Chapter 183

Zhao Fengyuan did not show the birth of birth at the expected of Jiyang Longyue.Instead, he stared at him with a smile and said, "You don't have to inspire me. How do you prove me? Do you want me to knock you down to the ground in ten or five faces. You can kneel and worship. "

The whole Yang Longyue could not help but frown.He said that you are an old man who is almost eighty. You can play a young guy who is just a matter of adults.Moreover, in the face of you, it is still a special action group with special function cultivation.You actually want to knock me down a few photos.I think it should be knocked you down.But looking at Zhao Fengyuan's confidence.He tangled again.

"Are you sure you can knock me down. Please get more and faster." He frowned for a long time.Watching him asked in doubt.

"Don't you know if you try?" Zhao Fengyuan said with a smile.

"Don't you know that I can play in a special action group." The more he was.The more you have to bottom out in this heart.So he talked to him as much as possible and wanted to set up something.

"I don't just say it. You don't even have a fart at all." Zhao Fengyuan was still the expression.

"I tell you. I don't just know how to learn in the special action group. I have learned martial arts since I was a child." Zongyang Longyue was still unwilling to test.

"Hehe. I understand. And now I can see that you have cultivated the internal breath, isn't it?" Zhao Fengyuan still said."Okay. You don't need to set me. If you think I have the ability. Just kneel and worship the teacher. If you feel that I can't do it. Just let it go and try it. Kneeling down and worshiping the teacher. "

再 再 再 再 再 再.When you talk about the results, the results are not the same.But this time he really didn't say anything.Because now he is sure that he is really capable.At first he thought he was singing an empty city with himself.But now it seems that I am wrong.Because he could see even his internal breath.All this problem explains.This person must also be a master in a master.Oblody.

"How. Shoot." Seeing him no longer speak.Zhao Fengyuan stimulated him with a smile."Rush. Then just kneel and worship the teacher."

The whole Yanglong Yue was anxious as soon as he heard this.It is said that people are alive and are not used to be humiliated.Since you must call me to fight with you.I also recognized it after losing.

"Shoot." He sneered."In my dictionary in my comprehensive Yangyue, I haven't towered."

"Okay. Come on." Zhao Fengyuan said with a provocative eyes.

The total of Yangyang Yue no longer speak.It is the whole body of the Dark Dragon's Method to run the internal breath.Please get more and faster.Both eyes stared at Zhao Fengyuan to prepare a blow at any time.But Zhao Fengyuan still stared at him with a smile.But he felt that his breath was changing.And it is getting stronger and stronger.

The total sigh of sigh.Talking in my heart.So he shot.A straight fist smashed into Zhao Fengyuan's face like a wind.At this time, Zhao Fengyuan also moved.Put his fist on his left hand.He was happy in his heart.The right foot quickly played all the power to kick out.Run directly to the opponent's file.The fist he had previously played was combined with reality.You pick me up.If you don't pick me up, it's real.So when Zhao Fengyuan pulled his left hand to his straight punch.His right foot stretched his strength and kicked him.

Zhao Fengyuan is not ambiguous.Please get more and faster.He pressed his right palm to his right foot while he dialed his straight fist.In the uphell of the whole Yanglong Yue, he also expected that he would have this trick.His straight punch was to attract some of his strength.Because he knew that he was not the opponent of the other party if he was fighting formally.So he just wanted to touch it once.But this hard is to touch his hardest place to touch him.And if you take the initiative to attack the opponent, only protection will occupy a certain strength advantage.

He expected that there are two cases of the other party.One is that the other party is forced to retreat.Then he got a point first.In the end, even if you lose, it is too ugly.The second situation is the current situation.The other party and himself touched.This is what he wants most.Because the other party only blocks himself with his hands.And he has been led by himself.If you use your legs and feet to block your strength.But time is insufficient.So once kicked.His old egg is about to be kicked.So he concluded that if he did not retreat, he would definitely pick up with his hands.So one hand fights with the passive protection of the opponent's passive protection with the whole body force.Then he can imagine it cheaply.

