Chapter 102 The impeachment meeting

"Gai knows you come here for a long time, and want to see you!" Chen Zhixiong said carefully and said to the whole yang Longyue.

"Understand!" Zongyang Longyue nodded, "It will come sooner or later! How about Zheng Tong now?"

"Okay! He said he just desperately died. I want to help you cover it for a long time! "Chen Zhixiong said with a look of admiration." I didn't expect he would be willing to help someone who had hurt his father. Long Yue, I really served you! "

" "" Hehe! "The total of the whole Yangyue smiled twice and said," Relative to Zheng Sanshui's things, I don't do it seriously about him. "

Chen Zhixiong smiled and said," Zhi Cai is here! "

"Oh! How is his injury?" He heard Liu Zhicai in his heart and couldn't help but feel guilty.

"You all know?" Chen Zhixiong said a word.

"You go first! Tell Gai for a long time, saying that I will pass!" Junyang Longyue smiled and said, "I believe today is a good day!"

Chen Zhixiong nodded, Tell him to cover the training hall on the top floor for a long time, and then turn around.Looking at his back, he laughed and took out his mobile phone to send a text message to Zhang Zhenchuan and the Eight Tigers in the Northeast, who were sitting in the private rooms of Yuntian International, and asked them to prepare for fighting.

"Are you okay?" As soon as he entered the house, Xia Tingting hurried over and looked up and looked up at him anxiously, and looked at Wang Yiyao aside.

"Do you think I look like something?" The helpless Chong Wang Yao Yao who smiled and said to Xia Tingting.

"Can you scare me!" Xia Tingting said exaggeratedly and said, "If they really dare to embarrass you, I will fight with them!"

"Rest assured! They! They! I can't move me! "Junyang Longyue looked at her seriously and couldn't help but move her hand and squeezed it gently.

"What did he look for you?" Compared to Xia Tingting and Wang Yao, it seemed more calm.

"Go and talk to Uncle Gai!" Zongyang Longyue watched her laugh and ridiculed.

"What happened between you?" Wang Yanyao frowned and frowned.

He Yangyue said with a smile: "He owes me something, I'll go back!"

Xia Tingting suddenly remembered something, and his face changed to look like he was a little nervous. Said: "I listened to a friend who said that the two men who had been covering for a long time were missing, will this not have something to do with you?"

"Men's business, don't worry about you!" Long Yue suddenly said, "You just eat at this peace of mind, don't care about anything else!"
"Long Yue! What are you?" Wang Jiyao couldn't help anger, and Xia Tingting Ting Ting It was a bit aggrieved and worried eye circles that almost burst into tears.

"Okay! That's it!" He said impatiently, and then turned out of the door to go to a training hall on the top floor of Yuntian International.


In front of the elevator on the head, Zongyang Longyue sent a text message to the brothers, and then observed the movement in the training hall while taking the elevator.I saw that there were thirty people in the lobby, one by one, one by one.In addition to Gai Gai and Chen Zhixiong, Ma Qi Mountain and A Biao he knew were also inside.And when he looked at the elevator, there were two big men who looked at him and took him to the door of the hall, and one of them knocked on the door.

The door was opened by the two big men from the inside, and Yang Yangyue did not rush in, but laughed at a smoke and took a deep breath and slowly spit out a smoke before walking in leisurely. Essence

"Yo! What are you doing?" The people in the hall narrowed their eyes and said, "Is the impeachment meeting?"

Thirty people who have frown can't help but frown, and this boy is too crazy!Where is here, he won't you know?Or is there something wrong with this kid?But I wanted to think in my heart, but no one squeaked.Just staring at him angrily with a hostile gaze, giving a very depressing atmosphere. This is to be in a panic, maybe others may be panicked and scared.But the comprehensive Yanglong Yue is different, but that is really the battlefield, facing the life and death, this is comparable to those who are more hairy!

Seeing that no one spoke, he sucked smoke unscrupulously and came to a chest expansion trainer without sitting down without talking, but he was so leisurely sucking the cigarettes.

People are even more angry, watching him have the desire to tear him.But the boss didn't speak, and no one dared to move.At this time, the eyebrows were frowned even more for a long time.Through these times, he knew that the energy of this comprehensive Yangyue was really small, and it was quite careless.Could it be that my plan was broken this time, and he was ready?

He shook his head slightly again, impossible!This is my site, he just came here to eat temporarily!Unless he deliberately came here to prepare himself, this possibility was minimal.The strength of my covering for a long time was not comparable to his comprehensive Yangyue, and this was on my site, and through my thorough arrangement.Don't say that he is a small comprehensive Yangyue, that is, it is impossible for the great Ronaldian to escape!

Thinking of this, he snorted.I want to comprehensively go to the Yangyue and the Yangyue, you play with me, so you can play the empty city plan!I admire your guts and tough psychological quality, but I admire it and I will never let you go back today!

"Zhenyang Longyue! Do you know why you come here this time?" He asked coldly for a long time.

"Wish to smell it!" Junyang Longyue took a cigarette and squinted.

"Huh!" Covered for a long time and hummed, "Zhenyang Longyue, you are less confused here! My two brothers have been killed by you, and you dare to swing to us Yun Tian Internationally, are you a bit bullying! "

" Hey! I said, Brother Gai, where can I say this? " "I didn't harm you any brother!"
"Okay! Since you don't admit it, let's figure out the thing on the opposite side of the gongs today." Zhixiong, you call Zheng Tong! "

" Yes! Big Brother! "Chen Zhixiong responded, turned and opened the door and walked out.

"Zheng Tong?" The whole yang Long Yue was stunned, and the cigarette butt that was about to ignite also forgot to ask, "How can he be here?"

"Hum!" Gai! Half a long time again, "Comprehensive Yang Longyue! I kindly called my brother and Zheng Tong to ask you to discuss cooperation. And it hurts them. And using explosives to destroy them, you are really cruel! But people are not as good as heaven, but Zheng Tong is fortunate to escape! Today, I want to see what you have. But to quibble. "

可 可 可 可 looked at the cover for a long time.

"Brother! People brought!" The door opened, Chen Zhixiong and Zheng Tong walked in.