Chapter 26 Golden Servan

A few people who took a little rest, dealt with the wounds and continued to move forward, but encountered Ge Mu, who had been waiting for, and picked up the moon blade helplessly.Speaking, "s 缓 and Saber first save cherry blossoms"

"Archer! Keep holding" for a long time, he firmly pulled up Saber and ran forward.

Looking at the two of them left, Qian Xi looked at Ge Mu and smiled, "Really, is it clean today ..." After saying that the moon blade ran towards Ge Mu.

"That's it ... "a and Saber finally came to the altar, and saw that Sakura's eyes stood in the center of the altar."Caster out, isn't it nearby anyway?"

"Well, be careful" Saber suddenly shouted himself anxiously, and he turned to look back quickly, and saw that Caster was standing behind him.I can't help but be nervous.

"Welcome you to come here" Caster slowly looked at his nervous eyes, "Your cherished sister has been waiting for you for a long time"

"It seems that you are to usIt's like a hand, Caster "watched Caster suddenly shouting," Saber stops her! "Then he ran to Sakura.

Saber behind him had already handed over the Caster, and he looked at his eyesless cherry blossoms. He couldn't help but have a heartache. Suddenly a magic shock woke up.Sakura was wrapped around by countless black light, making a painful shout.

(Being in the Magic Family, Sakura, you should also understand my sister ...) 凛 Watching the light that wrapped around Sakura strikes himself, slowly read the spell, "Liberation -Qi Shoot!" SuddenlyAfter smashing the light, I glanced at Sakura and ran to Sakura.

Looking at the involuntary Sakura holding a dagger, he shouted, "I won't be merciless to your men, Sakura ..." Then he avoided Sakura's dagger and waved his hand.The magic smashed the back of Sakura, "Crash!" With the strong flashes caught the unconscious Sakura, he silently stroked Mo with the soft long hair of Sakura, and smiled helplessly. "I'm really soft -hearted."

Looking at Sakura's slowly open eyes, he shouted gently," Sakura ... "Looking at Sakura's eyes, he scratched the tears, and he read the" sister "clearly in his mouth,"Slowly wiped the tears of Sakura, kissed gently under the smooth forehead of Sakura, "Everything has passed, forget it all." Looking at Sakura slowly, I can no longer support it, I can’t support it anymore, I can’t support it anymore.Kneeling down, in order to give Sakura's minimum damage just now, I chose to let Sakura Store itself.

"Well, hasn't ends yet! Miss" is looking at the actions that fight against Saber.

At the same time, Qian Mi and Ge Mu also hit the altar. Due to the injury of the left shoulder, Qian Mi could only hold a moon blade with Ge Mu to confront them, which made the thousand fantasies used to the two swords.Unwilling, I can only come to the altar while fighting, and then Qian Mi gets rid of Ge Mu's attack, flying towards 凛, "It's okay"

"Archer!"Thousands of magic, the wounds on the shoulders caused the blood again because of another battle that had not healed the wound, and couldn't help watching Qian Xi.

Caster and Saber are also separated. Caster watched Ge Mu who came slowly and laughed gently, "Welcome back, Lord Zong Yilang, and those who are opponents, I am alone, it is enoughIt ’s.

Suddenly Saber jumped up and cut off the Caster, but was blocked by Caster’ s magic barrier, so he had to retreat. Caster watched Saber with a laughed.You can't knock me down, and that one, Archer, right, and assassin, I was injured in the battle of Assassin, so let me kill me obediently. "

It's nonsense, you are too hard -working, hybrid! "Suddenly there was a disdainful voice, everyone looked up, a Servant full of golden armor was watching with the blood -red pupil dismissive.Caster, behind it is full of hundreds of millions of weapons. Each weapon exudes the power named Treasure.Interesting, but ... "The golden armor's Servant looked at the shocked Caster, shouting crazy," Caster, what you should say just now, you stinky magician, take the king's private things, butFavorites !! "Said stretching out his fingers to Saber," She belongs to the king's private owner "ignored the expression of everyone and Saber's anger, the gold armor's service continued," I want to start with the king's treasure guy guyLet's disappear, "hybrids" fell with the words of the golden armor, and the treasure behind him seemed to hit the caster.

"Master!" Caster hurriedly supported Magic Wall in front of Ge Mu to resist the attack. The gold armor's Servant disdainfully watched the caster who resisted and pulled out three treasures and threw it towards Caster.

Caster watched the three treasures passing by Ge Mu who struck behind him, and quickly used the body to block the attack of the three treasures. The barrier broke away, and the Caster was passed through a sword rain.

"Are you still okay ... Master"


Caster turns painfully, with a smile on his face, slowly walking towards Ge Mu, both hands, both handsGently stroking Mo with Ge Mu's face, and said nostalgia, "It's great. If you die, I will hurt my mind, but I'm sorry, I finally found my wish ..."

"UseDon't lament ... "Ge Mu said coldly as always," Your wish is realized for you ... "

" This is estimated to be able to do it ... "Caster, who was gradually disappearing, looked at Ge Mu's cold face gently."Because of my wishes, I have been realized since just now ..."

With the disappearance of Caster, Ge Mumu was not seriously injured and slowly fell down.

"Okay for a long time, Saber" Golden Armor's Servant suddenly greeted Saber again, and a few people watched this unknown but extremely powerful Servant. "Do you remember my decision?… "Looking at Saber's anger's expression, the golden service suddenly laughed," What is your expression, have you been prepared yet, let men suffer, etc.

"Really is it reallyWell, unknown service! What Saber is yours, it is really arrogant. "Qian Mi I do n’t know how to laugh at the gold service.

"Cut ~" Golden SERVANT's face sank, looking at the thousands of fantasies, and suddenly, "Who are you, hybrid! Your divineness makes me feel sick" then watched the gradually collapsed table of sacrifice.Slowly, "In this cave, it will make it again and again. Goodbye next time, Saber, and your hybrids, next time you are your death!" Say disappearing in place.

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