But the weird scene appeared next.Just when I looked at my right foot, I was going to meet each other's hands.But I felt that a flower in front of her eyes flashed aside.And the opponent's hand was strange to his feet and grabbed his feet naked along the force he kicked.And he was too late at this time.The first time he updated, he only felt that his feet were caught by the naked foot and flew out with the strength of his feet.A realistic version of the aerial flying man staged.

A loud noise.The whole Yangyue was fell to the ground.Fortunately, he had no injuries to his internal breath.However, this ground was smashed by his fart and a pit of nearly ten centimeters.

"Hahaha. I also said to knock you down with five photos." Zhao Fengyuan laughed."But I really didn't expect that the pride of you, known as the excellent action group, was so vulnerable."

综 ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ “.He pretended to be easy to pat his body with a smile and smiled at Zhao Feng: "Hey. For more faster and faster chapters, please come to Mount Tai. I did not expect you to be so older. . The juniors admire. "

" Hehe. He is less fart. "Zhao Fengyuan was the way that he didn't move at all."Come over to worship the teacher."

"The master is on. Please worship the apprentice." He Yanglong Yue stepped forward and worshiped.He understood very well.If this old guy can learn, if he can learn.After that, you will be a big jump.How can he miss such a good thing.

"Okay. Get up." Zhao Fengyuan saw him kneeling in front of himself.A joking expression, a chair, sat down and laughed and said."You go to pour me a cup of tea."

"Yes. Master." Zongyang Longyue stood up and turned around to find the tea set he had already prepared in the direction he had been. A cup of tea was bent over with his hands and handed it to him."Master, you use tea."

He is no stranger to these.He can also be regarded as a traditional martial arts family.So these etiquette still understands.

Zhao Feng died nodded and took a bite and put it on the table next to him.Said solemnly: "Comprehensive Yang Longyue. Since you have officially become my disciple now. So I still have to talk to you."

"Master, please." Long Yue said respectfully.

"You can sit down too." Zhao Fengyuan said with a smile and pointed at another chair next to him.

"Master Xie." The whole Yang Longyue said respectfully.

"The etiquette of worship is over. You don't have to always be so polite to me. I am not a conservative person. I think that this idea is still in the past." Zhao Fengyuan looked at him Can't help but laugh happily.

"Oh. You said early." He heard this statement immediately stretched out a lazy look and raised Erlang's legs."Don't be awkward to death."

"Hahaha. You kid." Zhao Fengyuan pointed his happiness."Are you waiting for me for a long time."

"Hey." Heyong Longyue said with a smile."Master. Just say what you want to say to me."

Zhao Feng nodded.But the expression suddenly became serious: "Longyue. You should have heard of the Shenlong tribe."

但 但 但 但 但 但.Watching Zhao Fengyuan in surprise: "Don't you say you don't know much about Shenlong Club."

Zhao Fengyuan shook his head with a bitter smile and said, "To be honest, I really don't know. I am a member of the Shenlong Society. "

" What. "Zhenyang Longyue stood up.I stared at him incredible."You are from Shenlong Society."

"Originally." Zhao Fengyuan smiled bitterly.Said him not to sit down and listen slowly."But when Lin Tuquan rebelled, I left the Shenlong Society. I don’t know if Miao Miao has told you about it. But I tell you the current Shenlong Society with a responsible manner. A concept. "

" I understand. Miao Miao and I told me. "Jiyang Longyue nodded and said.At this point, he also understood that he was a member of the original Shenlong Club.

"I was the reporter. At that time, I was hiding in a small house in a small house. After Lin Yuquan set the fire. Before the fire spread, I dug a pit and buried myself into the soil. . I was lucky enough to escape. But it was just a burning fire roasted on the soil that was not very thick. In addition, it was hypoxic in the soil. So although my life is kept. But I also passed out. "Zhao Fengyuan sighed and told his experience to Jiyang Longyue.

"Then how did you leave there later." Heng Yang Longyue also sighed.

"I said that I wouldn't have a good life. I haven't completed the task I should complete. I actually rained that day. I was so rainy. I woke up and woke up. Zhao Fengyuan said with a smile."The first idea after I woke up was to see the wonderful mother. But when I ran to the cellar, I was dumbfounded. Because the cellar was already opened. People had no longer. . But I think I ca n’t die. I need to find her. And stroke the child to develop an adult. Do n’t let the blood of the Shenlong tribe be broken. ”

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