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You must rush to the Central Party School near the Summer Palace to go to class, and Bai Na is going to relatives' house.

Zhou Wen bought two magnetic cards on the automatic ticket machine, and one of them was handed to Bai Na. Due to the different routes, the two would separate ways. At this moment, the time seemed to be stagnant. The two were relatively speechless.People around them are all faces that they don't know each other.

"Goodbye." Bai Na said these two words very difficult, and left without looking back. Zhou Wen kept looking at her back disappearing, on the subway, and the head of her mind was chaotic all the way to her mind.It was extremely, and the heart of the party school could not be settled. He walked several times in the classroom and was criticized by the teacher.

When eating in the cafeteria at noon, several students with better relationships asked Zhou Wen what was going on. Of course, the matter about Bai Na could not be said. Zhou Wen narrated what happened in the county.It is all the people who have been playing on the officialdom for many years. Everyone has comprehensively analyzed this matter together, and draws a preliminary conclusion.

"The background of Xuanwu Group is very deep. His backstage should sing the opposite stage with Secretary Zheng, but you are the love of Secretary Zheng, so ..." A city from the southern provincesThe elder student expressed his point of view with a needle, and Zhou Wen nodded again and again: "I was taught."

In fact, he also thought of this relationship, but he didn't think about it.In the future, I really need to pay more attention to this matter. It is not possible to get the leaders appreciation if you do n’t just get a result.

But Bai Na's business is still like his throat. He doesn't vomit. Zhou Wen basically has no friends. In the early years, college classmates had gone their own things to become a family.The next few friends, when I was a kid, there were not many of those dead parties. After all, I am a county -level cadre. Everyone has different levels and fewer and fewer common topics. There is only one Liu Ziguang.Fire, and often meet with yourself, people are reliable, it is better to find him to vomit him next Saturday.


Just when Zhou Wen considers looking for an old classmate to complain, Liu Ziguang was busy forming a new company. This process was more complicated. First of allThe control of the holding, and then set up a mining company in Sada Mama, and then controlled it by Hongshi. In short, it is a complete and complex business procedure.All procedures are recorded in the case and publicized, and the registered authorities also attach great importance to it. Basically, the last thing will not happen again.

According to the agreement, there are 51%of Liu Ziguang's shares in the Wood Mine, and the remaining 49%belong to the Sadham government and the royal family, and then Liu Ziguang has mastered most of the shares in Hongshi Holdings.A company who invested a large amount of capital, and a company under the name of Hu Qing, as well as a company representing a company on behalf of the relevant departments.

This mysterious company is said to be affiliated to the Capital State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. It has not been long since it was established.After checking, it really has nothing to do with Ma Fengfeng.

During the period, he took the time to Europe. In a house outside Lisbon, he saw Mr. George Wood, who was aged, and the old owner of the manor.A broken house, a master car is all his home, no longer the wine filled with the cellar, no charming mixed -race girl, and only the child brought from Africa.

Mr. Wood's spirit is not very good, and he is thin. According to the neighbor's neighbor, he has encountered abduction one time not long ago, but it is strange that Mr. Wood's economic situation is not very good.The public security situation was not so bad. Later, Mr. Wood was safely from the danger, but he did not mention the police.

Seeing the old friend who came to the door, Mr. Wood did not stand up from the rocking chair, but pointed at the vine chair next to him and said, "Sit, I know that one day you will come to me."

Liu Ziguang sat down and didn't speak. He knew that the old man had something to say.

"Not long ago, someone came to me, hoping that I could make a statement that the contract was signed when the contract was threatened.After the check is going on a happy life, the other way is to eat a nine millimeter pistol bullet. "

Liu Ziguang smiled and said," What about later? "

" I tell them a word,**YOU, that's it. "Mr. Wood laughed, and Liu Ziguang laughed. He noticed that Mr. Wood was already ill.

"You know, George Wood is a real gentleman. Their things can't let me yield. Several rabbits can't be discussed and have to get rid of it." Speaking of thisIn the case, Wood still frowned, struggling to stand up and took a bottle of whiskey and said to Liu Ziguang, "Don't you come?"
"Thank you."


