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The stable air of intellectuals and medical workers came from. It is said that there are no less than a thousand patients who have cured by him, and everyone kindly calls him "Uncle Yang"...COM

"57 patients Zhang Dahu, which is a typical paranoid mental illness, all day fantasies someone to kill him, we arranged several sets of schemes for his illness, now it is the third treatment.The effect is quite obvious. "Doctor Yang said.

"I want to see the patient, can I?" Hu Rong said.

"Yes!" Uncle Yang smiled clearly and took Hu Rong through several tight barriers and iron fences, came to the door of the ward 57 upstairs, opened the peeping window on the door, facing insideAfter looking at it, he said to Hu Rong, "Police Officer Hu, he is inside."

Hu Rong is left and right, and the facilities of the Anding Hospital make her think of the detention center, but the atmosphere here is more depressed than the detention center.Even more weird, there is an indescribable feeling.

Zhang Dahu belongs to the kind of dangerous patient, so staying alone in a ward alone, but now it is the third course, and the danger is relatively reduced, so Doctor Yang signaled the nurse to open the door.

A male nurse with a tiger -backed bear waist pulls out the key of the waist, pushed the door lock, pushed the iron door, and shouted: "On the 57th, Doctor Yang saw you."

Zhang Dahu, who curled up on the bed, jumped up immediately, standing upside down by the bed, and the tiger master who used to dominate Jiangbei now became pale. The beer belly and slot head meat were gone, his cheeks were thin, his eyes flickered, and there was still a little back that year.The prestige.

"Zhang Dahu, how do you feel today? Does anyone kill you?" Doctor Yang and Yan Yuecai asked.

"Reporting Uncle Yang, I feel good today, no one kills me, that's all my fantasy." Zhang Dahu said straight with his waist and said without squinting.

"What should you do?" Doctor Yang continued to ask.

"I want to cooperate with the treatment, strive for an early recovery, and never live up to Uncle Yang's expectations."
"Very good, someone come to see you, you should perform well, don't give us stabilityThe hospital is shameful. "Uncle Yang patted Zhang Dahu's shoulder with satisfaction.

"Make sure to complete the task." Zhang Dahu said firmly.

At the request of Hu Rong, the male nurse and Doctor Yang both withdrawn from the ward and left Hu Rong alone.Everyone inside knows that the patients in the Anding Hospital are not all problems in their brains. Sometimes the county and township -level departments often send some petitioners to be hospitalized. Although Zhang Dahu is not in this column, it also belongs to the kind of people who pay money.It was sent in, and this unit that helped Zhang Dahu pay medical expenses is exactly the development.

"Okay, there is no one else here, relax, I ask you a question, did you see this person?" Hu Rong took out a photo on it, which was a psicapped sunglasses.

"I haven't seen it!" Zhang Dahu said categorically, but his eyes did not look at that photo at all.

"Do you think about it in the provincial capital, have you seen this person?" Hu Rong followed the seductive, but Zhang Dahu did not respond at all, his eyes were dull, his mouth said in his mouth, saying that: "I haven't seen it, don't know, no one kills me, that's all my fantasies. Uncle Yang gave me an electrotherapy, and for me, I am grateful to Uncle Yang and never commit it anymore."

Hu RongDisdible and took out a piece of tissue paper and handed it over: "Wipe your saliva."

Zhang Dahu does not connect the napkin paper, and still says: "I don't want to pass the power, I don't want to pass the power, I want to be Uncle Yang.Good patient. "

" Isn't it really a neurotic? "Hu Rong was greatly disappointed, looked back unconsciously, and glanced at the two eyes on the window, and someone was monitoring.

Hu Rong walked over the order without politely: "Please close!"

"Police Officer Hu, we are also good for you, the patient is out of control, it is very dangerous." It is YangThe doctor is kind and magnetic.

"I said closed." Hu Rong repeated again, and his voice had been chilling.

Uncle Yang regretted saying, "Okay, but you have to be at your own risk." After that, he closed the peep of the window and took the male nurse away.

Hu Rong turned back and said sarcastically, "Your uncle Yang is gone, you can not install it."

Broken, Zhang Dahu knelt down on the ground, "Hu Hu said," Hu警官,我没疯,我真的没疯,你想知道什么我全告诉你,全都说!只求你带我出去!求求你了!”

“你先告诉我,这个Who is it! I decide if I take you away. "Hu Rong hugged his arms and looked down at Huye.

"Hao Tian of the Security Department of the Security Department was a soldier, and he started hard. He wanted to kill me last time in the provincial capital!"Suddenly rushed into a few white coats and pressed him on an electrotherapy chair.

"Are you willing to testify?"

"Willing! Just take me to leave here and sentence me to ten years in prison!"With a foot of Police Officer Hu, he seemed to be holding a life -saving straw.

"Okay, go with me!" Hu Rong turned to open the door and walked straight with Zhang Dahu.Treatment.

