Chapter 235

Chapter 235

Even the little mixed people of the Golden Dragon Gangs who went out for activities were extremely rare full of this movement.Excited, purely excited because of the scenery in front of me.There are even a few more scholars, with a bit of vassal and elegant gangsters: "The spring breeze and the south bank of the green river ..." They shook their heads, and naturally got their companions around the same way, praised them as' poemsImmortal 'again.

The hazy drizzle is shrouded in the entire Suzhou government. Looking from the sky, the Suzhou government city is like a rockery garden shrouded in the crystal cover.With such a little bit, people are sore, and they are qualified to appreciate the literati.

However, Zhao Yueer and Qingqing are not here to enjoy the gardens in Suzhou.Zhao Yueer, full of anger, was stirring with Qingqing along the way, and argued so much.Like Lu Feng, who had just went down the mountain, she did not know the road to Suzhou Prefecture, so she could only take a car all the way.At that time, the weather was cold, and the ground was full of snow. In addition, Qingqing continued to cause trouble. Zhao Yue'er spent more than two months before he struggled from Xi'an Mansion to Suzhou.

I patted my eyes for a while, and the Qing Qing, who was holding her belly, said softly: "Qingqing, it seems that we are all right. Fengzi said that the carriage on the world can only give him a few skewers.Copper coins are enough, but we come along along the way. We all give gold and silver. Sometimes we still give them a few jewelry or something. Do you say we are? "

Qingqing rolled up and turned up.Baiyan and Qianba said: "I don't know. When the master did not move, there was a guy named Zhou Mu to visit her old man, but I rushed to the carriage by myself.However, the previous carriages seem to have not been too pitted. In the end, this guy is obviously extorting us. From Yingtian to Suzhou, do you need 500 two silvers? We have no silver.Gold, I feel like we have lost a lot of money. "

Zhao Yue'er tilted his head for a long time, and suddenly sighed:" Forget it, I forgot what Feng Zi said, is the world a little expensive or silver or silverIt's more expensive? I can't figure it out ... Fortunately, from the palace in your cave, the gold and silver on the pillars have been dug a lot, otherwise we have no money to eat ... Qingqing, you will eat less in the future, I will be alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone, I am alone.It is impossible to eat two hundred pounds of beef for a meal? The driver in front of them are hardly frightened by you. "

Qingqing hummed a few times, and immediately closed his eyes to pretend to be confused.

Zhao Yue'er continued to count: "Seeing that you are going to Suzhou Prefecture, it's just in front of you. You have to sing, but the last driver is also scared.I have trouble licking. By the way, I ca n’t speak when I enter the city. I came along. It seems that the birds in the world have not spoken. Those chickens, ducks and geese, you have eaten so much, and you do n’t see them.You can't be scary anymore. "

Qingqing nodded, and he well said that he heard Zhao Yueer's instructions.But after a while, it still couldn't help screaming: "However, what kind of wind do you want to do? As if he can do anything, hey, do you have to find him first? Actually, to say revenge revengeIsn't it simple? You learn my master, and you accept hundreds of more people under his hands. Every door person cultivates the level of the immortal to ensure that no one in the world dares to provoke you. "

Birds are in Zhao YueerStutting on the shoulders, shouting loudly: "There are so many people in the world, and I also see a lot of good girl dolls with good qualifications along the way.As long as they work hard for a few years, they can be very powerful ... Yueer, you can only take three Jiucai lotus, and you will soon reach the highest state of "Jiulian Shengsheng". "
Zhao Yueer's soft face was full of smiles. She smiled and played Qingqing's head with a smile, whispered, "I don't understand anything about this world, and I don't know where to find those enemies.I think it makes sense to get revenge for disciples, but how can we accept the disciples? How should we care about them? How can we teach them? Also, how can we tell them that I am a fairy, just say that I am a fairy, I am a fairy, I am a fairy.Do you want to take your daughter away? "

Qingqing crooked his head and calculated for a long time, and finally confessed the fog:" The world, it's really troublesome, I don't understand.You still find your apprentice first. I think he should be much more useful than you, and it is slightly useful than me. Is it so troublesome to accept the apprentice? At that time, her mother went down the mountain to accept her apprentices.She was stuffed to her old man, weird, weird, is there still no one who is unwilling to be a fairy? "

