Chapter 5 Asla

Thousands of Mi listened to Na Ye's firm words. Although there was still a panic in the eyes of Naiye's eyes, it was quickly replaced by firmly.Oh, although your magic is great, you are still a little bit of magic now, you can finish reading this first. "After finishing Qian Shi, draw a thick book from the space and hand it to Nae

"Is this? "Naiye took the book curiously and opened it with a few glances and was stunned by the complicated magic in the book ..." Oh ~ He headache ~ "

Thousands of fantasy我 Na Ye: "This is my point of studying Mid's magic. Naita should watch it well. I will go back to find the time and space administration bureau tomorrow and come back in a few days."

"Time and Space Administration?What is that? "Naiye raised his little head curiously.

"That's it. Various things will happen every space. Some things will affect other spaces and even cause space crash. In order to prevent this kind of thing, there is time and space.The Authority is. "Yino explained next to him.

"Well, I go out to find the Space and Space Administration first, this time I will trouble you and You Nuojun!" After speaking, there was a spatial crack after Qian Mi.After a while, the cracks disappeared.

……………………………………………………………………………………………… .. "What should I doWhat about the Time and Space Administration? Big question ~~ "A lack of a park suddenly cracked a crack, and Qian Mi came out of the inside while distressed.

"Yes, triggering a small dimension can attract the Space and Space Administration." Thinking of a good way, the thousand fantasies immediately set up a mantra on the surroundings: "The great space master god,With your strong power and extremely divine power, destroy this space! -The space crushed "

The spell sounds, the space under the thousands of magic cloth is like a mirror, the powerful space is destroying the thousands ofThe fantasy space still affects the real space. Suddenly, the park was surrounded by a stone into the water surface and began to fluctuate.

"I am the executive officer of the Time and Space Administration Callono -Harlowin, who is your way, please stop." Suddenly a crisp sound sounded behind Qian Mi.

"Finally came" and waved his hand, and the surrounding space stopped the vibration strangely.

Seeing a hint of horror in this Callono's eyes (this is this?)
"I happen to find some things to find the Time and Space Administration, I don’t know if I can see your time and space administration.The commander "Qian Mi turned back and asked Callono.

"Female .... Girl?" Kronor looked at the beautiful face (good ~~ so beautiful people ~), but found that there was a touch of anger in the other person's eyes (hey?????What is going on? She seems to be angry?)

"Please ~~~~ I'm a man, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah" I heard the words of Kluno's words called reasoningThe string broke, and rushed forward to hold the neckline of Cleano tightly.[Note: In the fantasy hometown, she was forced by her sister to wear the same clothes as her to play the sister ... This is the biggest shame of the thousand fantasy life ....
"Eh ~~ You ... first ... first ..... Let go of me ~~ "Kronor looked nervously that Qian Mi seemed to be able to eat people's expressions at any time, and said stuttering.

"Huh" Qian Miqi stubbornly stretched out his hand and was flat,: "So, take me to the Time and Space Administration, Callono Executive Officer"


Time and Space Administration

A light flashed Callono and Qian Mi has come to Asla.

"So, please come with me, I will take you to see the captain of Asla" Kronor said to Qian FantasyEssence

"Hard work, Klunno Jun"

"It's okay"

"So Kluno, you bring that child to me, I just want to think aboutAsk him something. "

" Yes, Captain Lindy "

Thousands of fantasy followed Kronor to the door of a room, and the door opened:" Captain, people are here "

Thousands of fantasy look at this room full of Japanese atmosphere that is completely different from Aslagen technology (should I talk ~~ Do I talk about ...)

> A woman with a ponytail sitting in front of the room's desk. "My name is Lindy -Harlowin, the captain of Asla. I think the space vibration a few days ago should be caused by you?"

"Yes, Ms. Lindy, first introduced by myself, my name is Ba Yunqian. When I was studying space magic, I was involved in time and space and waiting for me to wake up."Qian Xian bowed to Lindi and said, "I came here to use the" Infinite Book Library "of the Time and Space Administration to see if I can find the way home."

Lin LinHe took the tea on the table and asked, "Space ... Magic?"

"Yes, Ms. Lindy, I am a surgeon who uses ** space outside the element."I sorted out my thinking in simple language."Of course I won't cause you trouble."

Lindi laughed lightly: "It's a strange ability! Since Qian Mi Jun said that, then ... first ..." Lindy'sThe inexplicable light in his eyes looked at Qian Mi.

(I feel so familiar ~ Where I saw it ~) When the feeling of Qianxian's instinct is not wonderful, the body is suddenly pulled into a embrace.

"Oh ~~~ Kawaia ~ It's really Kawaii ~~" Lindy held Qian Xian's little face with thousands of fantasy, while saying in a unfortunate tone: "It's really cute! It's much more cute than my family Callono"

Thousands of fantasies hurriedly opened the space and disappeared in Lindy's arms, appearing on the other side of the room, "Captain Lindy~ "Thousands of fantasy looked at Lindy.(She absolutely knows Aunt Taozi ~~~ Absolutely ~~~~)
"Ah pull ~ ah, so unfortunate, but this is your ability? It really is different ~" Lindy looked at it in surpriseIt was a pity to sigh in the moment of his arms in his arms.

"So, are you willing to join the Space and Space Administration?" Lindy slowly stood up and walked out of Qian Mi, slowly reaching out, "After all, your ability is too dangerous ~"

"No problem, I promised" Qian Mi held the hand handed by Lindy and said, "However, can you help me a little busy first"

"What" Lin Lin Lin Lin Lin LinTi looked at Qian Mi in curiosity.

"I'm hungry ............" Thousands of fantasy looked at Lindy.

囧 …………………

Thousands of magic words and petrified the two people present ...

[Suddenly ~~ Today's first firstZhang ... saying ... I just watched TV and I have seen it .... I could say it a day .........]