4 2 5 mai xiong da ren

When I ran, I stretched my legs gently.

The grilled hawker of the high horse looks extremely powerful. In fact, he has not been trained at all. The response is slowly unstable. Liu Ziguang was tripped., Yingjisha also lost, his face was all blood, and he roared angrily at the crowd, but the person who stuck his legs just now had gone. The masses were afraid of being furious by him, and quickly made birds and beasts.

The power of the pepper spray is not covered. The spicy and pungent taste is filled in the air.Sata ran away, and it seemed that she had nothing to do with the man who saw the righteousness.

The man ran into the alley, and stopped after running ten meters, because the front wall was blocked, and the four hawkers in the back also slowed down and smiled.The cleaning of the cleaning and cleaning and the remaining long wooden strips of the decoration of the cleaning equipment, the hawkers took it up, held them in their hands, and slowly surrounded them.A little boss of the stinky tofu beside the alley saw the situation in critical condition and hurriedly returned home with the stall.

There is no way to enter before, and there is a chase in the back. The man shaking the spray tank in his hand was empty. He smiled helplessly, left the spray tank, clenched the stick, and suddenly got up.attack.

Four hawkers thought the victory was in hand. I did not expect that the other party dared to counterattack. Under the rush, the wooden bar was not as good as the stick, but was blocked by the waist.I played a chaotic battle, but after all, it was a double -fist that was difficult to fight for four hands. The hawkers were sturdy albums. They were not bad in physical fitness, and there was no concern about it.After that, the man's clothes were opened several times, and he had to wear more in winter. If you may have seen blood in summer.

The man was forced to the corner by them, and the two sides started fierce melee. There was no skill at close -range operations.The hawker laughed and grabbed the man's collar into the oil pan of the stinky tofu.

Bubbles in the dark black oil pan. This is the hot oil that fried a lot of stinky tofu, and a strange taste. If the head is pressed in, this face is disfigured, I am afraid that the face is disfigured.It was not cured to South Korea. This is not the damage suffered by the facial features, and the compatibility of wound infection.

The man struggled to death, but his hands and feet were firmly grasped. The alley was quiet, not even a crowd of onlookers, and his face was getting closer to the oil pan.Huang Chengcheng's stinky bean rot was rotten. Suddenly, he felt that his arm was loose, and he almost didn't think about it. The condition shot the body to the left.Press hard!

A screaming, the beard's hand in the oil pan, the nourishing sound sounded, the man did not do it, while everyone's empty gear, pinched the beard's neck, put his head, put his head, and put his head.Press it into the oil pan.

The remaining three of them hurriedly rescued people. The little beard was pulled out, her face was full of bubbles, and the screams were more than the streets.But this move stimulated the fighting spirit of the hawkers, and waved the sharp blade and rushed over.

The man withdrew it back, reached out and grabbed the two handles of the oil pan, and splashed the full pot of hot oil over.Smoked, suddenly there was a siren sound outside, the man immediately closed his hand, looked left and right, rushed towards the wall, and went to the wall twice.Jumping down is more agile than wild cats.


The man walked to a rental house, and did not enter the front door. Instead, he climbed up the second floor directly from the back and opened the window to get in. The room was messy.The quilt on the bed was not stacked, stacked scattered, a few pairs of stinky socks were lost under the bed, the empty cola can on the table, and the instant noodle box.

The man sighed, took out a pack of noodles from the backpack, and threw it on the table. Pick up the pot and pinit the cold water.Electric, he shook his head and sat on the bed, and found out the wallet. It was empty and there were only a few small nickel coins.

"Fuck!" The wallet was thrown aside. The man took out the cigarette case and lighter extremely irritating.Don't speak with your head.

After a while, the door was knocked, and the man stood up vigilantly and asked, "Who?"

"Last landlord, someone in your room money helped you pay."

The man hurriedly turned to open the door, and he was seeing a fat old lady go downstairs. There was a strange man standing downstairs in the patio downstairs.

No, it seems a bit impressed. He was also present when he was fighting. The man couldn't help but be nervous.

The man stared at the person, and finally he was on the side and gave the guests in.

