on your face.

Putting up the cheapness on his face, Lu Xuyang carefully put the psychiatric mirror into the equipment bag. This stuff is now his baby, which is broken, but he will be distressed.

After putting the yin and yang mirror, he watched the ‘strong Ruyi condom’ continued: cool, crooked, just crooked, just like drinking ice black tea in the summer, it ’s cool and comfortable.His genius thought made him a genius baby.The most important thing is that this baby can come in handy.

The last time Fangfang's rejection allowed him to spend a lot of energy to stop the group. Today, she can't let her run away. She has to let this little Nizi be asking for mercy.

After looking at the time, she hadn't come yet. Lu Xuyang and others were anxious. In particular, seeing the 'baby' in her hand, she was anxious to call Wu Wanfang's call.

Familiar music, followed by ‘Duda’, was cut off.

What's going on, is it as anxious as Wu Wanfang's heart, does that mean that you have reached the door of my house, so you don't need to answer the phone?

This little Nizi is really enough to save it, it is really a good daughter -in -law!Lu Xuyang lamented that he came to the mirror. Since he was transformed by the yin and yang mirror, he has become more and more loved in the mirror.

The whole placket was made, combed hair, looked at the left and right, determined that after being perfect, I made a handsome posture in the mirror and walked out of the room proudly.He wants Fangfang to see him at first glance at his house.

When I walked to the door, there was a figure of Wu Wanfang.I didn't see one of the figures.It was to quote Lu's mother.I thought it was Zheng Xiyi to play, and Lu Xuyang took her at the door.

Lu Xuyang, who was not in a hurry, sent Lu Mu and called Wu Wanfang's phone.It didn't take long this time to connect.

"Hey!" A simple greeting came opposite.


“声音又这么小,难道Haven't you returned, you went to your sister's room to take care of her again? "I didn't wait for Wu Wanfang to answer Lu Xuyang and then asked.

"Hush ..., you whispered, my mother is back ..."
"But she will go out to work for a while. Sister is now like this, I am studying in college again, I can’t be unable to be in college, I ca n’t be able to be unable to be in college again.To help home, I had to work hard for my parents. "Didn't wait for Lu Xuyang to speak, Wu Wanfang continued to say:" The only thing I do now is to take care of my sister and make her get better. "More and lower."

She hates her useless, how about studying in college, and still can't help the house, but put a heavy burden on this poor family.

Several times she wants to abandon learning, but looking at the eyes of her parents, she can only throw the idea of abandonment to the bottom of her heart, and insist on using the best results to comfort the fatigue of fatigue.

Wu WanfangThe words of the words once again extinguished the evil fire in Lu Xuyang's heart. The pity of his heart was full of pity.

From the face of this strong girl, he saw the strength.How can Lu Xuyang be favored by others.

The more that, the more Lu Xuyang wants to help them.