Chapter 51 Being suffocated by happiness

After taking a shower, Yang Yangyue saw that Yang Xue on the bed actually faded away.The beautiful back of the beautiful back of the bra and the black panties with lace lace wrapped on the beautiful scenery of the small PP, which made him feel a nosebleed.

His heart was jumping madly, he swallowed a little bit, realizing that something would happen in this way.So he turned his back to Yang Xue, but his consciousness still prompted him to see her seductive body.Damn power!He scolded in his heart fiercely.

Simply he didn't hide, and turned around and walked directly to the bed to pick up the thin quilt that Yang Xue was on the side and was ready to cover her.At this time, Yang Xue snorted, and lay down on the bed with a rummaged and fascinated. Her huge white and tender chest was just bent over to prepare to cover her.The seductive spring and a faint body incense prompted a large number of hormones in his body.

He stared at her seductive chest at her eyes, panting and struggling in her heart without moving.Everyone said that after drinking, I don't know if it is true or false, but now he really can't help it.His hand was shaking, his heart was shaking, and even his breath began to tremble. He slowly leaned down, and his more and more body fragrance made him feel fascinated.

"The blood is like the red sun ..." Suddenly the mobile phone of Yangyang Yue sounded.He shook his head with a spirit of excitement, and put the order in his hand and quickly covered Yang Xue.Then turned out the door and took the door door.

"Hey!" He Yangyue quickly answered the phone and answered the phone.

"Long Yue! Where are you?" Yingying's voice on the phone.

"I will go back right away!" Said Yang Yangyue a little bit.

"Is something wrong?" So Yingying heard his voice anomalous asking.

"No, a friend drank too much! It's already settled, I'm going to go back!" Zongyang Longyue quickly explained.


"Come back!" As soon as Yingyang Longyue entered the door, Yingying greeted, "Who is going to drink with!"
"" Oh!A friend! "He lowered his head and avoided Yingying's eyes and changed his shoes.He was still a little flustered in his heart. If he may not be, but in the face of Yingying, the woman he loved deeply was ashamed in his heart, so it would be inevitable.

"Oh!" Yingying said, and no longer asked.

And the whole Yanglong Yue changed his shoes and went directly into the bathroom. In fact, he was not in a hurry.Just to be a cover, go to the bathroom to calm down your emotions.After hiding in the bathroom, he ordered a cigarette, while trying to suck the cigarette and stroke his emotions.After smoking, his emotions also stroked it. After pressing the flushing switch of the toilet, he walked out easily after pretending to be.

"The beautiful sister is gone?" He asked easily.

"Hmm! Let's sleep!" Yingying, who had changed into pajamas, said faintly on the bed.

In the heart of Yang Yangyue's heart, the monkey rushed into bed and hugged her to kiss her.

"I'm uncomfortable today, let's change it all day!" Yingying avoided him without showing traces.

"Oh!" The whole Yanglong Yue lost.


In the early morning of the next day, Zhenyang Longyue and Yingying had breakfast.Yingying went to her father, and the total of the Yangyang Yue and Cui Ziyan asked about the establishment of a company.

"Where is your brother?" After coming to Xinyue Water Heating Store, Junyang Longyue found that Cui Zixuan didn't ask.

"He went to urge the account." Cui Ziyan saw him coming to get a stool and said, "What do you think of my proposal? Is it feasible?"
"Hmm!I feel very good! "He Yangyue looked at her and said," How much does it need to register a company? "

" The registered funds are not as needed. Generally, the minimum is 30,000 yuan.100,000 yuan! "Cui Ziyan introduced.

"Oh! I don't know about this line, there is a big risk? What do I need to do?" Zongyang Longyue thought about it.

"Well, if you say risks, as long as we guarantee the good quality, it is the issue of checkout. HoweverBecause the competition is more fierce now! "Cui Ziyan said with a look.

"Hmm! How much does it cost to invest in a total of equipment?" Jingyang Longyue had a little bottom.

"The device does not cost much. You don't need much money, this depends on the size of the project and how much workers and the activities of activities at the time of activities. Generally, if it is not a large project,It should be almost 200,000. "Cui Ziyan continued.

"Hmm! That's good!" Tongyang Longyue thought about it, "If you want to do it from the Yuhuangjian project?"
", But you are different. "Cui Ziyan looked at him deeply.

"Oh!" He Yangyue smiled embarrassedly, "Okay! That's it, just do you do these things! How much money I need, just talk!"

"Hehe, how much money do you have?" Cui Ziyan laughed, "I still have more than 100,000 deposits, it should be almost enough, we can take Xiaohuo first."

"What does it mean to do big? "The integrated Yanglong Yue said seriously, and took out a card and said," There are 500,000 in this card, and the password is six eight. YouTake it toss first. Not enough to tell me, I think of ways! "

" Ah? "Cui Ziyan opened his mouth in surprise. She always thought that the Yangyang Longyue had no money.It's like a change of the trick.

"What Wang Yiyao gave you?" Cui Ziyan didn't pick up the card, but was sour with a bit disdain and asked.


br> Cui Ziyan's face was red, and she also understood that she had misunderstood, and she was a little embarrassed, but she still said, "I'm sorry! I just can't figure out how you suddenly have so much money, I remember you just came to K City.When is there a penny? "

" Of course I earned! You also ask me how to make it, I really can't say it.Yue Zhen was a little unhappy.

When Cui Ziyan saw him like this, he stopped asking, but said, "Then we will run this matter in the past two days, and strive to implement this early!"

"Hmm!" Cui Ziyan looked at the bank card he had taken from his hands and said, "You really rest assured to give me more than 500,000!"
"Haha!You will be mine in the future, what is 500,000 yuan in the area! It is normal for you to spend it, let alone you help me make money to give birth to money. "inside.

Cui Ziyan, who has always been bold and lively, became shy at this time, and the two small faces were crimson.This is the first time that the Dengyang Longyue admits that she is his woman, and the first time she took her in her arms.Her heart jumped like a little deer, and her breathing became a little unnatural, as if she was suffocating by this sudden happiness.