看到刘子光一The face was wrong, and Mr. Wood explained another sentence: "Late liver cancer, this is God's punishment, because I waste too much wine."

Liu Ziguang took out a travel check on the table, aboveIt was a million euros, but Wood did not even look at it. He said, "The doctor said that I still have a few weeks at most, and the money is useless to me. If possible, please help me take this child away.I can't take care of him. "

The black child is the child of the manor housekeeper. He was adopted to Europe by Wood during the Holocaust, but now he is only three years old.

Although Wood resolutely refused the money, Liu Ziguang quietly donated a sum of money to the local charitable institution to arrange for Wood's funeral.Essence

In fact, the contract signed by Mr. Wood really has a missed place, that is, it is not recognized by the registry. Of course, it can be explained that the country was chaotic at that time,, But after all, I have left the opportunity for others. Although Mr. Wood is the descendants of the colonists, he exploited for most of the people of Sada Maruma for his life, but in this matter, he can still sang and commemorate.


A Pampali business jet landed at St. Hutan Airport. At this time, Shenghu'an International Airport and the past are not the same as on.Fixed a new, a new terminal building, the bright Siza Mamarian flag fluttered in the air, and two white -painted domestic Xinzhou 600 propeller branch passenger planes parked on the apron.Teaching 6. K8 trainer and several helicopters.

The business jet stops slowly, puts down the ramp, the direction of the terminal quickly drives five Black Chevrolet Macrons, and a group of men wearing black sunglasses are jumped off on the car., Bulletproof vest, camouflage pants, jungle boots, tactical gloves, the M4 carbin gun hanging on the body, the legs of the legs are also made of a national 92 pistol, and several people are light -colored suit. The wind blows their plackets., Exposing the black nylon jacket under the armpit.

Sada Moia is not very peaceful, supporting General Kuba's Wendu tribe ** armed forces still insist on fighting in the jungle of neighboring countries, harass the city from time to time, and ambush the army, so no one dares to take it lightlyEssence

Liu Ziguang came down from the plane as a tropical dress, and there was still a black baby in his arms.The police car flickered in front of the police lamp head. The five styles and licenses with the same licenses followed behind, and the guard guards quickly jumped into the last car.The propeller is already rotating straight nine, the helicopter rises to the ground, hovering over the fleet, the sniper's legs hang outside, the SVD sniper rifle in his hand is hugged in his arms, and from time to time, you can observe the suspicious place with a sight from time to time.

The fleet whistled on the soil road. The highway of this airport to the city has long been unbearable. A modern highway is not far away.When you look at it and look at it, you are basically yellow and black faces. The construction party of the highway is a company in China. The managers and technicians are all Chinese, but the working workers are more cheaper Indiabaka.people.

There can be a tower crane and the construction site circled by the wall on the road. Each intersection has a government forces inspection stations. The armored vehicle produced by Chenguang Machinery Factory is on the side of the road.When he arrived at Liu Ziguang's team, he waved his hands.

Sada Moia is entering a construction period. The entire country is a large construction site. It has been withered for decades. All basic equipment must be updated.Go to the city, but let the driver turn around on the dock first.

The port of Sheng Huan is the top priority of construction. The construction cycle is long and the construction site is very large.Workers, from the shore cranes, dragon door cranes, cranes to speedboats, dredging boats, trailers to control centers used by the port, the program controller, computer terminal, and even the cement steel bars used in the dock are all transported from China.

The project manager of the port construction unit heard that the big boss came and hurried out to welcome. The group came to the high place. The two technicians launched the grand blueprint.Pointing to Jiangshan, Dongfang Ke put a trench coat on the shoulder of the boss in a timely manner. The reporter slammed the shutter and faithfully recorded this exciting scene.



On Saturday, April 16th, the east hall of the first floor of the Book Building of Beijing, at 10 o'clock, the orange -red era was launched, signing on the spot, before50 prizes, welcome to drive