Chapter 56 The first embarrassment

Yingying's body trembled obviously, and she buried her head in the arms of Yang Yangyue's arms.

He Yang Yue was overjoyed, and put her back and put it on the bed.After a gentle lingering, he faded her clothes and left a pair of panties.He was very excited, and she was panting and emotional by him.However, when Er Jiyang was ready to fade her small underwear, she grabbed her little underwear nervously without putting it.

"Yingying, don't be nervous!" Jiyang Longyue grabbed her little hand and said gently.

"I, I'm not nervous!" Yingying was a clear, shy and nervous way.

"The hand is opened, okay!" The general was so anxious to the heart, but still kept a gentle tone persuasion.

"I, I heard that it hurts for the first time!" Yingying said nervously, "I, I'm a little scared!"
! I will take it slowly! "Comprehensive Yang Longyue still persuaded patiently.

"That, that's okay!" Yingying hesitated for a while, and finally let go slowly, but nervous she even trembled.

Jianyang Longyue saw her consent, for fear that she would be afraid to regret it in a while, and quickly remove her underwear.And quickly put his lower body up, but it may be because he was too anxious, or because of Yingying's tension.Ying Ying's subconsciously closing, he couldn't enter.

At this moment, Yingying was even more nervous, trembling, and sweat on her forehead.She gritted her teeth, her eyes closed, as if they were going to the battlefield heroically.The comprehensive Yanglong Yue looked at her look, and couldn't help hurting, and his younger brother lowered his head.He was lying in Yingying with some sigh.

"I'm sorry!" Yingying said like this, and said embarrassedly.

The comprehensive Yanglong Yue turned his face, and looked at her with a loving face, saying, "It's okay! The first time will inevitably be nervous!"

I bite my little lips and asked, "Are you nervous for the first time?"

"Ah?" Heyang Longyue embarrassedly stunned on the spot, and his heart was guilty.The first thing he wanted to come to K is Yingying, the first girlfriend was her, and she was his genuine girlfriend. However, now he has a relationship with Wang Yiyao and Song Meili, but sheNo, and it happened when she didn't know.Especially Song Meimei, not only her good friends, good sisters, but now that they do not know the relationship between them.

"Oh, what! Today is your birthday, I haven't given you a birthday gift yet!" Zongyang Longyue quickly said the topic.

"Didn't you send me? I like it very much!" Yingying said a little happily.

"That's not the case! That's what I bought when you don't know your birthday, and this is your first birthday we know after knowing it. Naturally, you have to give you a gift!"Yue said to stand up and took out a bank card from the pants pocket to Yingying.

"What is this?" Yingying looked at the bank card he had handed in, and looked up at him and asked.

"Don't you always want to open a clothing shop! There are 200,000 inside, and you should still have a surplus in opening a small shop."

"200,000?!" Ying Ying opened his mouth and looked at him with incredible eyes, "Where did you get it?"

She was thinking that he thought it was exaggerated, and said easily when he smiled, "Yu Wei heard it, last time I couldn't work for a long time!"

Yingying listened to him, and his brows couldn't helpI wrinkled slightly and said very dissatisfied: "How can you do this? Do you know if you do this?"

"illegal?"What laws? They do so much harmless things and do not commit lawy. I will make the law with them. Besides, they have given me, not what I grabbing them. I can only do this.The people scolded! "

" Sweep! "Yingying gave him a white glance, thinking that Yu Weiwen was really abominable, so he stopped saying much.

The two talked for a while, and Jianyang Longyue also talked about leaving the city for a while.Yingying was reluctant to be reluctant, but she was a reasonable girl.So I just told him to do it carefully, don't fight hard, he agreed.Originally, Yangyang Longyue wanted to try again with Yingying, but she always avoided this topic intentionally.He couldn't barely, so he could only regret it in his heart.


In the early morning of the next day, Zongyang Longyue and Yingying had just ate breakfast, and Yang Lei began to call him to urge him.Yingying wanted to send him, and he was rejected by him like others.He didn't want to let her send it, but Yang Lei did not allow it, and he did not disclose his agent identity.

After waving with tears with Yingying, he called Northeast Tiger and Zhang Zhenchuan again.Ask them to find a clothing shop that is willing to transfer, help Yingying to give it down, and instruct them to protect these women.Of course, in addition to the three women who said to them before, they added two women, which were Song Meili and Li Xiaolu.

As soon as Yang Yangyue put down the phone, he saw a military card Audi stopped not far away, and the car stopped by him.He opened the door and went up, but found that the woman he knew was staring at him fiercely, as if he wanted to peel him up.

"My sister Yang Xue, you should have known it long ago! She will train with you this time!" Yang Lei introduced the situation concisely.

"Oh, know! Knowing! That's really honored!" He Yangyue rushed to Yang Yang with a charming face, but Yang Xue snorted his face very much.On one side.He helplessly rushed Yang Lei.

The military card Audi also seemed to wear left and right on the road with a wide but crowded road.After turning on the provincial road, he began to run all the way.

"Wow, the team leader's car skills are really not covered, it is simply a car god!"

Yang Lei, who drove the car with a smile, said easily: "Oh, this is also one of the training content. When you get there, you will start to like your job."

"Hehe, is it! That's so good! "The total of the Yangyang Longyue was very excited, and glanced at Yang Xue.But when Yang Xue was looking at him, the moment the two looked at her eyes, she froze, and turned her head angrily.

He Yang Yue smiled helplessly, saying that this chick was really revenge.I just don't know how she would go to the headquarters for training. Is she also power?But it is difficult to ask her attitude towards herself.

He was thinking about these messy things, and suddenly he found that the speed of the car was reduced.He looked up in confusion and found that there were more than a dozen police cars in front of him.