6 2 5 wang ba li de hua ji shao nian

Although he was young, he made his debut very early. His brother Yu Datong also mixed out.In Datong's inexplicable death in the elevator room, the neck was broken.

Yu Xiaolong mixed with a group of dropouts with a group of dropouts all day, fighting, fighting, drinking and taking drugs, and often rushed to the Internet cafes with more than a dozen people.If you caught it, he did not sell his brothers, and he became famous on the Tao at a young age.

After the last thing, Yu Xiaotong received 30,000 yuan. He let go of his hands and feet very squandering. In fact, for this young man who has never seen any world, the so -called splurge is not too much.In the Internet cafe high -level suit, McDonald's KFC Piber, drinking a large bottle of cola, Chinese Chinese with a soft shell, buying the best equipment, QQ red diamond yellow, blue diamond green diamond black diamond color drillBuy the most expensive ones, Q coins are charging thousands of thousands, and they are sent everywhere.

Yu Xiao is relatively ruthless, enough righteous, enough to be rich, so a group of teenagers in their ten -year -old are gathered around.There are old -fashioned goods, and the future Jiangbei underworld must be the same world!

Today, with the 16th birthday, the younger brothers helped arrange the plan. From the nearby junior high school, they cheated a few good girls who were still at school.The Internet cafes opened the party, Yu Xiaotong dyed a yellow hair, sitting on the sofa with Erlang's legs, holding a bottle of Carlsberg in his hand, and he was fascinated and idle.

"Where is our boss's girlfriend bad? Whoever bullys you in the school, a phone number is settled, the clothes of the dance troupe can be changed, and the whole Jiangbei City walks horizontally." A teenager patiently enlightened a few small small.girl.

Several girls still shook their heads like a wave of waves, and Yu Xiaotong was angry. She walked over and grabbed a girl's hair and dragged her in front of her.The short little sausage came, and said majesticly, "Lick for Lao Tzu!" The boys around them screamed and applauded.The girl was so scared that pear blossoms were raining, and they were retched for a while. Poorly looked at the surrounding demons danced, but no one helped her as at this time. A teenager came in outside the door and shouted in Xiao Tong: "Same and young, someone is looking for.You. "

Yu Xiaotong turned his head, standing under the light shadow outside, dressed in the baseball cap sunglasses, he pulled up his pants zipper, stood up, shaking out, and then shook it out.Bring the door.

"It's not convenient to speak here, go there, I'll bring you something." The sunglasses man pointed at the toilet at the end of the corridor.

The two came to the toilet. The sunglasses man turned back to the door, bowed his head in the bag, and stood in front of the urine pond with the vitality of the teenager.When the water was splashed, when halfway, Yu Xiaotong suddenly felt that a thin rope strangled his neck. At the same time, the back waist was lifted up with his knees. He had no time to think about it.The rope, but the rope had deeply entered his neck.

The sixteen -year -old teenager gradually turned into a stall of soft mud, his eyes turned white, his tongue spit out the old man, and the sunglasses man carefully put him on the ground, trying the pulse and heartbeat, and it was confirmed that he did die.Only then did the door of the toilet open a seam.

I saw a few people standing in the corridor, and the aggressive teenagers said something, and they kicked out and broke into the private room.

The sunglasses men closed the door, slowly retreated, and walked to the window to start removing iron tunnels.


Liu Ziguang led a ticket to the Internet cafes and rushed directly to the small private room.The criminal policeman hurriedly called Hu Rong. Hu Rong was still galloping on the road at this time. After receiving the phone, he calmly ordered: "Be sure to protect Yu Xiaotong.White face: "They are a group of people, I have only one!"
"Don't forget that you are a police officer!" Hu Rong almost yelled, and hung up the phone. Now the newcomer is getting more.The less useful, you have to teach everything.

Internet cafe upstairs.

Most of the friends who are fifteen or six years old. The so -called newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Although they are all bean sprouts, they are not ambiguous.Just kill, no turn on their brains, so everyone who really mixes on the Tao knows that this kind of raw melon eggs cannot mess with, and there is no fear in their heads.

But I do n’t want to mess with it. I really have to compare it. There are no qualifications for this group of small huts.The roles of the surname, Wang Xing, Wang Wenjun, Hu Guang, and others have all arrived. The strength of the aura made this group of little hair trembling.

"Where is Yu Xiaotong?" Bei Xiaoshuai shouted, at the same time, a pair of sharp eyes glanced in the private room.

"The same name is you shouted ~!" A Mao child who didn't know heaven height was so anxious to become famous.

