Chapter VI Remilia and Qian Mi (Fog)

[[cp | .com/chapters/2010/8/1319418634012587392500735971.jpg]]]] I slept for a long time, thousands of fantasies opened their eyes, and the broken and broken bruises around the surroundings were broken.The heavy feeling on the shoulders made Qian Shi turn his head, Rymilia was still asleep while his shoulders, and a sweet smile hanging on the corner of his mouth.

"Hey ~ don't sleep ~ get up!" Qian Mi shook Rymilia in an angrily, and Rymilia rubbed his eyes unwillingly.

"How dare you sleep beside Miss Ben, do you really want to die once!" Rymilia's face suddenly turned blue, pushed away thousands of magic, and shouted angrily.

"Ah Pain ~ Pain ..." Qian Mi took a sigh of relief, and then shouted to Rymilia with a unhappy face, "You think I am willing to sleep with a young girl like youAh, if I didn't see the sun rising, I would have dragged you over with compassion.Then he noticed that he was shade and cool, and then he noticed that he was lying under a big tree. The light around was covered by the big trees. Rymilia's face was red, and she coughed embarrassingly, "Cough ...Ms. Ben did not compare with you like you who did not understand etiquette, in short ... "Rymilia's voice gradually became smaller, and murmured," In short ... thank you ... "
" I listened correctlyLet ’s look at Leimilia incredible,“ You girl will apologize, it ’s a miracle ...”

Lia shouted rushing towards Qian Mi, but caused a cough that could not stop because of excessive force.

"……" Rymilia, who kept coughing with a black face, had to use his right hand to lightly pat the back of Remilia with his right hand. "I said, Even if you hit someone, you have to look at it ... "

" 嘁 ... "Rymilia turned his head awkwardly," Who knows you are peeking, and the vampires are present at the time ... "

"Aren't you a vampire?" Qian Xian seemed to think of Rymilia in front of him, "Why kill the vampire?"

"The vampire was not a living creature in the groupOf course, I have to have a good living environment for Fulan ... "Rymilia explained dissatisfaction." Besides, I was originally the king of the blood family ... "
"… "Qian Mi murmured, Rymilia at the tip of her ear still heard it, shaking Qian Mi's collar dissatisfied," Damn, I am in my 500s, I just don't grow up.Surprising you !! "

A cold sweat on the face of Qian Mi, gently pulled away the hands of your collar," It's really not the same as me ... "<"br>
"” ... "Rymilia looked at Qian Mi dissatisfied.That's really thank you ... "Qian Mi embraced his hand helplessly, stood up hard, patted the dust on his body, and looked at Rymilia with a smile on his face," So, Miss Rymilia,Can you give you a chance to send you back? "

" Remember, it's your honor ... "Rymilia pursed his mouth dissatisfied and handed his hand to the thousands of illusions.

Thousands of fantasy grabbed Rymilia's little hand. With Rymilia's exclaiming, Qian Mi hugged Reimilia in her arms and slowly moved towards the Lake of Mist.

"It's the Red Devil Museum ... Hey ~ I don't put me down yet ... "A Red Western Museum stands on the shore of the lake, with red paint, a huge clock on the roof, surrounded by huge courtyards and walls, lying in the thousands of fantasy arms, lying in thousands of fantasy armsRymilia was struggling with flushing.

"What a good living environment, you will choose a place unexpectedly ..." Qian Xi looked at the Red Devil Hall while admiring.…

"Ah ... how can Miss Ben's taste be compared with you ..." Rymilia raised his head proudly, the expression seemed to be showing off.

A big word flashed on the thousands of magic heads. Thousands of magic shot on the slightly thin buttocks of Remilia, "Can you die if you don't speak ..."

br> "You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you," Rymilia flushed and pointed at Qian Mi, "You dare to hit Miss Miss ..."

"I said, you should find a doormateAnd the maid ... "Qian Xi pushed the door and walked in, and looked around," What about your room? "

" Upstairs ... "Rymilia's voice is as thin as mosquito flies,Thousands of fantasy slowly hug Rimilia upstairs. While going upstairs, a surprised female voice passed over, "Limi!?"

"Paqiuli ..." Remili ... "Rymili?Ya's embarrassing voice came out of Qian Mi's arms, "That ... it's not what you think ..."
"Well ... I haven't said anything yet, what are you anxious ...haPa Qiuli looked at Rymilia with a red face with a trace of surprise. "Or, there is a story ... Keke ..." Pa Qiuli suddenly coughed quickly and calmed down for a long time.

"Uh ~~ For the first time, Ba Yun Qian Fantasy, please give me more advice ..." Qian Mi also looked at Pa Qiuli embarrassingly.

"Paqiuli Norolei" Pa Qiuli also returned a gift to Qian Mi, watched Qian Mi and Remilia's broken clothing, and the face was unhappy on her face.Looking at the two, "Well ~ I said Rimi, aren't you going to clear the heresy in the vampire, is it a guise?"

One set ... "Rymilia glanced at the magic dissatisfaction," I don't send Miss Ben back to the bedroom ... "

" Yes ~~ "Qian Mi sighed helplessly," SoI resigned first ... "

" Um ~ come to the library to sit down! "Pa Qiuli looked at the two upstairs with a smile, and suddenly shouted," Don't do it too long ~It hurts the body like that!!! M "

When he heard Pa Qiuli's laughter, he couldn't help but hit a cricket at his foot, almost fell, and looked at the dangling thousand fantasy and buds.Milia, Pa Qiuli smiled and returned to the library slowly. "It really is a good thing to choose to walk today, it's really interesting q"


Putting Remilia on the big bed in the bedroom, Qian Xian rubbed the sour shoulders, and looked at Rymilia hiding in the quilt dissatisfied. "I said, you don't look heavy, how can you actually hold it so heavy ..."

"Slap ... "A pillow hit Qianxian's face, the pillow slipped, and the eyes were Rymilia's flushed face," What are you doing ... "

" Go out! You give it!I go out !! "

" Really ... unreasonable ... "Qian Mi shook his head helplessly, and then hidden into the gap.After the fantasy, there was only Rymilia in the room. Rymilia was sitting on the bed with her legs, and her small face buried deeply on her chest.>
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