"Doctor Yang, I must take this patient, I have to take it." Hu Rong said expressionlessly, and glanced at the two waistpiers next to the other side.The male nurse gently opened the under the shirt to expose the black pistol handle inside.

Doctor Yang knows Hu Rong's identity, but it is the daughter of the deputy mayor and the secretary of the political and legal committee.

"Police Officer Hu, can I make a phone call?" Doctor Yang smiled and found the phone from the leather case around his waist to start pressing the number.

"You call your phone, I go to me." Hu Rong didn't talk about him at all, and walked to the door to shake the iron fence and shook the iron fence: "Open the door!BR> The female criminal police were soaring, and no one could stop it. The male nurse had to open the door obediently to open the two of them and went out of the door of the Anding Hospital. Hu Rong took out handcuffs and put on Zhang Dahu. Zhang Dahu burst into tears:"Police Officer Hu, thank you for saving me. I just squatted in the prison for a lifetime."You will be as expected." Step on the throttle, Grand Cherokee went there, and Dr. Yang looked at the distant police cars in the office of the Anding Hospital, "Yes, this is the situation, people have been taken away awayI went to the city. "


Zhang Dahu was taken to the criminal police team. He knew nothing about it.Everyone in the development of the big development also knows, but it is far from Zhang Dahu as much as Zhang Dahu. If it is true, if Zhang Dahu's testimony is true, Nie Wanlong will not be a problem.

The murderer who killed Xiaotong was the big development killer Hao Tian, who was attempted to assassinate Zhang Dahu last time.The Ministry of Security said that Hao Tian resigned last month. His whereabouts were not known, and his family address expired.

This is not the case of Police Officer Hu. She slightly tricked from a security guard to Hao Tian's address from a security guard. She took people to see it. She borrowed a wolf in the rental house, apparently just flee.

"To notify the airport station and dock, see Hao Tian immediately arrested!" Hu Rong took out a two -inch photo and looked at it in front of him.To tear it down, Hao Tian in the photo cut the plate inch, his face was expressionless, and his eyebrows were slightly suffocated.

The photo was favored to the strokes, stations and docks. The police were loosened and tightly inward. At the same time, Hu Rong also took several criminal police to go to Da Development to arrest Nie Wanlong.

"Xiao Wang Xiao Zhang Xiaowu, go with me!" Hu Rong did not do nothing, and decided to grab Nie Wanlong to interrogate.

Wanlong Building, the flowers and clusters, the flags, and the huge inflatable arches are posted on the slogans of welcoming friends from all walks of life.The criminal police officer entered the glass rotating door. Two security guards wearing a suit with the headset stepped forward: "Who do you look for?"
"The police execute the official duties, flashed!"When the elevator stopped, the two security guards did not dare to stop her, and hurriedly informed Vice President Wei in a hurry.

"It doesn't matter, let her come up." Vice President Wei finished speaking, put down the walkie -talkie, shook his head helplessly, and smiled bitterly at the man in front of him: "The flower of your criminal police officers came again.She couldn't help it, I couldn't develop my heart with us. "

The man standing in front of Wei Liangxin was the Li Political Commissioner of the branch bureau.The security task, it is also a stunned when I hear this news. This Xiaohu is really not a big situation. Now it is the key moment in the city's focus on construction.The trust of the secretary has undertaken the construction task of the ancient city of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. I heard that they also have to participate in the international airport project.

Today, Mr. Huo, a foreign businessman, came to Jiangbei in person. With Secretary Li, he came to Wanlong Building to hold a project conference. Friends and celebrities from all walks of life at home and abroad have arrived at the scene.If there is a mess, it is not a question of punishment.

The elevator mouth, the stainless steel door just opened, and Li Zheng took a few people to block Hu Rong's footsteps.

"Xiao Hu, what are you doing?"

"I'm here to arrest the suspect Nie Wanlong, he is suspected of murdering allegations."

Is the meeting here? Secretary Li went to the scene in person, hurry up! "

Hu Rong's temper came up, insisting:" Can the murderer be caught with Secretary Li?Which law stipulates? "

Li Zhengyou smiled embarrassingly, just wanting to open a road, and suddenly there was a sound of rushing leather shoes to hit the marble ground.

"His noisy, give me her gun!" With an anger order, Hu Yuejin, the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, rushed to the scene. It was already at the end of May.The long body was wearing a straight suit, a tie, a group of flowers inserted in his chest, and his hair was meticulous backwards.

"I don't know clearly, giving me Hu Rong's gun! Stop inspection!" Seeing everyone was in a daze, Hu Yuejin repeated it again.

Hu Rong stunned for a moment, gambled off the gun and pushed it to Li Zheng, turned into the elevator and went downstairs.

"Lao Hu, children are young, pay attention to methods and methods." Li Zheng committee advised.

Hu Yuejin stared at Li Zheng, saying, "This child is getting more and more disliked, no matter what happens sooner or later."

Li Zhengdao still laughed, his mouth was concluded: "Yeah, yes."

Vice President Wei shook his head and turned away at the end of the corridor at the distance.