Bei Xiaoshuai raised his feet and kicked him. He smashed a LCD display and a lot of messy bottles and cans. When he got up, he had blood on his face.I only knew that I didn't dare to move one by one.

"Don't scare the child." Liu Ziguang walked in stepped on the broken glass and smiled gentle: "I find it in Xiaotong, who knows he is there?"
"In the bathroom,Someone asked him just now. "A child whispered.

Liu Ziguang's face changed: "Not good!" He rushed to the toilet when he pulled his legs.After he stepped back, he raised his feet and slammed. The door of the bathroom was kicked open. Yu Xiaotong was lying on the ground, with a stall of water stains under his body.Big mouth.

Rushing to the window, but only saw a hurry back to the street, baseball cap, black short trench coat, seemed to have known each other.

"Damn, he was taken the lead by him!" Bei Xiaoshuai hated a lame, just turned out to pursue, and suddenly there was a shouting behind him: "Police, do not move!"

BR> looked back, it was a young plainclothes standing in the corridor, holding guns and police emblems in his hand, sweaty on his face.

The teenagers also came over, giving up in the corpse and crying: "It's not good! Murder! Die Young!" The scene was quite chaotic.

"The murderer ran away! It's too late to chase now!" Bei Xiaoshuai stared at the policeman and yelled, but the little policeman stubbornly aimed at his head and pulled the hammer and said, "Don't move, I will shoot again! "

Bei Xiaoshuai helplessly, had to raise his hands, look back, the sunglasses man had drilled into the taxi, and he turned his head in front of the car door and turned his head and rushed.Take a look here.

"Ma Bi's, Ya still laughed!" Bei Xiaoshuai took a sip.

The police responsible for monitoring Xiaotong are Wu Songwei, who is newly assigned to the Interpol team. She has not participated in the working time for a long time, has no experience.The difficult task did not expect that something happened.

Originally, the superiors asked him to closely monitor them in Xiao Tong. In fact, it is not difficult to do it. As long as you show the ID to the Internet cafe manager, you can disguise it into a network management, but Xiao Wu has no experience, plus plus plus the experience, plus plus plusI was paralyzed, and I felt that I wouldn't have anything to do, so I opened the machine and played below. What happened upstairs did not know at all. It was only when Liu Ziguang and others rushed into the Internet cafe.What you do is to report instead of rushing up.

After receiving the accurate order of the adversary, Xiao Wu crawled up and climbed up, only to see the door of the bathroom was kicked, a corpse lying in it, a few big waist and a man with a large waist, a man with a lake and a lake.Standing there, a group of young boys and girls were scared and crying helplessly to cry and cry.

"Police, don't move!" The just -graduated police officer pulled out the work permit and pistol, and yelled at the same time, but his legs were trembling, but the murderers were standing in front of him.A person, if they are coming to hard, what should he do, he has no score in his heart.

"Don't be stunned, what should I do below?" Liu Ziguang said.

Xiao Wu sweat on his head, his palms were slippery and greasy, and the handle was not stable.Dead, there was a big basket before turning, so how can I mix in the police world in the future.

"I am a policeman! Don't move!" Xiao Wu continued to yell.

Liu Ziguang shook his head regretfully, saying, "I don't know what to do now, so what, Wang Xing, you tell him!

Looking at Liu Ziguang's expression of smiling, saying, "You should now call ambulances and support, protect the scene, detain relevant personnel, and hunt up the murderer."

Xiao Wu realized that he took out his mobile phone and dialed the inspector.The number, shouted, "Detective, Yu Xiaotong was killed by Liu Ziguang! I have controlled them!"
"I fuck, which eye you see Yu Xiaotong is our killingHow? The murderer ran just now. If you weren't for a look at me with a gun, I caught him! "Bei Xiaoshuai was angry, and he would come over with his sleeves.

Wu Songwei is nervous: "Don't move! You move again, you really shot!"
"Beckham, don't move." Liu Ziguang drank Bei Xiaoshuai in time, he knew, he knew, he knew, he knew, he knew, he knew, he knew, he knew, he knew, he knew, he knew, he knew,This serious lack of experience will really shoot.

At this time, there was a sound of a sudden brake outside the door, and then the sound of rapid footsteps.The test pulse said: "Dead."

"Detective, the goal is to kill." Wu Songwei said excitedly.

"Do you see it with your own eyes?" Hu Rong asked.

"I ..." Wu Songwei stuffed.

Hu Rong turned to Liu Ziguang: "Whose hand, have you seen it clearly?"

"I saw it, I still took it." Liu Ziguang raised his mobile phone with a smile.