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Three times the organization department is about to talk...COM

In fact, the leaders of each unit adopt a considerable cooperation with the overall relocation, especially the Director Liang of the Finance Bureau.This is called breaking the jar of the altar and lighting into the battle.

In addition to spending 80 million yuan, it is hailed as a model project in the province. All decoration materials use the financial building with imported materials.In the year, it is inevitable to turn into a pile of fate of rubble.

All the relocation costs and resettlement costs are fiscal from the municipal finance. There are tens of millions of migration fees.It is also progressing. He led the International Financial Investment Summit in Shanghai. The representatives of the world's top banking industry and the representative of the Exchange Exchange in China attended the meeting.Essence

At the same time, Deputy Secretary Wang flew to the capital and went to run the international airport to establish projects.Essence

Everything is going on smoothly. The Construction Bureau comes to the urgent mobilization to convene a construction enterprise in the city to open a gas meeting. The construction plan is shocked.Essence

According to preliminary ideas, the construction period of the entire project is three to five years, mainly divided into three sub -projects.The giant CBD, the dual -tower engineering plot covers an area of 30,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 700,000 square meters.High -rise buildings, Mr. Huo is also helpless. After all, the Harry hair tower in Dubai is too BT, and the International Trade Center of Jiangbei City can only win the runner -up.

The design plan of these two skyscrapers will be bided around the world. At that time, the cattle people of the world -renowned design firm will gather in Jiangbei., Show Chinese culture to audiences all over the world, show Jiangbei style.

The second project is Jiangbei International Airport, which has not yet determined the location. According to Mr. Huo's idea, building a passenger flow and cargo throughput capabilities in Jiangbei City can greatly increase Jiangbei City in Jiangbei City.In status, with this airport, it can radiate hundreds of kilometers around, and Jiangbei will naturally become a central city.

The airport is not simply drawn a few land. It is over when it is paved with asphalt asphalt. The terminal and various facilities will invest tens of billions of yuan, but the benefits brought after completion are more considerable.The income brought by the annual passenger flow is a great number.

The third project is the ancient city of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Secretary Li has made instructions to hire experts to design. Based on the ancient city of Ming Dynasty, Jiangbei, a re -built -in antique city of ancient flavor was rebuilt.The film must be specially manufactured and produced to strive to achieve domestic first -class and international integration.

These three projects complement each other. The World Trade Double Pagoda will attract a large number of foreign capital to Jiangbei City.Transportation services, the peripheral industries driven by this are even less countless. According to the rough estimates of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics, at least about three hundred billion yuan.

Some people in this municipal party committee have also questioned that Jiangbei is just an ordinary old industrial base. Both hardware and software cannot be compared with the capital, Shanghai, and some provincial capitals.After the skyscraper, it is difficult to keep up with the supporting industry.

Secretary Li answered them calmly and confidently: "Las Vegas is a city built on the desert. Dubai is also a city built on the desert. With the support of international capital, even the desert can be ableIt becomes a luxurious city, not to mention that Jiangbei City's own conditions are not bad. It is located in the hinterland of Central Plains, and it is a water transport road and railway transportation hub. Besides, there are 5 million hard -working and hospitable Jiangbei citizens and practical leadership teams.With these software and hardware, can't Jiangbei City be the next Dubai?

The top -level office of Wanlong Building, Nie Wanlong is listening to Wei Liangxin's report. Vice President Wei attended the constructionAt the meeting of the bureau, he introduced the situation of the three projects to President Nie in detail. President Nie Yin said: "This cake is quite large. It is difficult to develop a family with our development, and we do not have the construction of skyscrapers andThe qualifications of the International Airport, I think we should adopt some conservative strategies and take some supporting projects. As for the ancient city project of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, we must win this."

Vice President Wei took it deep:" These three are joint venture projects, and the bidding must be quite strict. We must plan ahead and hurry up."

Nie Wanlong groaned and said," Help me contact Secretary Zhao, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, I invite him to dinner."

That night, the private house restaurant on the Huaijiang River was included by President Nie Quan to dinner Secretary Zhao. Secretary Zhao was glad to go to the banquet.The new Patek Philippe watch was revealed below. Nie Wanlong looked at his eyes, but he was calm. He understood that the power on Secretary Zhao had greatly increased, and his appetite also increased.

