3 4 7 lao liu jia de qiao qian zhi xi

Lao Liu has worked hard for most of his life, and finally he can enjoy his old age. The son is so good. When he returned for more than half a year, he became a big company manager.The children who were ghosts outside were at ease, and the laid -off adults also had a new job. Speaking of Liu Ziguang, the neighbors of Gao Tupo all picked their thumbs and liked it.

The matter of ** is temporarily frozen. I heard that the city attaches great importance to this. He has to hold a hearing, listen to the opinions of the majority of residents, and implement the interests of the people.Blooming.

If it wasn't for Liu Ziguang to take people to take over the forced demolition that time, maybe Gao Tupo has been razed to the ground now, so everyone is grateful to Liu Ziguang in the heart. As for the military region's intervention, everyone is just faintly faintly faintly faintly faintly faintlyI know some, after all, the blockade of this incident is quite tight. The comrades of the police station just said that the artillery shells left during the war during the war during the sheds of Uncle Guo, and the military blocked the scene.

Liu Ziguang's new home is located in the No. 8 Building No. 8, Chengcheng Garden. It is next to the property company. The large houses in the 95th bungalow have elevators upper and lower.Help.

Liu Ziguang has a car in his hand, and there is no need to move the moving company. The tattered at home is not necessary. Buy a full set of new furniture from Red Star Macalline directly, but the mother and mother are reluctant to be in the altar in the courtyard.Liu Ziguang arranged a dozen security guards, a Dongfeng truck, and a brain was put away.

In the large miscellaneous courtyard, everyone's face was filled with a smile. The joy of the old Liu family was just the beginning of the old appearance of the high soil slope. After the reconstruction in the future, the neighbors had to gather together.The residents gathered together, and helped, her parents were red, and their parents were full of red face, accompanied the neighbors, and pointed out from time to time.

These guys in the son's company are working hard, so a large refrigerator, walking away, like playing, Uncle Lao Bei, Deng Yunfeng's daughter -in -law, and a group of neighbors also helpedHe cleaned up the fine things at home, and now Deng Dazhen was arranged by Liu Ziguang as an accountant at the property company. He was more than 2,000 yuan a month, and his work was relaxed. The whole person was much younger than before.

"Xiao Deng's daughter -in -law, your mouth is not home recently, are you not angry?" Bei Dajie joked.

"He is busy, now he has been on the spot, and a stall is handed over to him. How can he leave casually? To say that Yunfeng, our family, is really a bit capable. Earlier in the factoryIt ’s not too early to come out early, and now my salary is half a year in January." Deng Dazhen's eye -catching pride could not be covered.

Just saying, a man with a dusty man came in from the door of the courtyard and said with a smile: "What do you say, my ears are hot."

Everyone turned around, and now it is now.Deng Yunfeng returned. The former laid -off worker had long lost his original spirit, and his eyebrows were full of confidence.

"Old Deng is back." Everyone said: "Yunfeng, are you back? Are you busy?"
"" Why don't you be busy, but the Xiaoguang family moved to the joy., I have to come back to see everything. "Deng Yunfeng put down the bag, took out a pack of Chinese smoke to scatter, and asked his daughter -in -law:" Xiao Fan. "

Deng Dazhen's mouth:" Play in the roomThe computer. "

" What, play the computer! I went out for a few months, and he didn't grow at all. "Deng Yunfeng's eyebrows were about to soar.

"Look at you, it's a computer I bought for my son." Deng Dazhen smiled and shouted at his room: "Xiao Fan, take your certificate out of Lao Tzu."

After a while, Deng Miaofan came out of the house with a certificate of purple -red leather. When he saw his dad came back, he didn't say hello.

Deng Yunfeng took a look at it, and the certificate said, "The first place in the Jiangbei Youth Computer Programming Competition.The key middle school next year will definitely not run. "

Deng Yunfeng's nose is a bit sour, and the iron -like man said nothing, ** said a few good words with his son's head and choked.

"Brother Deng is back." A shouting from the distance, Liu Ziguang came over, Deng Yunfeng quickly adjusted his emotions, and shook hands with Liu Ziguang, "Everything in the field has been arranged.The apprentice is quite up, and the town is also a little bit better. If you can't go wrong. "

Liu Ziguang said:" It's okay, dig the sand field to you, I rest assured, by the way, Xiao Fan will choose this time to selectThe city's outstanding group members have been set in the school. "

When he saw Liu Ziguang returning, Deng Miaofan immediately became respectful and politely said," Mr. Liu is good. "

Liu Ziguang said, "Brother Deng, your son follows you, smart and capable. He is now the small champion of our children's middle school. Next year, I still plan to let him win the school."

