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She has developed a research on Shenzhou in advance. The so -called Longyang Shenzhou Real Estate Open Co., Ltd. actually has only two main projects, one, and the other is the transportation of earthy sandstone.Leather bag company has no such big projects such as qualifications.

Long Shao waved his hand with a lot of manners: "President Li, don't call me the boss of the dragon.br>
"Okay, Long Shao, so what is the feasible suggestion of Long Shao?" Li Yan held his chin with his thumb and tried his best to follow the ** Zi and Long Shao.

"That's it. Longyang's investment environment has yet to be improved. These days, you must have seen it. The floor of Longyang is not very flat, rampant, and it is indispensable to deal with them if you do it.Opened, I invested in a project in Longyang City. As a result, the people were offended. The construction site was closed. The construction materials could not be transported.. "

Li Yan smiled:" I seem to understand a bit, Long Shao please continue. "

" The little girls laughed really **. "Long Shao said secretly in his heart,He swallowed his mouth spit, and continued: "At first we have received a lot of bullying at the beginning of our real estate, but I have a few friends in the Black and White Two Calls.Br>
"Then?" Li Yan asked, she knew that Long Shao came to understand, but still politely asked the other party to finish.

"Our Shenzhou Real Estate is lacking in design and construction, but also has its own strengths, such as handling complex interpersonal relationships, transportation of building materials, of courseIf you ca n’t do it, President Li also opens it. It must be very clear about this. "

This reminds Li Yan that it is difficult to work. Sometimes it is necessary to use external forces to do it.Chengcheng Group is indeed weak in this regard.

"My Long Shaoping is so good in Longyang. In fact, I help help with a few uncle and uncle. President Li may not know. Our Long family and Secretary Li are World Friendship ... Uncle Li originally turned out to beIt is my grandfather's secretary, haha, I do n’t tell her most people, that is, President Li, who told us so much.

Long Shao finished speaking, ordered the cigar, and took a deep breath.The two smoke emerged from the nose, staring at Li Yan with both eyes, and seeing the effect of these words.

Li Yan gently fascinated in front of him with his hands. Such a good Luzon cigar was pumped by a violent household in Long Shaoping.No need to conceal his contempt.

"Oh, if President Li is interested, I will take a preliminary plan first. This standard, the two of us, are sincerely responsible for designing and planning, budget calculations, and infrastructure work.For the supply of building materials, the two of us can be able to achieve a win -win situation. "

After that, Long Shao glanced at Li Yan with his over -excessive three white eyes, trying to create a kind of pityEyes.

Li Yan smiled lightly, with a kind of unblocked contempt in the smile: "Let's talk about it, I will consider it, you will be lost."

With a small sip of cigars, he stared at Li Yan's west skirt to wrap the perfect ** type, whispered: "Don't drag, the little girls, sooner or later are the dishes in my plate!"


Li Yan returned to his seat, and saw that the Fatty had just finished talking with Director Song. The two shook hands and seemed to have reached any agreement.It is likely to be able to make a cup, which is likely to conspire with Long Shao. At that time, sincerity will be passive.

Sure enough, the meeting continued to be held. Director Song announced one thing. Due to some new situations, this bidding needs to make some necessary changes.Essence

As soon as this statement came out, the following was buzzed. This time the old urban reconstruction, the three major companies that were short -sighted were only the main projects, and there were some small supporting projects, such as roads, greening,,, greening,,, greening, greening,,, greening, greenery,,, greening, greening,,, greening, greenery,,, greening, greenery,,, greening, greenery,,, greening, greening,, greening, greening,, greening, greening,, greening, greening, and.The bidding of public facilities is connected together, and suddenly they have to change.

Director Song reached out and pressed his hand, saying, "Secretary Li also said, to emancipate his mind and let go of it, but how to change it, you will not change the principle of San Gong.The bidding center had a banquet at a trick. The time was set at seven:30. Don't be late. "

That's the meeting.Talk to the office alone.

"President Li, this time the bidding, Chengcheng Group is the most powerful, but now there is a new situation. Pingchuan Jiayuan will join forces with Shenzhou Real Estate. In this way, you will fall down.Of course, in the end, it is still based on the bid opening price, which is the same. "There are clearly without them at the time of the standard. "

Director Song sighed:" President Li, I also have difficulties. Shenzhou Real Estate is the company in the end, and it is a star merchant last year., The government must support it. President Li, you can count in your heart, or that sentence, emancipate the mind, let go of the big dry, you say right. "

As Party A, you can say this to this, this can be said to this.In terms of share, it is not easy. Li Yan reached out to shake hands with Director Song: "Thank you Director Song, I understand."

