Chapter 106 Cases of Foodman

The total of the entire Yangyue rushed all the way to the traffic. The reason why he did this was a hurry, and another was afraid of someone to follow.If there are really two possibilities if you really follow such driving, one is to throw, and the other is discovered.Fortunately, he was lucky to reach Shuanglong Bridge without being tracked.

Guochang Trade is on the top floor of a building. After registering at the front desk, Zongyang Longyue took the elevator directly.When I got out of the elevator, I found that the entire floor was extremely quiet, giving a weird feeling.He frowned slightly, raised his vigilance, and searched for every room with abilities.When he saw that Yang Xue and Yang Lei had another young man sitting together, his heart was relieved to knock on the door before he was relieved.

Yang Xue greeted him in a serious look. The air in the room was very dignified, which made him feel like something happened.He didn't ask Yang Xue what happened, nor did he listen to their voices with abilities.Just followed her to silently come to Yang Lei and another young man.

"Long Yue! Introduction to you, Zhou Zhiyuan is also a member of our special operation team, the head of the K city station." Yang Lei pointed at the young man who had stood up to nod with a smile.

"Hello! Puyang Longyue!" He Yangyue laughed slightly and held him politely with him.

"Hello! Jiu Yang's name for a long time!" Zhou Zhiyuan also held his hand with a look of admiration.

"Okay! Don't be polite!" Yang Lei glanced at the two of them and said, "Zhiyuan, let's talk about the situation again with Long Yue!"
"Hmm!"Zhou Zhiyuan nodded solemnly, and his expression became serious." That's it. Today, when our comrades were investigated a drug case, we accidentally found a food person's case. "

Long Yue couldn't help but he heard it, and his brows frowned: "Cases of food?"

"Yes! Food case! In K City!"The matter is closely related to the superior. The superior instructions to block the news, and specify that the case is independently detected by our special action group! "
" Oh, understand! What are the clues now? "Long Yue frowned and asked.

"There are no exact clues yet. Our comrades were discovered when tracking drug travers. At that time, drug traverser drove the car into a small factory made of bone meal, and then threw a pocket to a pocket to a pocket to a pocket toIn the bone pile. But when a person's skull rolled out from the inside, our comrades secretly took a few paragraphs of human bones back when we saw this. After identifying these sections of human bonesTraces! "

" So you guess that the owner of this human bone is eaten! "Zong Zongyang Longyue's heart is very powerful, and he can't help but marvel.

"This is very likely, but it does not rule out the possibility of being fed by other animals!" Zhou Zhiyuan continued to explain, "But it must be processed!"

Comprehensive comprehensiveYang Longyue vomited, and he felt panicked in his heart.Then he turned to look at Yang Lei and asked: "Leader Yang, what do you mean?"

Yang Lei glanced at three of them, and then said, "I mean you are asking you to be exposedUnder the circumstances, the case is detected as soon as possible. This incident is not small. Once it is spread, it will cause a very bad social impact and affect the investment environment of the city.If people or organizations use, the consequences will be big! "

The three are silent, and some things are like that, but small or small.People like Sister Feng were not a minority, but she became famous after being speculated by purpose.The same is true in front of me. Simply put, it is a perverted madness, which is purely personal behavior.But if you are used by others or organizations, it may be related to the nature of the nation, and it is not impossible for the national face and even the national system.

"So this case can be used to do whatever means, but it must be completed successfully." Yang Lei suddenly stared at the three of them and said, "I hope you can give me a good one.The answer, but I don't want to hear your explanation at that time, I don't need to explain it, I just need the result! "
" Okay! We will do our best! "Essence

"I can't do my best, I just need to answer my satisfaction!" Yang Lei roared a strong temper.

The total of Yangyue was so frightened, which reminded him of the life with Yang Xue at the training base.I saw that he was holding up, and stood up and said a standard military ceremony and said loudly: "Yes! Make sure to complete the task!"

Yang Lei nodded with satisfaction, and then said, "This caseFor the time being, the three of you were detected. Do you have any opinions about the command of this task of Longyue, the temporary generation of the total of the mission! "

Yang Xue and Zhou Zhiyuan almost said at the same time:" There is no opinion! We obey the commands! "

Yang Lei nodded again and said," Long Yue! Soldiers had to have soldiers, and they could not lose the soldiers' due things in a few days when they returned to society!The second I hope you can make good use of what you have learned at the base! "

" Rest assured! Team Yang, I will not let you down! "It was full of shame.

"Okay! That's it today, you go back first, you should clean up!" Yang Lei raised his wrist and looked at the time, "After the case will be officially entered tomorrow, you will live here! "

At this time, the whole Yanglong Yue realized that it was very late, and it was more than 11 o'clock in the evening after watching it.I planned to go back to accompany Yingying earlier today, but so many happened to it today, but it has reached now.He sighed, and shook his head and smiled bitterly with Yang Xue.

"Go back!" Guochang Yang Xue glanced at him, and said a little sour in his heart.

"Hmm!" He nodded a little guilty! "You go back early!"

Yang Xueqiang squeezed a smile and looked up at Xing Kong.He glanced at him at a glance: "It's autumn, the wind is a bit cold, can you hold me?"

also laughed, and opened her arms to hold her in her arms.I joked with her and said, "How? It was inseparable from me for a few days?"

Yang Xue hugged him hard, and then broke free from his armsCome out and say, "Okay! Go home!"
"Go home!" Zongyang Longyue looked at her and smiled, but she laughed so reluctantly, so weak, it felt likeSo helpless.At this time, he decided that after this matter passed, he had to buy a large house as soon as possible and connected his women to it.At that time, when I went home, it would be a very happy thing.