Chapter 003


In fact, less than ten minutes, Lu Xuyang heard a great news that made him bloody from Wu Wanfen's mouth!

The demolition office of the slave bearded beard just smashed the dead beams fell off the roof in the alley and stagnated the blood on the spot. This news is not a good heart for Lu Xuyang.News, what else is more worthy of his cheers and applause!

The beard was tragically coming to disaster. This would never be a coincidence. Think about the endless stream of people in the past. Why do the beams fall on him?Essence

So Lu Xuyang quickly thought of the weird Tianshu skill "Sciteing Eye" that he had learned in the Internet, and then carefully thought about it, yes, he was just facing the words and deeds in front of the old man.The disrespectful beard stared at the big beard. As for the movement of the technical requirement, "the eyes of both eyes" should also be done.

"It's really effective! It seems that I can't underestimate the calm and uneven mirror!" Lu Xuyang wanted to understand this, and his heart was full of heart, and he was about to get into his room to study that.The magical magic weapon, I don't want to be stopped by my mother.

"Xiaoxu, come here, look at this results, it still doesn't look like words!"

Lu Xuyang has been prepared for a good psychology, and the mother really has to post it sooner or later.It's too early at this moment.

"Mom, I know. I will take the test next time, believe me." Lu Xuyang's scalp was hardened, remembering that last time he seemed to cope with his mother like this, it was miserable, but the matter was not over.Third, there are hope.

"I believe you are strange!"

Lu's mother stomped his feet with anger, and hated the smell of iron and steel. In this life, she was a loss of culture.Poor, I entered the society too early. At that time, I did not graduate in the sixth grade of elementary school. Later, I did things in the major old -fashioned factories of SH. Five years ago, I was glory and underground. Now I can only be a nanny for rich people.It is really not easy to do some hard work.

"Mom, please believe in me again. I will work hard. I will go to read a book immediately." Lu Xuyang walked slowly in front of his mother and vowed that he knew it, he knew it,My mother cares about her studies than anyone, and she pays all her hope on herself.

"Xiaoxu, not mom loves you, nor is it a mother who can't believe you anymore, but you ... Bingbing has scored more than 500 points this time, third in the whole year. Just ...What did his mother just say you in my ear? Children, you are not advancing, but you still go back! Well, what else is your mother who is busy and busy outside! "LuThe mother wiped her tears and was sadly thrown on the coffee table on the side. My son, my mother, my mother couldn't wait to help you learn.

"What's so great? The monthly test score is high and does not mean anything. There is no practical significance! Mom, don't listen to her nonsense, isn't this not yet reached the college entrance examination, no one can say the final result, no one can sayWhat about!

What can Lu Xuyang say now?Essence

"Her child is more capable than you. Don't get good results and say that people do useless work, you are not too small, always say something to deceive yourself, it is not ashamed!" This time, my mother is true.When he was angry, Lu Xuyang was helpless, so he had to fold his bedroom dullly.

The room is very narrow. Except for a bed and a desk, basically it cannot accommodate other things that take place.

Lu Xuyang gently put the schoolbag on the bed, closed the door against the backhand, and then mysteriously took out the magic mirror from the bag.

"Yin and Yang two sides" still maintains the original appearance. Before that, Lu Xuyang was afraid that it would have time limit in the real world.Obviously it is more concerned.

"Through it, you can" refine the things in reality "into items similar to various attributes in the game.The general law contained in? "

Lu Xuyang summarized it. Of course, he has only one practical experience. The understanding of this super psychiatric mirror is just Pipao Kung Fu. The next step has to deepen the excavationIts potential effect.

"It is not clear whether it can also improve the quality of this ring ..." Lu Xuyang turned out a trial without a big psychology, and it was unusual from the iron box in the drawer.Iron ring, then picked up the yin and yang mirror to observe its changes in the same gourd.

"A normal iron ring has disappeared ... Congratulations, you have successfully refined, you get a transportation ring. The transport rate is 8%.... "

The information gradually displayed on the depressed mirror made Lu Xuyang overjoyed. In the game, the ring and ring are an indispensable aspect of character equipment.The attribute bonus itself.

The so -called "transportation ring" in front of me is new, and it is not the same grade as the iron garbage ring of Gang's iron.

"Good things, it's so beautiful!" Lu Xuyang grabbed the "transportation ring" on the table on the right index finger, not big or small, as if he was tailored for himself.Intersection

When my dad came to call the door for meals, Lu Xuyang quickly cleaned up the "Yin and Yang two sides". This magic weapon was given by God.I know that there is no one to know, and become a private affairs that I have exclusive to myself!

"I said that the child is

"I said that the child is fucking, how can you eat dry and dry cabbage leaves, can you not improve a little bit on the basis of your daily life?"

Lu's father is complainingThe meal is not appetizing enough. He did a hard work on the construction site, the energy output is large, and the effort to eat is not full!

Lu Xuyang, who came up with a glance, said angrily: "If your son wants to learn like Bingbing, I will give you three big fish and big meat every day.I'm worth tired, but who told your son to be angry, people are going up every day, he is good, and every day! Bingbing tells me that he often plays games online in an Internet cafe near the school.He's, have he been so improper! Too disappointing, the child, the bigger the more obedient, the older you can occasionally can win one or two words, but now it is really unbelievable.The whole little Xiao San, who is doing nothing! With his father and his son, there is no one in the nest ... "

Lu Xuyang listened to his mother's breath.She is still competing with herself, so embarrassing family Cold War I don't know how long it will last.

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