When everyone came out of the center of the center, everyone was shocked.Seeing a long black and luxurious car parked on the side of the road, there was a man wearing black suit and sunglasses standing next to the door. You don't need to ask these people who are all real estate in Shenzhou.Show your energy.

A few days ago, the firing incident and the enthusiasm of the door closure incident thought that everyone thought that the dragon was less.The strong relationship relationship makes everyone shudder.

Seeing that the dragon comes out, the back door of a black box is opened, and two huge beasts with a large body shape are fluttered from the inside.I like to cultivate Tibetan mastiffs, and spend a lot of money to buy purebred Tibetan mastiffs from the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau. It really is true.

Two Tibetan mastiffs are extremely fierce, and the deterrent power is stronger than twenty of them. No one dares to go out to the entrance of the bidding center.

Long Shao smiled proudly, which is also one of his ways to everyone. A few days ago, the door was closed to prevent you from entering. Today, the door is blocked to prevent you from getting out. This Longyang is still my dragon's world!

But today's Long Shao is already very low -key. He walked to the Tibetan mastiff at both ends, took a fresh meat from his subordinates, fed it to the Tibetan mastiff, and followed the Tibetan mastiff's mane, facing the door at the doorThe people in the inside smiled and said, "It's okay, don't bite people."

The crowd still dared not leave. There were even a few even scared and pale, and it shrank behind the crowd.

The purpose of Long Shao has achieved a gesture. He took the Tibetan mastiff in the car with his subordinates, and a black west came as to help Major General Dragon's trench coat put on it. He also sat in the Mercedes -Benz car.go.

Everyone dares to be angry and dare not speak, and silently gets in the car and leaves. Only Liu Ziguang looked thoughtful.What do you think? "

" I'm thinking, what is the taste of the Tibetan mastiff's meat. "Liu Ziguang said nothing.


After returning to the hotel at noon, Li Yan convened the project team to conduct a study.The current situation is very grim. The possibility of the Chengcheng Group's solo project is basically attributed to zero. The only hope is to cooperate with local companies to cut this big cake together. After everyone's analysis and judgment, it is agreed that this is not only Long ShaopingPersonal ambitions also include a very complicated chain of interest. If you want to do this project, you must bow your head.

The situation is stronger than people, and people can't help themselves in the mall. Although they hate less dragon, Li Yan has to make a decision. At the evening banquet, he will consult with Shenzhou Real Estate.Everyone was silently spent the field. Li Yan sat in place and clicked up a cigarette and thought. The words that Liu Ziguang said on the way when he came, he said that he was unpredictable.

In the afternoon, Cao Dahua called from the police station. After some communication, the four security guards finally fell lightly, a fine of 5,000 yuan per person, and the security detained for 15 days. This is compared to criminal detention.Qiang, President Yin was relieved and said, "Our lawyer is still good."

"Our lawyer has not yet arrived because the traffic jam has not arrived, and the sentence is detained to law and order.Because someone called and said, "Cao Dahua said on the phone.

"Who calls?"

"Dragon Shao."

Yin Zhijian slowly put down the phone.The four security guards caught in the game he set up, and then pretended to be a good call to talk, changed the criminal detention into law and order, turned his hands to the cloud over the cloud, Longyang was the boss, he was the second child.Why is it not a kind of **.

To President Li, Li Yan also bowed his head and said nothing. Long Shao was aggressive and prestigious everywhere.Rogue cooperation, I'm afraid ...

"President Yin, even if we cooperate with Shenzhou, we must adopt some clever ways, such as setting up a subsidiary of a ** legal person qualification, are you optimistic?" Li Yan suddenly looked up.

"Well, President Li's arrangement is very complete, I agree."

The banquet hosted by the bidding center is set at the city government where the Chengcheng project team staysThe first guest house, that is, Xiyuan Hotel. At more than 6 o'clock in the evening, all people and horses came. They grew each other in the hall, handed their business cards, and contacted their feelings.

The most people from the real estate of Shenzhou, ten vehicles, 4050 people, the battle was scared by Cao Dahua. He was the head of security, and he naturally cared about this.Only yourself, thunder, and Liu Ziguang's guy. In case of the other party played, how did the three people protect so many colleagues.

Looking back, Liu Ziguang was sitting in the corner and smoking. With a light face, Cao Dahua couldn't help but annoyed and walked quickly.