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Police uniforms are enough! Don't pull Lao Tzu if you want to be unlucky, the Song Bureau said, this is to investigate the work of the county. If you wait, if I have trained, I will definitely not spare you! "

There was a sudden rebuke in the handset of the phone. The sound was from Director Zhou of the County Bureau. Zhu Gangjian was trained to be red for a while, white for a while, and kept sweating with the handkerchief.All come out.

Putting down the phone, Zhu Shuo saw Liu Ziguang with handcuffs, and suddenly became angry: "Fulled! What are you doing, open handcuffs!"

Knowing which one sang Zhu, hesitated to open the handcuffs. Director Zhu changed his face and stretched out his two hands to shake hands with Liu Ziguang: "Oh, I'm sorry, I don’t know if you are a friend of Director Song, misunderstandIt is pure misunderstanding, haha. "

Liu Ziguang also laughed:" Director Zhu is polite, and blame me, for a moment, I didn't say clearly. ""Well, what else to say, it's all my own, Dahe Restaurant in the evening, I treat me."

Liu Ziguang took out the cigarette to put a cigarette to give him a support, and then ignited him, and then ignited him, and then ignited him.Said to smoke the joint defense team members. After everyone ordered, the atmosphere has become quite harmonious.

"Director Zhu is so polite, I must be here at night, my brother Wang Zhijun's affairs, you see ..."

I am not in the place, some situations do n’t know much about it. So, when I read the files, I will give you a satisfactory answer right away. "

Liu Ziguang nodded and said," That's good, trouble Director Zhu Director Zhu"

" Where is your own? "Director Zhu was very polite to leave Liu Ziguang to sit down and drink tea.The building of the police station.

Back to the car, Ma wondered: "Just now he still wants to catch us with a horizontal nose, why he has become his own person in a blink of an eye."

Liu Ziguang said with a smile:" Someone on it, of course, it is ourselves. If you do n’t make that phone, I am afraid that the brother will spend the night in the place. "

Wang ZhijunMy brother -in -law couldn't hold back excitedly, "Big Brother, do you really know the leaders of the Municipal Bureau?"

Liu Ziguang said lightly, "Well, a bit coming and going."

"That's great, the second brother of my family can finally come out. "

Liu Ziguang nodded with a smile:" That's yes. "He took 300 yuan to the horse" Go to buy two purple purple purple purple "Send them in Nanjing. "

Ma stared in surprise:" Aren't we someone on the top, why do we have to send them smoke? "

"You are really ignorant, just do it according to your brother's words. "Liu Ziguang said.

"How can you make you pay for it, I'll come!" My brother -in -law held Liu Ziguang's hand and had to pay for it, but where did Liu Ziguang get out of the car and get out of the car and run away.Then, I bought two cigarettes at the cigarette hotel next to the police station and wrapped it with newspapers and sent it to the building.

Five minutes later, the horse came down, and his face contempt: "The boy of the joint defense team is so embarrassed, and he will hold them."

Liu Ziguang said, "I would likeIt is a good thing to take. If I did n’t guess it was wrong, I would come out after a while. "

Surmoral, five minutes later, Wang Zhijun appeared at the gate of the police station with a paving roll.When I was thinner, my spirit was very sluggish.

The four doors of Jetta opened at the same time, and the four came out to face Wang Zhijun and walked over. Wang Zhijun's eyes brightened, walked over, and held Liu Ziguang's hand tightly with both hands, and his voice choked: "LiuBrother! "

Gasting the other three people again:" Brother -in -law, Zhang Jun, Ma. "

Liu Ziguang reached out and rolled the paving on the back of Wang Zhijun., Go home! "


Drive back to Zhu Wangzhuang, and when you are far away, you can see that Grandma Wang stands at the door and looks forward to it.Wang Zhijun came out and shouted with tears: "Mother!"

"Two children, you are back." Aunt Wang couldn't believe his eyes, his hands trembled, some of them were at a loss, and some people in the countryside were not in the countryside.He is good at expressing his excitement, but just shouted into the yard: "The old man, the second child is back."

President Wang and sister Wang heard the shouts and ran out of the yard.When Wang Zhijun stood in front of him alive, he couldn't speak the principal Wang, and Sister Wang quietly took off the glasses and wiped her tears.

Here is joyful, and the old Zhu family next door was shocked. On the second floor, a window was opened, and a fat -red face was stretched out.Stretched out his fingers to clicked at him, smiling fiercely.

No matter what the old Zhu family thinks, first welcomes Wang Zhijun into the house. Several men moved the benches and smoked and said things.If you get a good day, you have to drink a good cup.

Wang Zhijun smoked cigarettes, and said that he was caught after being caught, but he didn't have much suffering, but he didn't let go. He heard that the Zhu family had a relationship.God, I will make some money and kill the prestige of the Wang family.

In the poor and remote villages of the high emperor in Dahe Township.The matter is very common in the countryside. It is unknown in itself. The police station pulls a partial frame. You are really difficult to handle.Still chose to endure.

Fortunately, Liu Ziguang knew the leaders of the Municipal Bureau. A call came, and even didn't even say anything, so he solved the problem. The case was over, and the cancellation of the detention record was impossible, but the person was released on the spot. The fine was fined.The matter is gone.