The two looked at each other in the house and did not speak. Liu Ziguang took out the cigarette: "Smoking?"

The man took the smoke, took a sip, and asked, "You youFollow me? "

Liu Ziguang smiled and explained that it was default.

"In the alley, you helped me?"

Liu Ziguang smiled again: "Should be, so many one, not authentic."

"You you youFind me ... What do you want to do? "

" Help me, I give you money? "

" Who are you fighting? Good people and bad people? Why don't you do it yourself? "

"Of course it is a bad guy. As for why I do n’t do it myself, I want to do n’t explain it.”

The man immediately understood, “Okay, who is the goal, what kind of like do you want, what do you want, what do you want?As a result?

"One middle school student is called Yan Dong. As a result, you can't make life or let him feel so much. Specifically, you can arrange it yourself." Liu Ziguang said.

The man frowned slightly, thinking about it, "Okay, I want 500 yuan, pay 200 first, and then give the remaining 300."

Laugh, take out 200 yuan and put it on the table, turn around and leave: "I wait for your good news."

Liu Ziguang walked away before the man picked up these 200 yuan and shouted: "The landlord, quickly pull me up the electric gate."


The fourteenth floor of the ward building of the Second Hospital of the City, in a single ward, Yan Jinlong wearing a diseased suit, Yan JinlongSitting on the bed, there was a stack of files and mobile phones on the bedside table. Yan always had hypertensive heart disease. After the admission team agreed, he was temporarily guaranteed to seek medical treatment. In order to protect the medical treatment, his big wife did not know how much the relationship was to do.

The store was blocked, without operating income, the money in the bank account was also transferred away. According to the investigation, it was transferred to the name of a shell company in the south, and the spin was immediately transferred to the country.The money is difficult to recover. Although there are not many five million, in the current situation of rumors, it is tantamount to drawing salary at the bottom of the kettle.

Fortunately, Yan Jinlong is more good at financial management. Most of the property has become a real estate property or jewelry and jade gold bars, as well as a large number of cash hidden at home.The dispute between the second grandmother was like this, and the two old ladies were endless.

The wind and waves are here, and they will never be planted in this small river ditch. Yan Jinlong knows his situation very well. Although the ** brigade stares at him, they have no conclusive evidence and want to nail. They want to nail and want to nail.It is impossible to die. The procuratorate has been arranged. At that time, it will naturally return to the investigation. The time will pass by the time.Basically, it has passed.

There is a police officer outside the ward with a security duty. In the name, the guardian prisoners are not as good as the guards. Mr. Yan's career is in Jiangbei. How can it escape?

At this time, the big wife was sitting on the chair to help him cut the apple while cutting, and said, "The three sisters have already said, let her carry things down, there will be no big things, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too, you too.Don't worry too much, just take good care of the disease. "

Yan Jinlong said:" I have ace in my hand, they dare not move me easily, there are many fierce materials hidden in the office computers.But I dare not make it public as evidence, because they know that I must have a backup. If you want to count me, you have to prepare a large number of people to accompany you. "

My aunt hurriedly entered and said, "It's broken, Dongdong was beaten!"

Yan Jinlong immediately sat upright and asked, "Where is the injury? Who's hand!"

br> "Both knees were knocked into a crushed fracture, and their bloods were full of blood, and they had been sent to the hospital for rescue.Br> "The doctor said that the bones were broken into dregs, and it was difficult to recover completely." Aunt Yun said.

"What! My son will be a sister -in -law in the future?" Yan Jinlong widened his eyes.

"You little **, my son is miserable, I fight with you!" The big wife returned to the taste, sprinkled hatred on Aunt Yun, and rushed over to dig her nails.His face, Aunt Yun was unwilling to show weakness, and the two women beat them on the ground.

The police outside heard the news and came in to pull the frame, and finally pulled the two women away, and then looked at Yan Jinlong on the bed, covering her hands in the heart, her face was full of breath, and she seemed to be out of breath.

"Nurse! Nurse! First aid!" The police shouted loudly.

At this time, he understood that Boss Yan had to seek medical treatment outside, but he was not just the result of the operation, but really heart disease.