Chapter 080 [Qigong therapy 2]

Chapter 080 [qigong therapy 2]


Lu Xuyang reached out his hand, and his frowning brow gradually stretched. HeBehind himself, he was standing by Dr. Cheng Da, who thought he was "the world of western medicine

"Xiao Lu, are you still satisfied with the price of the dark moon stone?" Hai Ye said very weakly, his eyes stared at Lu Xuyang, and a touch of his mouth showed a touch ofSmile with kindness.

Lu Xuyang suddenly felt that Hai Ye was really kind to himself, like a loved one.

"I am very satisfied. Thank you, the appreciation of Hai Lao."

"Hai Lao, you'd better not worry, please rest for your body." Dr. Cheng suddenly walked away.After getting up, he reached out and stroked the bedding covered by Haiye to signal him to sleep well.

"Dr. Cheng, this is my friend Lu Xuyang. I did not expect that he would come to visit me. I am very happy now and want to chat with him. Hehe, no more words, just afraid, this, this, this... "At this point, Hai Ye suddenly coughed.

Dr. Cheng was busy greeted Xiao Rainbow and told her to pass the nursing nurse Liu to prepare the medicine and brought for Hai Ye.

Hai Ye cough for a while, then slowed down, still watching Lu Xuyang with a smile, saying, "You can identify the authenticity of the gambling stone, and see the natural storage inside.Said, I'm afraid that you are making a strange look. He really thinks more. If someone really invented such glasses, the gambling world will not be so mysterious and so hot.Whether it is Baoyu or defeated in the deep part of the stone. How can this be possible ... "

Lu Xuyang nodded, Boss Guo just guessed it.Relax.But its magic is just relative to yourself. Instead to others, there is no strange place.

"The sea is old, please drink this cup of medicine. Slowly your illness."

After a while, I saw a Qingli nurse in a white uniform like Dr. ChengCome over.

Lu Xuyang asked casually: "Nurse, what kind of medicine is this?"

I paused, and continued: "I'll feed the old clothes."

Lu Xuyang could not help but take the cup from the little nurse.

Xiao Liu Xiaoying replied: "It's the medicine to relieve cough and phlegm. That's time."
"You are not polite. Whoever comes is the same." Lu Xuyang did not directlyHey Hai Ye drinking medicine, but gently put the cup on the coffee table aside, and then smiled at Haiye, "Hai Lao, I don’t know if you believe in me, there is an old man in my yard. He got it.The same illness as you. The lungs are not good. It is also always cough and very serious. LaterI learned my hands with my grandfather ... "

" Mr. Lu. Different condition, you can't treat it with the same treatment method. According to you, the avian influenza is no different from the general cold,A pack of ordinary cold medicine is enough to deal with. "Lu Xuyang's words were not finished, and Dr. Cheng was snatched by the words. Sure enough, this person looked down on the young people, just saying that he was in guidance to harm the patient.

"Those who get the avian influenza, take one or two cold medicines, may not have a little bit of effect. Dr. Cheng, you should understand the principle of homologous the root cause?This qi function has fundamentally cured Haiye's disease. Try it always. "Lu Xuyang looked back and glanced at Dr. Cheng, who had a strange face, and smiled generously.

Haiye also said: "I have always loved the knowledge of Chinese medicine. The prescriptions of the past were written by myself. Xiao Lu, I have not been in contact with the qigong therapy you just said. If you are convenient for youIf you can, try it to help me. The biggest wish of the person who gets sick is that he can get better every day, instead of lying on the bed without speaking. "

Still don't move your body, so as not to get angry, cough for more than just. "Dr. Cheng looked at Hai Ye again and looked at Lu Xuyang. I thought this person was really a lunatic, late -term illness, don’t say qigong anymore, don’t say qigong anymoreThat is, it is useless!

"Dr. Cheng, you go out first. I am a patient and will know it. Besides, the traditional Chinese medicine function of Xiao Lu's family cannot cure my disease.The curative effect, then you don't have to be so busy that I am waiting for my old bones ... "Haiye's tone was a bit tough.

"I don't mean that. I don't want to stop anything. It's just ..." Dr. Cheng was helpless, I really came from a kind of kindness.

"Don't say more. Lawyer Xiao, go out first. Don't worry, I'm fine." Hai Ye trembled and raised his hand, raised slightly.

Xiao Raihong agreed, and asked Dr. Cheng as out of the ward first.

"Hai Lao, Dr. Cheng is indeed a PhD student of returnees. He knows a lot. However, he does not pay much attention to Chinese medicine, and it seems to look down on my young people who are young and young."While taking off the large "equipment package" hanging on his shoulders, a "fairy bean" with a blue light from it was taken out of the inside.Disclosure, start to die.

"Don't ignore him. He is just a doctor I spent money hired. Xiao Lu, originally, if I did n’t fall ill, I would invite you to my house to a grand dinner in those two days. Who does who?Knowing people are not as good as heaven, I just fell on this festival. "Hai Ye said with emotion, and at this moment, Lu Xuyang put the beans in the medicine cup aside.Bean was incorporated into the medicine.

"Hai Lao, drank this cup of medicine first. I will use qigong to cure you." Lu Xuyang picked up the cup and carefully fed Hai Ye to drink a mixed pharmaceutical agent with Xiandou powder.

Later, Lu Xuyang started a posture of transmitting qigong and held Haiye's hand to help him.


"Lu Xuyang, how about Hai Lao?"

After "finishedGoing forward, hurriedly asked, she really believed in Dr. Cheng's words, fearing that Lu Xuyang would use the mess to break the body of Hai Ye. He was his private lawyer.Can't just go unknown.

"Lawyer Xiao, don't worry, the effect is better than what I expected." Lu Xuyang nodded with a bamboo place.

"Oh? Is it?" Dr. Cheng heard Lu Xuyang's words, but he was still unbelievable.

As soon as the words fell, others stepped into the room, and they couldn't wait to check the situation.(To be renewed,)