I didn't speak, Zhao Yueer floated to Suzhou Mansion like a cloud, Lu Feng told her, where her hometown was.She kept asking herself in her heart: "Fengzi should return here? After he goes down the mountain, he should come here? I left him in Xiao Huantian. He should have nothing to do. He was absolutely fine.Suzhou, if he goes down the mountain, he should come to Suzhou ... hee hee, according to his temper, he should also take revenge on his father? "

" According to his temper, stillWith his mana cultivation, he should be famous in the world. Well, Fengzi said that he specially took someone else's wallet in Suzhou, so I went to find someone who specializes in other people's wallets to ask Fengzi from Fengzi.News, should they all know each other? "

Watching Yueer's face getting brighter and more anxious smiles, Qing Qing suddenly screamed loudly:" Ah, I understand, Yueer, YueerI like your apprentice, Yueer likes your apprentice ... Gaga, quack, when I saw the master who punished a few doors who were in love with mortals, they laughed so much. "

> Zhao Yue'er was startled, and at the same time, she was flushed, and she drank: "What is nonsense? I am his aunt ... Qingqing, you talk nonsense, I will ... I will ... I will just ... I will ... I will just ... I will ... I will just ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I will ... I just ...Hit you. "Save the small fist, Zhao Yueer slammed towards Qingqing's head.Qing Qing made a spikes and unpleasant smiles, flying excitedly, flying around Zhao Yueer.

Two people ... No, one person and one bird approach the gate of Suzhou Mansion. After Zhao Yueer was hesitant to pay a piece of silver, she was immediately smiled.The officials bowed in the past, and even those soldiers forgot to check her road.Everyone was shocked by her fairy -like grace. Where can I remember so many messy rules?

Xiao Qinglong followed a big fat man cautiously. He was released for the first time today. His top boss said, "Xiao Long, you can be a teacher.I also have 70 % of my work. You can go out to make a lot of money. As long as you are diligent in the future, you can guarantee that you are fragrant and spicy.Don't provoke the Golden Dragon Gang, otherwise we will be killed. "

Xiao Qinglong still remembers that he said disdain:" What's so great about the Golden Dragon Gang?Help the current leader Li Boss, who was like this that year. "

'Papa', Xiao Qinglong still feels hot on his face. He still remembers the scary voice of the boss:" You, you,Don't you want to die? Do you know what the boss Li is? He, he can't afford to provoke, you, you shut me up, all people and things related to the Jinlong Gang in the future, you are not talking nonsense in Lao Tzu.Otherwise, I will slaughter you today, saving you a calamity to your brothers ... How did the old ghost died in the back street a few days ago? "
" Damn, you can't touch the Jinlong Gang'sPeople, can't talk about people and things that have something to do with the Golden Dragon Gang, otherwise they will be unlucky ... Damn, now the Jinlong Gang is not mixed on the street. They are now the Bai Dao martial arts.Is it over us? The Dangdang of Suzhou Prefecture's money was swallowed up by them and the old ancient head of the ancient Cangyue. Where do we still have oil and water? "Xiao Qinglong thought angrily, and suddenly passed the front like a gust of wind.On the side of the big fat man, the fat man's money bag fell lightly into his hands.

He immediately turned his body and drilled into an alley.He was wearing the money bag in his hand, thinking in his heart: "At least there are twenty -two silver. If it is a gold ingot, then it will be developed ... Hey, there seems to be a silver ticket, this time it can be developed, but it can be developed.It is complete for a month of eating, drinking, and playing. Sure enough, it is necessary to go to the streets to work in order to have a good life. My Xiao Qinglong can also be out of place, hum, as long as you give me a chance, what are you Jinlong?You have to surpass you. "

An invisible force suddenly restrained Xiao Qinglong's body, Zhao Yueer slowly walked out of the roadside, watching the horrified Xiao Qinglong laughed:" Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be afraid,I won't hurt you. "

Xiao Qinglong's head buzzed, and he suddenly was not afraid at all. He watched Zhao Yueer's beautiful face that was so beautiful, secretly thought:"Okay, so beautiful woman, such a woman, God, if she can kiss me, I will turn it down."