The son was rescued by Liu Ziguang. President Wang was very excited, the old tears were horizontal, and even the words thanked him. Wang Zhijun's eyes were also crystal flashing. He took Liu Ziguang's hand and said, "Brother Liu, say nothing, I am not talking, I do n’t say anything, I do n’t say anything.Without brother, you will be my brother in the future! "

Liu Ziguang also clenched his hand and said," Good brother, not to say, when we stand in front of the community, I know you are a kind person, youThis brother, I accepted it! "

President Wang went on to say," Two children, I dare not fight in the future.

Wang Zhijun bit his lips and said, "Daddy, do you have to stand on our head and shit on our head?"

President Wang put his hand: "Well, forbearanceThe wind and waves are quiet, and take a step back in the sea and the sky. It is not a daddy. It is really not fighting. Our family is just a solo seedlings. In case there is something, you, you just listen to your father. "

Wang Zhijun's gas drumWithout talking, Liu Ziguang smiled and persuaded: "Uncle Wang, Zhijun, your grandfather, you are not stirring. What is the surname Zhu?br>
Saying, the sky was darkened. Sister Wang went out to cut five pounds of pork and bought two fish.Chicken, some vegetable tofu, the aroma of wine and meat in the pot house, is the simple and authentic farmland rural dish, which makes people unable to help the index finger move.

But Liu Ziguang took it out and said, "You eat first, I go out to do something, horse, drive and go with me.
As soon as he heard this, President Wang could be in a hurryOnce, Mrs. Wang also ran out of the pot house, holding a rolling pin in her hand: "This child, why not leave for meals, the auntie had to burn egg pancakes."

Liu Ziguang said, "It's okay,Keep the wine for me and go back to drink. "

I couldn't persuade him, so I had to watch him and the horse drive away.> "Isn't it appointment with Director Zhu of the police station to drink, how can you lose his contract?" Zhang Jun replied.


Until 12 o'clock in the night, Jetta car returned to Zhu Wangzhuang. The old king's family did not sleep.The heavy alcohol rushed out, the horse jumped out of the cab, to help Liu Ziguang, and he waved his hand to stop it.

"Seven or eight people want to put me down, and I owe it." Liu Ziguang drilled out of the car. Although his footsteps were slightly floating, his eyes were extremely clear.

"How much do you drink?" President Wang asked with concern.

"At least three pounds, there are only a lot! Eight people in the police station, a full twelve bottles of the mouth of our Guangge, the iron boxes of the iron box.When we went under the table, our brother Guang was okay alone. "Speaking of the fighting table just now, Ma is still excited and worshiped.

"This child, drink so much, drink badly." Aunt Wang rubbed his hands distressed and ran into the pot house to burn the water.

Liu Ziguang was like nothing else. He entered the house and sat on the chair. He called Wang Zhijun over and said, "Zhijun, the police station is all over there.Zhu's four rabbit cubs changed and never received troops. "

Wang Zhijun's touched post, Liu Ge's order for him to fight for wine with those guys.The blessing I cultivated in my life.

"Brother, you are sitting, I will give you hot tea to wake you sober."

Wang Zhijun with hot tea, horsepower came from the pot house with a wash water, but saw it when he sawLiu Ziguang was sitting on the chair, and he had been snoring like thunder and fell asleep.

The family was silent, and Mrs. Wang took out the sheets and quilts prepared for her son from the cabinet, and paved on the bed of the house.Essence


"Oh, oh oh" a burst of roosters woke Liu Ziguang from the dream, unknowingly to Tian Ming, how much wine did you drink last night, don't remember,I just remember that the police station Lao Zhu and his brothers and brothers are like brothers. These natives of the natives are not simply simply intimidated to buy to surrender. They must let them know their own weight. AnywayDirector Zhu and others were completely convinced. In the future, the Wang family in the village will not be bullied at least like the last time.

Get up in bed, put on shoes and walk outside the door, a fresh air comes, the green grass leaves are covered with crystal dew, the soil fragrance is refreshing.Smoke, the sound of pulling the blasting box was heard. It seems that Mrs. Wang got up earlier than herself.

When I walked to the door, the Jetta cars stopped outside were renewed. Those mud was wiped out cleanly, the white paint surface was not dyed, and it was very bright.Wipe the body.

"Zhijun, get up so early." Liu Ziguang said.

"Brother, I can't sleep, just get up and wipe the car."
"Well, just can't sleep, today we have revenge, resentment, you are busy first, I am busy, I am busy, I am busy, I am busy, I am busy, I am busy, I am busy, I am busy, I am busy, I am busy, I am busy, I am busy, I am busy, I am busyMake a call.

Said, Liu Ziguang took out his phone and first called Gao.

"Mr. Gao, I am Liu Ziguang. I have a leave in the past few days and say hello to you."

Gao's attitude is as good as ever: "It's okay, you are busy with you,Everything in the company is normal. "

Calling a call to the security guards of his men. Now the two leaders of Zhicheng Garden Security Department are promoted by Liu Ziguang.

"Xiao Li, summoned brothers, except for the full pull of the class, bring the guy and wait for me to inform me."
"Okay, Liu Brother."

I called Bei Xiaoshuai again: "Little handsome, I am your Guang brother, wake up? Wake up with cold water and pour the head! Listen, give you an hour, let you call it, you can call it.The brothers all called on the notification of Zhicheng Garden, and had something to do. "

Bei Xiaoshuai on the other side of the phone suddenly became excited:" Brother, is finally going to move the fourth child? "

br> "Not the fourth child, first move four small fish, and get angry for your brother."