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What is the matter of the card? "

The old seven brain said:" There must be no background in this old product.? Refers to which fake army merits bought from the flower and bird market. "

Huye nodded and said," What makes it makes me open him! "
It ’s going to play hard. The staff of the law enforcement bureau stopped the shooting very well. I murmured and murmured. They thought that the old man had no background like the old man.A set of sets, don't say that you have hanged a few bad cards even if it is genuine martyr's cemetery. As long as it hinders the urban planning and exhibition, it is necessary to move.

A few Anju Company's ground puppets went up to the hippie smiley face, rubbing the palm of the palm ** There is no good person in the team.Don't say that the elite is beating the old man, and they have done it, not only have psychological burdens, but they often hang on their mouths and boast on their mouths.

The old man in front of him seemed to be able to blow down without a gust of gust of gusts. In fact, the four people couldn't hold on to his stood. In fact, the four people were separated from both sides to try to open the old man to the excavator.

The weird things gave birth to four guys and even the other side of Uncle Guo fell on the ground. They fell on the ground and fell darkly.

Four guys dressed in winter, although they fell miserable, but did not get up at all: "The old guys will work together!"

So many strong onesMen bully an old man and there are people **? The onlookers can no longer look at the residents. Someone takes out their mobile phones to shoot some people to stop this kind of evil line and some middle -aged and old male comrades are going to help.If the man has been caught, it will collapse if he is caught again.

The double -fist is difficult to enemy, the four -handed tiger can't hold the group of the wolf Uncle Guo Guo, who is over flower armor, even if he was young, he is a trainer. After all, you are old.Rush over and suppressed his hands and feet, Uncle Guo, who was struggling to struggle, but could not help but only roar anger from his throat.

The king of the beast may come out when the wolf is besieged to death.

The residents could not bear to look at them again, and someone quietly shed tears, while the staff of the gang of law enforcement bureau easily talked about holding the cigarette rolls.It is accustomed to dealing with this kind of thing. ** The company's skills are much worse than them.

Lao Qi brought a few people to pick up iron rods and pick up the carbon core, small screws, old chains, springs in the wooden boxes in the wooden box.Seven from the bottom of the toolbox, a small wooden box is turned on and opened it. A small red book inside is some certificates.

Lao Qi's disdainful smile went to the air to sweep the wind and swept the wind and swept up. Uncle Guo carefully preserved the certificates and certificates that had been carefully preserved for many years and fell on the roof of the snow in the mud ...

Who is choking who is crying.

Tiger Lord looked at the Jin Rolex on the wrist with some impatiently: "What should the old Qimam do?"

Suddenly a roar came: "TMs give me a hand!"

No one saw him first heard that everyone turned his head and looked at it in the past.The young man with a short coat appeared as one of them.

Liu Ziguang pointed at the anger and drank: "Let go!"

Several staff members shocked his majesty and let go of Uncle Guo with two steps back two steps.There are no hundred or eighty, although there are no guys in their hands, but the twenty -year -old guy who is in his twenties will look at you with anger.

Tiger Lord has forgotten to ignite where this guy seemed to see this guy.

Lao Qi 嗖 rushed to the back of Huye and pointed at Liu Ziguang and said, "The Lord is coming. He is Liu Ziguang Gao Tupo.> Hu Ye nodded and said, "It's okay to make Yang Zi come to catch people." After speaking, he put a proud look and walked over.

"What do I think you are familiar with the boy?" Hu Ye walked to Liu Ziguang and asked in front of him.

"Really? Maybe I have stunned you before." Liu Ziguang sneered.

A word of dreams of dreaming people Tiger Lord finally realized that eight years ago, the boy in front of him sells roasted intestines in the night market.I am afraid that the fat on the belly is the eighth anniversary day.

"I remembered that I met you at the night market eight years ago." Huye laughed and had a hatred of the head debt. The hatred of the owner was finally reported.Zi Guang waved hundreds of security guards behind him, and he wrapped around and did not fight or quarreled. He pushed the company's people away indifferently.

"Do you dare to move me? You move me to try it." The seven subordinates screamed in color and were pushed aside ruthlessly.