Then, from the mouth of the big beauty, askThe news that Xiao Qinglong felt horrible the most: "You are the kind of person who specializes in taking other money bags on the street? I can see it today ... Well, have you heard of a person called Li Feng?Well, he is also from your Suzhou Prefecture. He used to get a money bag on the street. "

Xiao Qinglong sweats coldly, and the only thought of a little bit was forced to be forced out by the great fear.Body."Lifeng? Brothers on the street are legendary, the strong wind of the backstage backstage of the leading boss of the Golden Dragon? That, that, that is the Li Feng in the court?" Xiao Qinglong's face stiffWhen it was stiff, he showed a more ugly smile than crying: "Sister, you, you see, there is definitely no one called Li Feng.This name. "

" If this woman is the enemy of the Golden Dragon Gang, if the Jinlong Gang knows the news that I leaks, my little life, the boss's life, and the little brother's life,Even the little life of their family will not be guaranteed. Who doesn't know that Jin Yiwei is killed like a hemp? What is the killing us? In this Suzhou government, there is a Jinyiwei guard, where dozens of killer devils are not blinking.What? "

At the same time, Xiao Qinglong also had a kind of kindness in it:" Such a little girl who found the Golden Dragon Gang, but there was nothing good, those people in it, but last time, I saw a big head., A fist can kill a bull. They are the real overlords of Suzhou Prefecture. Such a beautiful little girl falls into them, but it is not miserable? But can't tell her. "

So Xiao QinglongFirmly rejected the saying of Li Feng in Suzhou Prefecture.

Zhao Yue'er stayed a little, waved his hand to unbutton the ban on Xiao Qinglong, frowned, and drifted away.

For three days, Zhao Yueer found seven children who took the money bags' on the street, but these children basically got the news of Xiao Qinglong. OneIt was scared by the huge shadow of Jinlong Gang and Jin Yiwei.Do you want them to tell her: "Lifeng? We know, who does not know if we mix on the streets of Suzhou Fu. His old man is now the leader of Jin Yiwei.Gel light. "

If this girl is stupid to find Li Feng's trouble, isn't they really miserable?Therefore, no matter what, they can't tell Zhao Yueer the truth.There was even a little guy very heavy to Zhao Yueer: "Sister, the person you are looking for, Suzhou is absolutely not available, and you will not stay in Suzhou anymore. Our business is broken by you.Otherwise, you go to other cities to find, maybe where is Hangzhou, some people know his whereabouts. "

Zhao Yueer crooked his head for a long time and left Suzhou Prefecture.There was no score in her heart, and she knew to find Lifeng, but she really used the wrong way.If she could go directly to the chief chief of the Jinlong Gang, Li Zhu would definitely fly to Lu Feng immediately.

What, but why ...

In addition to these rogues in Suzhou Prefecture, it was once a secret legend as a myth. There was a brother who was mixed on the street and became the official of the court.Children, the people in the world do not even know what the name of Jin Yiwei is called, where does Zhao Yueer go to find 'Lifeng'?

In the strong spring color, Lu Feng's sword and sword cut off the head of countless pirates, but he did not know. A person who made him care for three years was in a city in the southeast area.A city inquired about his name.

Walking slowly on the streets of Quanzhou, Zhao Yueer smiled bitterly and said to Qingqing: "It seems, there is no way, the wind is not here, then where will he be?"

Qingqing straightened his neck, so it was easy to swallow the last piece of beef into his stomach, and said with a grin: "Forget it, forget it, go to the apprentice if you can't find it.They help you find it all over the world. It is much more convenient to find more than you and me. You can find a few older female dolls first, and then find a few young female dolls.Later, they have the ability to travel around the world, and they can help you find someone. "

Zhao Yue'er sighed, and his expression lowered his head.For no reason, she suddenly turned her head to look at the direction of the sea, but she looked at it for a long time, but there was no movement over there. She could only sigh again and go away.

‘哧’, a high skull flew up, the leader of this group of pirates was stepped on the feet by Li Feng, and the strong wind of the heart made a huge scream.He didn't know that the little qi that leaked from the sound of Xiao, let Zhao Yueer, who was far away from the sea, fluctuated for no reason in God's thoughts?

He doesn't know. In this spring, Li Feng has been traveling around the island, killing wildly ...