Chapter 139 Mysterious Hacker

When the staff of the forum was headache for this code, Lu Xuyang slowly started to calculate.

The constant code must be conditional. As long as this hidden condition is found and changed, it is like the relationship between the mother and the sub -body.The sub -body disappeared naturally.

But where is that so -called mother hiding?Lu Xuyang was thinking carefully and searching.Unfortunately, after finding it for a long time, he still found nothing.In the end, I had to use the wisdom brain.

Alas, there is! With the assistance of the smart brain, Lu Xuyang finally saw a string of strange code, but this code was hidden in the sub -code with unusual means, with the sub -code, with the sub -code.The flow is constantly flowing.No wonder you dare to go to the war book. This is really difficult. If it is not the brain, it is estimated that Lu Xuyang will not find it.

It is easy to find the source. Lu Xuyang immediately started the wisdom brain and ordered him to intercept him.Soon, those who were trying to break the corner in the forum discovered that the increase in the increase in sub -code began to start.Finally kept on an unmoved data.In this opportunity, the other sub -code was quickly cleared under the work of everyone.

But the whole forum was sweaty up and down.

Zhu Minghua, the founder of this forum, he did not know how much effort it took to make the forum look like now.But today's inexplicable challenge almost made all his efforts.

As soon as this code came out, he had begun to calculate.But after looking for a long time, I couldn't catch the key points.Looking at the changing and rapidly breeding code, he has a kind of dog biting hedgehog and cannot feel.

Fortunately, things are finally solved now.

There are only a few more powerful experts in the forum. It is estimated that someone among someone is helped.After a while, I would like to help him so much. I always have to be grateful, and by the way, I will ask him.

What do you know.Zhu Minghua asked the entire forum and did not admit it.He originally thought which old friend was out of this situation.It seems that he guessed wrong.Those who will not take the code so kindly will not take the code so kindly.Who will it be?

In this forum.When did you have such a powerful person that he didn't even know?People who were originally a headache began to find the person who cracked the code.

The thoughts of the forums did not know.He didn't know that he inadvertently cracked a code that made the people from the forum remember him.He only knew that after he successfully stopped the code, his mood suddenly became very good, very comfortable! What was originally in his head in his head.It has gradually been accepted by what it is understood.

Lu Xuyang, who wanted to stop, continued to smash in again.After being hungry, I ate a fairy bean. I fell on my head and fell asleep.When he wakes up again.It was a week later.

Looking back, these seven days are like a dream of Nan Ke.

Lu Xuyang shook his head and said to himself, "When can I become so loved to learn?"

I rubbed some sour eyes, Lu Xuyang groomedDoor.He is going to find something to eat.Although Xiandou is full of stomach, but has been eaten for so many consecutive days.The birds had faded out of the bird.

After arriving in the capital, Lu Xuyang has been studying urgently in the dormitory to cope with the first exam.Although it has been here for so long, it is not familiar with Beijing.After thinking about it for a long time, I still couldn't think of any food. Lu Xuyang thought of ‘Yiqing Garden’.

I took the mysterious bag.Inadvertently saw the mobile phone thrown by him, and turned on, but more than a dozen unsteady calls.Take a closer look at Wu Wanfang.

Did she call me?I didn't hear it?Lu Xuyang was stunned for a while.

Do you want to see him in the past?Lu Xuyang was a little embarrassed.

Between watching or not watching, it seems like two little Lu Xuyang are constantly pulling.This also made Lu Xuyang's good mood instantly from Qing to Yin.

Lu Xuyang, who originally wanted to use the set meal, only got something to eat, and then returned to the school dormitory.

Lu Xuyang, who was doing nothing at this time.

Suddenly, he remembered the idea of making a game last time. Why not have time to try to do it now?

Lu Xuyang, who was eager to try, finally couldn't help but started the first production.He first thought about a approximate background, and then made some characters at will ...

During the process of doing, Lu Xuyang found that the smart brain seemed to have his own consciousness.He only made a rough frame, and the brain can help him improve the most what he wants.

Lu Xuyang carefully thought about it. When I upgraded this smart brain before, there seemed to be a level of wisdom and spirit. Is it because of that wisdom?

Lu Xuyang, who couldn't figure it out, was too lazy to think about it, and continued to toss.Soon, what was thought to be difficult to take it quickly under the toss of Lu Xuyang.After the treatment of the brain, a sample named "Fairy" is now this world.

This smart brain is really good! Lu Xuyang admired.

Not only does it come out, but it is better than what Lu Xuyang imagined. It seems that playing games is hopeful! Thinking of this, the excited Lu Xuyang's game in the opponent has higher requirements.Modify, sort out ... filtering things that he feels bad again and again.

Soon, with the help of the smart brain, the game finally completed ...

It seems that I still have talented. Looking at the complete game, Lu Xuyang couldn't help but sigh.Throughout the ages, it is estimated that one person can independently complete this large game. Should he be alone?

At this moment, a call ringtone interrupted Lu Xuyang's adultery.

After answering the phone, I knew it was from Li Wenbing.Asked when he had time, he could meet him and say that there was something to find him.Lu Xuyang thought that he was fine, so he agreed with Li Wenbing to go directly to his house in the afternoon.

Hanging the phone, and began to continue the previous job.

It is already afternoon after making things.Lu Xuyang came to Li's family.As soon as I arrived at the door, the housekeeper of the Li family came out.Lu Xuyang wondered if he had a probe at the door or what peerless martial arts had been practiced. Then he found it at the door?

Only when he entered the yard, Lu Xuyang saw the spirit of the spirit shook.

If you didn't see it before, he really couldn't see it now. He had actually been ill before.Lu Xuyang was just about to say hello. The old eyes of Li Lao were very profitable and found him long ago.No, it's coming to him!