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At a glance, it was recognized that this is the extinct Tian Huangshi, and it is a rare product. Now the market price has reached up to 3,000 yuan per gram, ten times more expensive than gold.

"This is the Shoushan Tianhuang Huang, which was photographed in Hong Kong last year, at the time spent 6.8 million Hong Kong dollars." Annie introduced behind him.

Liu Ziguang turned: "Do you often come here?"

Annie replied, "Come on the second time."

A greeted came from behind: "This is notAnnie? "A slightly bald middle -aged man came over with a drink, smiling at the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were ambiguous.

Annie said politely and stubbornly: "Hello Mr. Lin."

"This is this? Your boyfriend?"Xia Changsu, who was hung up, turned his head and asked Annie.

"This is President Liu of our Red Star Defense, and the guests invited by President Ma." Annie said.

"Oh, for a long time." Mr. Lin stretched out his white right hand and asked Liu Ziguang to hold it. He introduced himself: "Lin Fei, work in the Hong Kong Branch of the Bank of China."

Liu Ziguang nodded slightly.: "Fortunately."

"Annie, can I talk privately?" Mr. Lin naturally reached out to pull Anne's waist, but was relentlessly rejected: "I'm sorry, I don't have time now."

" OK, disturb. "Mr. Lin shrugged, and he walked away with a lot of grace. When Liu Ziguang saw Annie's pale face, he asked:" You know this person.

br> "Not familiar ... this person is disgusting, the old wolf!" Annie said almost gritted her teeth.

"Old Solid Wolf?" Liu Ziguang sneered at the corner of his mouth, watching the guests walking around the hall, but found several familiar faces.The second -tier actors who are out of breath, these people are familiar with each other, and they say that they have a smile, and they should often meet together.

There are also some girls in their twenties, they are well -dressed, tall, and shuttles in the crowd, but from the eyes, they can be seen that they are eager for what they are, what they look forward to, and this kind of eyes.He can also find some traces in Anne's eyes.

It is dinner time, but the owner is not prepared for a formal dinner, but there are some foods such as caviar, pine doo, foie gras, sashimi, etc. on the table in the middle of the hall.For guests to drink, the waiter in the bar is skillfully configured with cocktails, the lights are hazy, the music is ambiguous, the beauty is alcohol, which is fascinating.

No one received Liu Ziguang, only Annie sat beside him and whispered: "The man over there is the senior level of the Emperor Entertainment.Those girls are model companies. The man surrounded by them is the son of the Rock Real Estate CEO. In the entertainment news, he said that he gave a scandal girlfriend a 30 -foot yacht last week. "

BR> Liu Ziguang listened to Annie's introduction, watching the performance of these people coldly. In Ma Fengfeng's private club, these so -called high -class social elites have removed the masses and indulged themselves unrestrainedly.It is often more daughter, one man, or more men and more women. This scene can't help but think of Liu Ziguang's scene in the rest hall of Huaqingchi.

I do n’t know how long it ’s a long time before Ma Fengfeng appeared in the hall. What was walking with him was a young man in the Arabic robe.Gels up with the guests, walked in front of Liu Ziguang and said, "I'm sorry, just talking about things just now, you are polite, just like in your own home, relax."
Annie said well: "I'll go there to get some drinks. "I got up and avoided it.


王子盯着刘子光看了半天,轻轻摇了摇头,举Starting with one hand, I don't know where to emerge from a tiger -shaped European -like man, standing behind the prince.

The prince murmured a few words of Arabic, and translated: "His Royal Highness said to let the gentleman and his bodyguard try it." Ma Fengfeng immediately laughed and scolded: "Fuck, who do you treat my brother as someone?. "He also said to Liu Ziguang:" Dude, ignore him, drink your wine. "

The prince did not make a loud man, and stretched out one hand.The dollar was put in the hands of the prince.

The brand -new hundred -dollar face value of the new hundred yuan face value with transparent plastic paper has 100,000 yuan, so he fell to Liu Ziguang in front of Liu Ziguang. The prince did not speak, but his eyes expressed his meaning: "Is it better than? "

Liu Ziguang looked at this bundle of money, smiled indifferently, stretched out a finger and shook:" NO. "

I felt a little interesting, and reached out again, and Dahan took another bundle of banknotes and put it in his hand.

Annie was almost stunned in front of Liu Ziguang, and Annie, who was holding drinks and fruits.

Liu Ziguang is still unmoved. Ma Fengfeng has noise on the side: "Hehe, smash money, buddy, let him smash, see how big our petroleum prince is."

