Chapter Twenty -three final decisive battle

Soon Lindy rushed to the time courtyard and looked at Priecia, who was slightly crazy in front of her, and Lindy said, "Plasia Tystroa has ended. I will restrain the dimension.Stop driving furnaces, there are already three associates who have come here. Whether the forgotten urban Aruhazart and the secrets of sleeping there are just a legend "

" Cut "PlaidiaLooking at Lindy disdain, "It's not the case, the road to Aruhazart is in the time of dimension cracks, the time and space disappear, the glory of the sliding down in that seam, the road is indeed there."br>
"It's quite old -fashioned"

"Yes, I want to recover, recover the past and future of Aliceia"

At this time, CloNuo suddenly arrived, and his face had a minor injury because of the battle. He only heard Kluno say loudly, "No matter how much time the world goes through, it is full of things that can't be like.Everyone is like this. In reality that can never be as expected, whether to escape or everything is personal freedom, but it is involved in irrelevant people. No matter where or anyone, there is no such right. "

Prycia was surprised to find that Fit and Elph also came to the scene, but couldn't help spitting blood.

"Mother" Fit ran to Prycia anxiously.

"What are you doing!" Plecia's fierce eyes stopped the footsteps of Fit, "Disappear, you haven’t used it anymore."To tell you, "Fit closed his eyes," I am not Alician Tystrosa, maybe it's just a puppet you made "Fitt opened his eyes and looked at Priecia firmly,"However, I, Fate Tystroa was selected by you, let you raise it, it is your daughter,"

There is a glimmer of gratitude in Plaidia's eyes, but it becomes disdain., Laughing loudly, "So what, even if I think you as a daughter now,"

"If you expect this, I ... I will protect you from anyone and things in the world." FitLooking at Prycia firmly, "It's not because I am your daughter, but because you are my mother"

"Boring" Priecia concealed his relief, "Little Ghost, is it, is it, is it?When I get my interest! "

" As you wish, Ms. Prycia "thousands of fantasies suddenly appeared in the ears of everyone, and everyone looked at Qian Shi.Behind Leicia, "Everything is normal for the driving furnace, and I have restored the one that Naiye destroyed"

"Thousands of fantasy you ... why" Lindy looked at Qian Mi, as if I couldn't believe itThat person is a thousand fantasy.

"Why! Let me think about it." Qian Mi answered Lindy with a smile on his face, "Very simple ~ because I ... go home!"
"Go home?

"Yes! I am not auntie of the world in this world! I don't know the coordinates of going home, but it is also a good choice to go to Aruhazart ~" Thousands ofI fiddled with the crowd, and turned to Prycia, "So Ms. Prycia, isn't it?"

"Of course the little ghost" said that Prycia suddenly launched the driving furnace, and the courtyard immediately time in the courtyard.Start collapsed.

"Captain, the courtyard is about to collapse, please come back quickly. If this collapse, the dimension will also spread, Klunojun, you will be fled there, there is no time!"Emi shouted at the crowd anxiously.

"Understand, Fett! Get away." Kruno found that Fett just looked at Priecia and Qianxian quietly, and couldn't help it, "Fit!"

> "Aluhazart, I'm here!" Preesia laughed madly, and looked at Fit not far away, throwing a piece of item, "Fate, take it over"Fit returned to God, caught the flying object, and looked at a tape at a glance." Fate, leave this "

" But ~ "Fit looked at Qian Mi anxiously,Looking at Priecia again, "Mom ..."

"Kronor, count for the last one, take it away!" Qian Xian asked Kluno, watching CloNuo nodded and said, "I will help you stop the Dimensional Zhen, let's go!" After that, the space suddenly began to collapse. Thousands of fantasy and Prycia and the IVII loaded with Elsia disappeared in the dimension ...Goodbye ~ Everyone)


> Fate and Alf, who stayed in the monitor room, listened to the tape that Qian Mi finally left them, and hurriedly asked Lindi and others to listen to it.

"Is that case! Well ... Magic Sauce is really, I always don't discuss with my mother." After listening to the dialogue and tapes of the Hippredia under the record, Lindy's eyes laughed.The expression, the expression was slightly dissatisfied.

"Cut, Qian Mi Jun is really!" Kronor also said happily, after all, the image of Qian Mi to Callono was not a bad person, although he was surprised and sighed at the time of Qian Fantasy at that time.angry.

"Brother Qian Mi ..." Naiye, who has been hit by Qian Mi betramic betrayal, weeks.

"Elph ..." Fit looked at Elph crying with tears in his eyes, "It turns out that my mother has always loved me ..."

"Cut ~ That woman ...Why not say frankly! "Alf said indignantly.

"By the way, Kronor Jun" Naiye seemed to have thought of, "What will happen to Fit"

Kronor looked at Na Ye, "Although there is a hidden feelings, but butShe is a prisoner who has caused this Dimensional Zhen and a fact. This is a felony. It is normal to be imprisoned for hundreds of years.

"Do you have any opinions?" Kronor's tone suddenly aggravated. Looking at Naiye's sad expression, Klloro suddenly said, "It will reduce the crime as depending on the situation, and she does not use herself as herself.The will of the will to cause the dimensional shock is also clear. Next, see how the judges judge these facts. In this regard, I still have confidence, so don't worry about it "


When Qian Mi and Prycia fell together,Suddenly launch the spell, "The wind elf of free drifting in the space, please temporarily lend your strength to me, let me get rid of the constraints of time, let me go beyond the boundaries of the space, and transmit my body to my consciousness to my body to my body所指定的地点,---------空间转移”