Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Xian Bean Detox

Who would still eat poison when he knew that he knew toxic?

Lu Xuyang, no matter what they think, he is really hungry. Since they are so disobedient, he can't ignore them. When they feel it, they naturally know that his words are true.As for himself, he had eaten the exquisite fruit soaked water, and he had long been poisoned.So I still fill the stomach.

Seeing Lu Xuyang ignored him, the man also came to fire: "You are clearly alarmist!" After that, the man immediately aimed at the gun in his hand to Lu Xuyang: "Hurry up, who are you sendingCome on? Where did you get the real genius? "

When he heard the man's question, the plane could not help but doubt.How did he achieve his ability?Especially the boxing method is not like learning overnight.Is he really a spy?

"I am a treacherous? Are you doubting the IQ of your yellow team?" Lu Xuyang had no fear of fear, and asked the man calmly.

At this time, the plane was also realized.The yellow team's person knows very well because it is a woman's relationship.Mind is how many times more delicate than the average person.Now that she agrees with Lu Xuyang, he must be the real genius! The relieved plane quickly calm down again.

The person who took the gun also slowly retracted the gun.Although the yellow team is a woman, if she really provokes her, his life is really sad.

Lu Xuyang was still eating the steak slowly, but the other people had no appetite by the poisonous word.

I was poisoned and wondered how to detoxify, without poisoning who was thinking about who and how to poison.

For a long time, they have always been very careful. They have been checked by someone who eats, but I did not expect that the poison could not be detected.If this poisoning is not resolved.Do they dare to eat after that after that?

If this poison can't be solved today, if people sneak in ... think of this, everyone can't help but feel cold.

There are a few people who can't help it.Already got up and walked in the kitchen.

"Impossible, we have all checked food in the kitchen. Absolutely non -toxic, do you know me yet?" Before you arrived, the sound arrived first.

"How can we explain so many people to poisoning?

In fact, they still know how to make people who have been cooking in the kitchen.So everyone didn't doubt him, but just knew what they had eaten so unreasonable, it was inevitable that it was a bit unhappy.

"Isn't it possible that the poison that the poisonous person was discovered was stained with me?" That was just a sophistry.It is estimated that I am afraid of being wronged.

Lu Xuyang was too lazy.After listening to him, the others twisted their faces.The yellow team's carefulness is still trustworthy.Of course, Lu Xuyang was also thinking about where it was poisonous.Think about it.I still feel that those in black people are the most suspicious at night.

"What happened?" Cao Cao and Cao Cao arrived. At this time, she didn't know who called the yellow team, and she rushed to the restaurant in person.

I heard the yellow team's problem.Everyone looked at Lu Xuyang.

Being stared at by so many eyes, Lu Xuyang was not easy to install, but told her the poisoning thing honestly.And even the doubtful objects were spoken together.

When he heard Lu Xuyang's answer, the Huang team frowned first.Obviously thinking about what.Then I realized to Lu Xuyang as if I realized: "Since you can find poison, can it be detoxified? If you can. If you can help you, there is no one to protect you!"

One of the more flexible fat people immediately stood up and rushed to Xuyang: "Little brother, if you really can, please help! We all be grateful!"

> "Yeah, Yeah ..." As soon as the fat man's words were just finished, the others around me were echoed.

I was stared at by so many eyes, and the cold beauty of the yellow team watched, and Lu Xuyang was embarrassed to drag down again.After all, it is a person in his own country, and he is still his bodyguard in the next few days. Although he does not necessarily need their protection, poison is still solved.

Otherwise, a task failed in the task, and then the randomly deducted something, then depressed.

Thinking of this Lu Xuyang, hooked his fingers at the person who was caught from the kitchen.When the man came in front of him, Lu Xuyang spoke at him and said, "Go to give a bowl of water! Large bowls!"

The kitchen people took a bowl of water obediently, Lu Xuyang lost it directlyA fairy bean go in and says, "Just one person is fine. If you are not enough, you can mix water, and you can drink it enough."

Seeing the person's doubtful eyes, Lu Xuyang seemed to know the other person's mind.Then, "rest assured, it will not affect the efficacy!"

I was affirmed by Lu Xuyang, and that person also took the bowl of water to help people detoxify in the doubt.

This time the poisoning incident came to an end.Lu Xuyang's mandatory upgrade mission has also been completed. Ashamed it, and the exquisite fruits have also been in hand.However, he didn't plan to plant it for the time being, and said after he had his own house in the future.

But what Lu Xuyang didn't know was that the so -called detoxifying agent was taken away by the yellow team.

After being attacked, after poisoning, Lu Xuyang was attacked several times, respectively, and finally was in danger.

In this fulfilling day, Lu Xuyang finally waited for the mine to be compared with the trial day.

On this day, the yellow team and a group of players took Lu Xuyang to the mountains.I heard that their exams were carried out by the mine.Along the way, everyone went carefully.I'm afraid Lu Xuyang will be attacked again.

Fortunately, from the beginning to the destination is quiet.It is estimated that everyone knows that it cannot be started in this regard, so give up!But this does not mean that Lu Xuyang is safe.

Sure enough, in a row of trees not far from the base, a few people in black jumped out.It's just that among these people in black, there are a few dresses differently, and they don't look like the same batch.

They did not attack the yellow team and others this time, but rushed to Lu Xuyang.

No matter who they go up, they are just fighting, unless they are Lu Xuyang, they will face each other.It's like delaying time.Soon, the Huang team understood it. They wanted Lu Xuyang to not catch up with today's comparison test.If they can't keep up, they are regarded as abstaining, and they want us to give up the controversy of minerals.