The people of the law enforcement bureau immediately opened the DV to start shooting the scene to capture the violence and resisting **, but what to disappoint them is that the other party is very smart and does not do it with you anyway.Squeeze.

The tiger brother who was going to change eight years ago picked up a knife, but today the tiger is well -known and experienced.It is impossible for the incident to be forced to disassemble and do not eat a good man. You do n’t eat it before you eat.

Tiger Lord will take a few mouthfuls to throw a few mouthfuls of three or five, and threw it on the snow with his feet fiercely. He stared at Liu Ziguang and seemed to print him in his mind.

"Go!" Huye waved his hands ** The company put away the guy and scolded the ** Law Enforcement Bureau.It's right.


All the certificates and certificates that were blown away by the wind were picked up and handed over to Liu Ziguang.The words and the period during the presence were strange that there were no students who did not have a foreign war. In the 1960s and 1970s, several texts on the certificate were not Chinese characters, but Liu Ziguang, a foreign letter that turned in Qu Lili.

Liu Ziguang put these certificates in the small wooden box and walked in front of Uncle Guo, who was solemnly handed over the past.What? "

Liu Ziguang said:" Uncle Guo, you are also an old fighting hero. You can find the original troops to solve the difficulties. "

Uncle Guo took out the cigarette and said,"I have been expelled from the military. I have no troops. "

A while of silence, how could everyone think that the elderly who lived in the alley and checked the bicycle electric vehicle to cheer up the tire every day was a good fighting battle.The flag of the hero of the hero must have the blood that he has swollen.

But the drama ** is even more precise. The old soldier has already been expelled.

A difficult silence Liu Ziguang for a long time, a chubby puppy climbed out of the corner to clumsy and walked to Uncle Guo.The head of the pity **** puppy said to Liu Ziguang: "Children, just dismantle it, I can understand that the world has changed."

Liu Ziguang said, "The sky is cold.If you always live here, do n’t live here. I arranged a residence. You move here first. I sent someone to help you keep you at ease. You dare not dismantle it. "

Uncle Guo shook his head:"I don't want to move when I get old."


One hour later, a cafe in the city center Jiang Xueqing wore a hat and sunglasses and walked in and sat in front of Liu Ziguang.Asked: "What are the urgent things to find me?"

Liu Ziguang took out a SD card and said, "This is the video of Anju Company to demolish our high soil slope this morning.The old man in Huajia and this old man are still a well -made fighting hero. I want to provide you with a show for you. "

Jiang Xueqing took the SD card and played it for a long time, and suddenly looked up at Liu Ziguang's eyes.Asked: "Liu Ziguang, do you trust me?"

Liu Ziguang said firmly: "I trust you!"

Jiang Xueqing said, "When I talk about things, this clue you provide is not the news because it does not have news value. There are dozens of mobile phone camera clips received by our station in the past few days in our Jiangbei City. "

Jiang Xueqing paused and drank coffee, and said, "Isn't this news, this is life, do you understand?"

Liu Ziguang said calmly, "So you don't want to help? "

Jiang Xueqing said:" I really love to help this period of time. The negative incidents of the old city transformation are not allowed to be reported.You. "

Liu Ziguang asked:" What? "

" Don't ask me to deal with it. "Jiang Xueqing said that he put the SD card into his own bag.


In fact, at the time, it was not just a person who was shooting at least a dozen mobile phones. At least a dozen mobile phones were inevitable that the video of the shooting scene was inevitable to spread on the Internet that night.

The relevant departments of Jiangbei City made a response to the call from the Civil Affairs Bureau to prove that the old man named Guo Yuanchao was not a veteran fighting hero at all, but the ordinary Chenuang Machinery Factory retired workers.


The fish pond and vegetable field and the villa style of a small villa door in the suburbs of the provincial urban suburbs of the provincial urban urban area do not adjust a small military brand Audi at allA8 was quietly parked in the garage in the garage.

The sound of "slap" was the sound of the tea cup falling to the ground.BR> Two service soldiers smiled at each other: "I don't know which unlucky ghost is angry again."

The voice just fell into the door and was kicked open the tall and burly body.He roared while wearing a military hat: "Xiao Li goes to the General Court of the Military Region!"