Chapter 103 Entering the Storm [Next]

Lu Xuyang was also scared by the enthusiasm of the two old men.He did not expect that the two legendary principals were like this ... ‘kind and affordable’, ‘approachable’.It made him flattered.The little student is afraid ...

The two principals can ignore his image for him, which makes Lu Xuyang very moved. In order to keep the two images as much as possible, he feels that he needs to say a few words.

"Two principals ..."

When he heard Lu Xuyang's voice, the two of him reacted, and the parties hadn't spoken yet.No matter how hot he is, the parties will not agree!Thinking of this, both old men stopped the pulling movement and stared at Lu Xuyang with expectations.Lu Xuyang finally took a breath at this time.

Looking at the eyes of the two principals, Lu Xuyang felt a little embarrassed.He can feel the hearts of the two elderly people, and you can choose to make him feel sorry for another.But looking at the two expectations, when he really wanted him to choose, Lu Xuyang was stunned.

How do you choose this!IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersection

The rabbit is rushed and will bite people.Seeing that the two principals were about to start dispute again, Lu Xuyang suddenly cleverly moved and shouted: "Do I report to both schools?"



When he heard Lu Xuyang's answer, the two elderly people opposed them in unison.

"Children, can't you know that you can do it well? The courses in the two schools are different. Not to mention that you are not convenient for class, and those courses are not what you can eat!" President Peking University President persuaded.

The principal of Tsinghua also attached to the side: "That's it! Your kid thought it was eating Chinese cabbage? Is it really easy to learn that? As for so many students rejected the door? It is simply not to take us two.The school is in your eyes! "Speaking of the later tone becoming serious.

"Nothing, I definitely don't have that." Lu Xuyang quickly explained when he heard the accusations of the two principals.

"What do you mean, do you really think you can learn all the knowledge of the two schools? Can you follow it?" The principal of Tsinghua asked again.

Lu Xuyang touched his head and whispered: "Both schools are high school institutions. Don't talk about others, at least students can't refuse any party. In this case, let me try it.If you can keep up, those two do not have to argue for students; it is not possible, then the students can also choose with their grades.It is not to be disagreed for students, and students do not have to worry about which schools, and can learn more knowledge. Why not?Stalling hands.

After hearing a large series of explanations of Lu Xuyang, the two principals were also trapped. After a while, I saw the principal of Peking University go to the principal of Tsinghua University and said something in his ear. Lu Xuyang was onlyI heard the gambling contract vaguely, this is the result of his transformation by the yin and yang mirror, and the other students did not hear anything. They only knew that the two principals were discussing.

"Okay.Since you are so confident.Then let's give you this opportunity.As for the results of your first semester, it is subject to the first semester.The main course of the main course can not be dropped, otherwise you still have to choose a school among us!"

" Yes, teacher, student understands!Lu Xuyang simply answered.

"Then go to stay first.As for the course, you look at it yourself. Anyway, we will not start for you alone. Of course, we will instruct the school teacher that if you do n’t understand, they will guide you all."After speaking, the president of Peking University left.

" The same goes for our school, and will not offer any courses for you.You can do it yourself."After that, the principal of Tsinghua also left the North School.

Seeing that both principals left, those students who watched the lively were also dispersed. Leave Lu Xuyang, the grass, trembling in the wind.


Inquiring all the way, Lu Xuyang finally finallyI found my dormitory in Peking University. Entering the dormitory, I saw a total of four beds. The other three shops had been occupied. Lu Xuyang took out his salute and the only bed that had not been moved by no one had moved.After that, he began to clean up his own package.

After finishing he, he rushed a hot bath and lay on the bed.> Wake up again, the sky is already dark, and the other three beds are back. Lu Xuyang shook his head and sat up.
"Oh, buddy, you wake up!"A bold voice greeted Lu Xuyang.

Looking up, it was a classmate who was in the bed.Lu Xuyang smiled shyly, and touched his head back to him and replied: "The car has been sitting for too long, tired!"

I saw the classmate who smiled and said," Understand!"Then I said," My name is Li Huaishan, how about you?How to call it?"

" My name is Lu Xuyang "Lu Xuyang replied.

" Lu Xuyang? "Buddy, do I feel a bit familiar with this name?"Another roommate next to him asked.

" Really?Shouldn't there be the same name with me?"Lu Xuyang replied.

" I don't know, I just feel familiar anyway, no matter.My name is Feng Beibei, who is in Beijing, hello!Feng Beibei rushed out of Lu Xuyang with his right hand.

Lu Xuyang grasped his hand and said back: "Hello!""

The dormitory Li Huaishan laughed at this time. Feng Beibei seemed to know what it just looked at him. Lu Xuyang asked:" Li Huaishan, what are you laughing? ""

Li Huaishan pointed at Feng Beibei Chong Lu Xuyang explained:" Do you know? "There is also a brother named Feng at the Beibei family. Their brothers' names add up to Feng Bao.Haha, I do n’t know what their parents were when they were named."

Then, Li Huaishan, who laughed, pointed at another roommate with glasses, and introduced Lu Xuyang:" His name is Wu Hai, and he is also in Beijing.As for me, you know at a glance, Northeast China.By the way, where are you from?"Li Huaishan asked Lu Xuyang to ask Lu Xuyang.

Lu Xuyang heard it quickly:" I am from Qingzhou."

" Qingzhou?ah!I remembered ... "I saw Feng Beibei yell, pointing at Lu Xuyang and said," Are you the evil champion?"

" Ah? Is he the evil? ""Wu Hai, who heard Feng Beilian, was also an accident.

Li Huaishan was even more embarrassed. He jumped off the bed and hugged Lu Xuyang:" Really? "Are you really the demon?I admire you so much, do you know?As soon as I see those things, I have a headache.I didn't expect you to be so good!"

" The demon can't talk about it, but just happened to be better!"Lu Xuyang answered, and opened Li Huaishan while shocked.