Chapter 086 [Liu Dark Flower Ming 1]

Chapter 086 [Liu Dark Flower Ming 1]


As soon as he came to school, Lu Xuyang ran to Zheng Xiyi's classroom, but the result disappointed him.He was also very worried that he was thrown away, and the piglet was not in the classroom. When he asked Lin Dongjun, they all said that she hadn't come yet.

Lu Xuyang couldn't help but feel doubts. In his memory, Zheng Xiyi rarely absent from school, and there were almost no late records. She used to come early every day.Like.

"Unless she encountered special circumstances ..." Lu Xuyang frowned, and somehow, at this moment, he was particularly remembered in his heart, just wanted to see her, just wanted to listen to her, the voiceWith a little bit of anger, occasionally saying love in his ears occasionally, he couldn't stop entering the bones ...

Lu Xuyang walked into his classroom, and then stood up and got up again.I couldn't stand out, and there was a schoolbag hanging on his shoulders. He walked to the window of Zheng Xiyi's classroom again. He searched the figure of Zheng Xiyi's Qianli, but he still didn't see it.

She really didn't come!

Lu Xuyang took a sigh of relief, and immediately went to the teaching building, walked to the phone booth outside, and couldn't wait to pull down Zheng Xiyi's mobile phone number.

But the other party's phone was closed, which shows that the situation is very serious, and it is not general!

There was no way, Lu Xuyang had to rush directly to Zheng Xiyi's house. He was too lazy to take such a long journey, so he simply took out a flying sky symbol from the schoolbag's equipment bag, and he meditated the address of Zheng Xiyi's house downstairs.

In the moment, Lu Xuyang was transmitted from the door of Huang Pu to Zheng Xiyi's house.

It feels good to use this flight symbol.It is better than direct flying saucer, which is convenient and safe!

"Auntie ..."

Zheng Xiyi's mother who came to open the door. When she saw Lu Xuyang's face obviously, she went dark and said very coldly: "We are looking for you.. Fold. I came by yourself. "

Lu Xuyang was inexplicable when he heard Zheng's mother. What did she want to find me?After just a day or two, Zheng Xiyi ran away from home!

"Auntie, what's the matter? I'm here to find Hexi, is she at home?" Lu Xuyang still smiled politely and asked Zheng mother.

"Come in and talk." Mother Zheng sighed lowly, and his tone was slow.

Lu Xuyang inspected his words, and his heart suddenly came up with joy, and finally let go of his heart. Zheng Mu said that Zheng Xiyi was at home.But maybe she is ghost with her family again.

"Uncle is good."

Lu Xuyang walked into the house with Zheng.In the living room.At a glance, Zheng Xiyi's father was curled up on the sofa, holding the remote control on the selection platform without any hand, and chose to choose.There is no fixed number, which shows that he is restless.

"Auntie. Shixi in her own room? Can you help me say it. I was a bit anxious to find her." Lu Xuyang turned around and said to Zheng's mother.Zheng Xiyi's door of the room suddenly pushed away. I saw that she was wearing only a milky pajamas. Tingting stood there, but it looked very bad, her face was a little white, and she was sick!

"You ... are you okay?" Lu Xuyang wanted to step forward to hold Zheng Xiyi to speak, but Zheng's mother took the lead. She took her daughter back to the room and closed the door.

"Lu Xuyang, come here and sit, let's talk."

Zheng Zheng finally spoke.

Of course, Lu Xuyang couldn't refuse, so he turned calmly and walked down to the sofa.

"You can take the initiative to come to my house to find Hiti, that seems to be cared for her. Classmate Lu Xuyang, how old are you, just want to stick together all day!One point? "Zheng Father looked at Lu Xuyang very seriously, with a pity in his eyes, and there was a helpless color.

"Yes, I care about Xixi." Lu Xuyang didn't want to raise anything, so he nodded without hesitation, and said, "Uncle, I know what you are worried about. But, please, please, please, pleaseRest assured, we will be responsible for our own choices. In fact, we are not small, we have grown up. We will be together in college. "

" Will it be together?"Zheng Father looked at Lu Xuyang's words as a child, it was not true. He only listened to his tone and said," You children, the thoughts are always unrealistic and don't think about it for the family. I really can't read you.What sports majors! If a girl's house can read a head, once there is no beginning, even the four years of university is in vain! Ideal is not just thinking about it like a movie, but it must be down -to -earth, stable, stable, stableSolid -handed. The current sports majors are not promising at all! Look at those sports stars, who did not start exercising since childhood. Even if you are a genius, you need a stepping stone! "

The analysis is not unreasonable, but everything can't be said so absolute: "Uncle, who is no ideal? If the university does not read the major you like in the future, it is just to cater to the so -called popular subjects in employment trends.In the past, it will only become empty. I believe that Xixi really has excellent talents in track and field movements. The coach of the field in our school valued her very much. She chose her own.The future! "

" Fangfang Ye Tan! You believe you believe ... I am her father, I have raised her for more than ten years, I don't know her yet, her body is not very good, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it.The severe exercise will have nosebleeds. If she puts her in a sports major all day long, can I and her mother rest assured? "Father Zheng said that he squeezed out a cigarette to ignite and absorb it.

Lu Xuyang was stunned when he bell, and he was really speechless. The parents always thought about their children. They were not selfish, but considered their daughters everywhere.

"Uncle, I heard that you work in an old winery? Research work?" Lu Xuyang opened the topic casually to resolve the embarrassing atmosphere.

"Well. Yeah." The suspicious look on Zheng's face seemed to want to ask you how to know, but think about it, suddenly, the unsatisfactory daughter of his own,The bottom of the family was exposed to the alarming young man in front of him!

Lu Xuyang laughed: "I have a master, but also brewed, but he died unfortunately last year. I also have the wine recipes we have studied together. I wonder if you are interested in trying us to taste us.The wine made specially brewed? But there is no winery to invest in production. "

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