> Deng Yunfeng's face was incredible, saying, "This boy finally opened up. Before he escaped from school, he did not learn well all day, and was broken by those bad children."

Deng Miaofan murmured and said:"Hum, don't talk about your responsibility. You can drink and scold people at home all day. You can learn well."

The neighbors laughed, Deng Yunfeng's two -sidedness was embarrassing., I ca n’t eat food, let ’s talk about the education of children.

Liu Ziguang patted Deng Miaofan's shoulder and said, "Xiao Fan, ** Dad is a responsible man, and you will understand his greatness when you grow up."

DengMiao Fan seemed to understand, but Mr. Liu must be right. He looked at his parents and nodded.

Moving is still continuing, breaking the family is worthy, the jar of the altar, the brain of the needle line is packed into the carton, waiting for the pickup to come back again.Let me tell you. "

Walking to the side, Liu Ziguang said:" You can put it first when digging the sand field, I have more important things to do it. "

Deng Yunfeng shootsFollowing **, brothers, you just say, Deng Yunfeng has absolutely no words. "

Liu Ziguang said:" Digging the sand field is a sale of the mountains and air.The road is, I think there are some factory buildings and machines in the Chenuang Factory. What do we rent to do something, what do you say. "

" No problem, this is given to me. "


Uncle Guo declined the invitation of Deputy Commander Luo and insisted on staying in Gaotong Po. Deputy Commander Luo considered the cold in winter.Commander He helped repair it.

He is a clear person and is very strong. When he arrested the bad guys who fought the offense of the officer Luo Luo Wei, he could see that in order to do his best, he arranged for the guards to teach those who taught those those who taught those who had fiercely taught those those who taught those those who taught those who had taught those fiercely.Several meals, this time it was the task of deputy Commander Luo himself, and he dared not to be sloppy.

The military division sent engineering company to help Uncle Guo build a small house on the original site in accordance with the standards of Yongliang Works. It is quite strong.Clashed, which is a house, it is clearly a small gun building, I am afraid that it will be removed by ** to use it.

The Civil Affairs Bureau and Da Kai said that they would arrange a new house for Uncle Guo.Living in his own bunker to repair the car, the residents who watched Gao Tupo every day went to work and worked, and they were angry with a car.

Liu Ziguang moved, Uncle Guo is also a must -see guest. After the last thing in the family was installed in the car, he pulled it directly to the Chengcheng Garden. A group of neighbors who had close contacts surrounded Liu Ziguang's father and daughter,Walk to the new home, go to the alley to verbally, and call Uncle Guo.

A group of people came to the bottom floor of the No. 8 of Zhicheng Community, put a firecracker first, and then went upstairs to visit the new house. Building 8 was the best building in the Chengcheng Garden, facing the garden, downstairs, downstairs, downstairsNot far away is the property management department. Liu Ziguang went to the company when he went downstairs. If there was anything, dozens of security guards were standing at any time, and the safety problem was solved.

Manager Gao and Captain Bai also came to congratulate. Now, although Liu Ziguang is also the position of the deputy manager of the property, it is also the boss of the subsidiary of Chengcheng Group.The board of directors is also a matter of nailing on the board. Of course, Lao Gao is so clear that he will not let go of this opportunity.

President Gao gave Liu Ziguang a pair of large vases on behalf of the company. Captain Bai also expressed it and gave a wood carving of Dapeng's wings. Liu Ziguang smiled and invited them to enter the house with a smile.visit.

This house is prepared for his father and mother.There are air conditioners in each house. Zhicheng Garden is a heating room. The heating heating is much stronger than the coal ball furnace of the large miscellaneous courtyard. The outside is cold and the room is warm as spring.

The 46 -inch big TV puts the news of JBTV. The neighbors sat on the sand and smoke on the sand.Introduce carefully, it is difficult to hide excitement and pride in the eyebrows.

The neighbors were surprised, constantly boasting the house, and at the same time looking forward to the victory after the big miscellaneous courtyard **. At that timePoisoning, there are air conditioners in summer without worrying about the brake jumping table. How comfortable it is.

Suddenly, the door of the room was knocked, banging three times, very polite. Captain Bai had the most valuable price.

A beautifully wearing camel cashmere coat in front of him, with a little boy with a pink carved jade in his arms, and a tiger head hat on the little boy's head, not to mention the cuteness.

This is not the group Li!