The wine table of the wine tableOn the other hand, Nie Wanlong directly proposed to make some contributions to the construction of Jiangbei City and share some burdens for Secretary Li. Secretary Zhao habitually wiped the corner of his mouth with a snow -white napkin and said reserved: "These three projectsThe target is very large, the requirements are very high, it is better to make it better through the fair, fair and open bidding. Of course, the general opinion of Nie will react to Secretary Li."

" Thank you Secretary Zhao."Nie Wanlong raised the red wine glass in his hand. After the two of them drank, he also said," I have a small request ... "

Secretary Li is far awayThe daughter of London's school called, saying that Uncle Nie remitted the tuition fee of 100,000 pounds and a Ferrari sports car. When he heard the excited voice of his daughter, Secretary Li ripped his father's love on his face.The background sound was very noisy. There seemed to be a big group of people in the carnival. Secretary Li frowned slightly, and told her daughter to hang up after studying well, shook her head and murmured: "This old Nie, really can't take him."

Then he picked up the inside telephone call and said to Secretary Zhao:" Develop the ancient city project of the Ming and Qing Dynasties."

The secretary agreed, but hesitated," Secretary Li, Cheng Cheng Group ... "

" What do you have to say.Today, Secretary Li's mood is very good, and the voice of talking is much more hearty.

"The last thing was the ghost of Chengcheng Group's group of people.Improper competition methods are not desirable. If they have also joined the construction of new projects, in case they have done something again, letting foreign businessmen know that the impact will be bad."

Secretary Li browed out:" New projects do not need the participation of Chengcheng Group, and the bid invitation letter should not be sent to them."


Foreign business will never drag water. In order to facilitate cooperation, Mr. Huo Yingjie has registered in Hong Kong and established a universal investment company to cooperate with Jiangbei City. This companyThe registered capital is as high as one billion US dollars, and it will be listed on the borrowing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange immediately, thereby further achieving the efficacy of overseas financing.

Bidding is also underway.The letter, even many well -known construction companies in the province and the country received an invitation letter. For a while, major construction companies in the country gathered in Jiangbei City.As a representative enterprise of Jiangbei construction industry, the Development Group has undertaken the construction task of the ancient city and film and television shooting base of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Because the target is large, the security deposit is more than the average person.The bank loaned 50 million, and then he took out the foundation of the family, and finally took out 150 million funds and paid the account of Universal Investment Company.

The money was paid,The heart is settled. These days, President Nie's mood is very good. He even held the fishing gear in the sky, opened the BMW X5 to go to the river to fish, and won this super project.There are subsequent property management, maintenance, expansion and other businesses, and their annual income will not be less than seven digits.

As for another strong developer in Jiangbei City, Chengcheng Group, in the process of biddingThe project did not get one, and it was very small for Chengcheng Group up and down, but President Li just said a word lightly: "Sevon is not blessed."


Everything is in full swing. Deputy Secretary Wang, who goes to the capital to fight for the project of international airports, is also successful. It is said that he was introduced by Mr. Huo and a powerful leader of the Development and Reform Commission.A cordial meeting and being guaranteed that although the project is difficult, it is not as difficult as expected.

In order to broaden his ideas and learn advanced experience, Secretary Li organized a inspection team to prepare to go to Dubai for the Dubai to conduct for the Dubai for conduct.On the spot, on the eve of the start, he went to the large CBD on -site command to blast.

The blasting scene, the color flag fluttered, the red flag recruits, the public security personnel have blocked all the nearby areas.High explosion **, the large group of citizens watched the blockade, the scene was very warm.

"Four, three, two, one, the explosion!"Secretary Li personally pressed the electric button, and the financial building suddenly turned into a pile of rubble in the loud noise. The leaders applauded. Secretary Li made an important speech on the microphone of the reporters:" This explosion has launched the new period JiangbeiBuilding a warranty gun."

It is a tide -like applause, so that Secretary Li has to stretch out his hands and press down to continue his speech.

A group of mud legs outside the blockade lineWorkers, but stared at the confused eyes and asked, "Why did the buildings just built?"

There is an intellectual wearing glasses wearing glasses and white shirts scanning them at a glance, saying," This is not broken. This building has hindered the city's economic development.Only to build the nation's tallest building can you contribute to GDP growth. Do you understand GDP?"

" What chicken fart, a group of losers."The migrant workers took a sip, and pulled away the slippers.