Obviously obviouslyAhmed was not interested in adding yards again and again. He simply let the bodyguard put the entire password box in front of Liu Ziguang. The box was full of Franklin's head.

Not responded yet?His Royal Highness was a little angry, and he took a huge emerald ring in front of Liu Ziguang from his hand, and Liu Ziguang just glanced at it, so he didn't look at it for a second glance.

The prince was really angry, and he made a finger. The bodyguard with a height of more than 1.9 meters immediately reached out to slap Liu Ziguang's neckline.

Almost between the electric light firestone, Liu Ziguang suddenly moved, and the backhand grabbed the bodyguard's right hand twisted, and at the same time kicked his knees, instantly uniform this giant, and took the other hand and took it in the other hand.The fruit fork in the fruit plate held up the eyes of the Han Dynasty.

Dahan raised his hand slowly, indicating that he lost, and a surprised look in the eyes of Prince Ahamad, and then said in Chinese as a puppet: "Empty! Bruce Li!"

Ma FengfengPut the cigars in your hand into your mouth, and slowly applaud your hands: "Okay, strong in our country, buddy, you did not shame our country, this money, and this big ring, you are also polite."

Those red men and green women in the distance seemed to find the fighting here, but it was not surprising, but just looked at both with curiosity and stopped paying attention.

Liu Ziguang said, "I don't refuse, but if I get the money, the nature changes. Is I a colorful head?"

Ma Fengfeng's bold thigh: "Okay! This is the wordsEnough, I like it, let's go, let's play with some powerful. "

Liu Ziguang stood up happily. Annie just wanted to follow with him, but Ma Fengfeng said," Stay here to play. "

"Um." Annie bit her lips, and she was unwilling in her eyes.

A group of people came to the basement of the club. There is a constant temperature -temperature standard swimming pool. Some Yingying Yanyan is playing in the water.It is a closed underground shooting range.

In the storage room of the shooting range, the entire wall is covered with various firearms. Obviously Ma Fengfeng is a fever -level firearm enthusiast.After rotating, pull the gun and rifle, and then to the latest single weapon.

This time it was a white -haired American guy, with a pair of eyes bright and not very burly, but it looked extremely powerful, with fifty years old.The good grades of the ring, each bullet hit the target heart accurately. After he put down his gun, everyone applauded.

"Don't let this American guy occupy the upper hand, use my gun." Ma Fengfeng handed over a special version of the compact M1911A1 pistol.Liu Ziguang did not refuse his kindness. He took the pistol to check the bullets in the bore, so that the staff replaced the steel target with five one -dollar coins.The personnel presented the five centers that were penetrated by the centers, and they still rushed with heat and smoke.

Prince Ahmed immediately stretched out his thumbs and said excitedly, translated in Ma Fengfeng's ear whispered, Ma Fengfeng only laughed and did not speak.Liu Ziguang talked: "Hey, guy, the gun is good."

"Buddy, you are not bad." Liu Ziguang grinned.

"Are you a soldier?" The white -headed guy asked his army pants.

"Repeatedly, are you?"

"I used to work for the US government, foreign duty personnel, now retired, you know."

Liu Ziguang laughed and saidUnderstand, the uncle should be the foreign diligence agent of the CIA, and he is responsible for security. Arab wealthy likes to hire this experienced old guy.

"Haha, brother, Ahamede wants to hire you as a private bodyguard, the price is opened to $ 3 million, guess what I say, I said you play eggs." Ma Fengfeng laughed and laughedIn the case, I walked over to hold Liu Ziguang's shoulder and said, "This is my buddy, do you understand, buddy, not for selling it."

Liu Ziguang said: "The Chinese people's righteousness, I do n’t understand this upstart. "

Ma Fengfeng smiled proudly and said," Buddy, you go out to play first, see which star brother will be arranged for you, don't let it go, these peopleThey are all clearly marked. "

" Okay, I have tips. "Liu Ziguang nodded out, came to the hall, and saw Annie's back to Mr. Lin and Mr. Lin in the corner.

"Mr. Lin, please be self -respectful." Annie's tone was still cold.

"What is pure, who played as well last time, almost squeezed me dry, did you forget?" Mr. Lin lowered his voice.

Annie doesn't speak.

"Here comes here to be happy, don't find yourself at ease." Mr. Lin snorted coldly.

"Pap" Anni pumped Mr. Lin with a slap, turned his head and walked, and tied into Liu Ziguang's arms in a few steps.