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Little sister -in -law came out! "

" What are you shouting! "The old man drank and sat down on the sofa. The old lady and Liu Xiaoyi's wife walked into the bedroom, and Liu Xiao quietly rushed into her mother's arms:" Mom, I am notLive! "

" Child, don't look for death, mom will be angry, what about Zhou Wen, let him come out. "The old lady patted her daughter's back and said.

"He went out, probably went to find that little ** again." Liu Xiaojing's tears did not dry, gritted his teeth.

The family sits in the living room. Liu Xiaojing took out the list of Zhou Wen's call fees.I didn't remember my words in my heart. The style of style is the most terrible for cadres. "

The old lady said," Is it so interesting to mention that now, Zhou Wen has a small one outside.People, if he does not apologize to us, he must not be pulled down. "

Liu Xiaojing said," I don't want him to apologize, I want to divorce, I will not live with him. ">
Deputy Secretary Liu said: "The divorce is great, and it is clear that Zhou Wen is young at a young age, and may continue to go up in the future."

Liu Xiaozheng said aggressively: "DadYou are still protecting him until now. He is the county magistrate. Has our family occupied a penny cheap? People send money at home, he will not let his sister collect it, he has arranged a low -rent house for me. He heard about it.I am still unhappy, who is not living in the Jiangjing luxury district, a large house of hundreds of square meters, and then look at the sister's house, or the 80 -square -meter broken house. Zhou Wen is a white -eyed wolf.He is a big official, and our family can't catch the benefits. "

Liu Xiaozheng's wife also ignited the wind:" That is, when the official does not give benefits to his family members, it is also white. "

"Always stay in me!" The old man suddenly became soaring. In the end, he was a deputy secretary of the Chenuang factory. Tiger Lao Yuwei was there, and everyone dared not speak.

"Xiao Jing, do you have other evidence in addition to call records?" The old man asked.

"This is enough."

"That's nothing, Xiao Jing, your boss is not small, dad ask you, what kind of man can you find if you divorce?"

"This ..." Liu Xiaojing fell into confusion. The old man was cruel, but in reality, he was in his thirties and took the child. Although he was good at work, he was leisurely in a public unit, but that was that it was that it wasWith Zhou Wen's face, it is really about to divorce. It may be laid off when I may be on the job, and how difficult it is to re -establish a family.

Zhou Wen is not the same. In the early thirties, the age of the 30 is the wind and righteousness for men, not to mention the cadres at the county level. After the divorce, it is the standard diamond king.Not.

No, I can't divorce, can't be cheaper, this pair of dogs and women, Liu Xiao quietly wakes up.

"Old man, you take an idea." Liu Xiaojing said.

Deputy Secretary Liu groaned for a while, and seemed to find the feeling when he hosted the party committee's office.It is clear that if he is a cliff, he can discuss what he cliffs, and if you are lonely and risk and the people are the enemy, we will never spare him.If you are out, I will cultivate him for him. "


The sky is already dark, Zhou Wen is still dazzling alone, the neon lights on the street flashes, the hustle and bustle crowds are beside him from the side.After, he walked through the streets and came to the beach in the river beach and sat down. He gurgled in his stomach, but he didn't have a penny on his body.I feel.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Zhou Wen thought it was called at home. He took a deep breath and was preparing to deal with it, but found that it was Bai Na's number.

"Da County, have you eaten? Today, the Haidilao I went to eat with my colleagues, but a friend said that he wanted to eat KFC, and the waiter really went to buy a copy ...… "

Bai Na said eavesdropping, the cheerful voice gradually drove away Zhou Wen's inner unhappy.

"Why don't you speak, at home?" Bai Na said he said for a while, and suddenly asked.

"Oh, nothing, I'm outside."
"Okay, don't delay you, know you have more entertainment, drink less wine, pay attention to your body, 88."

Bai Na hung up the phone, a busy sound came from the earpiece, Zhou Wen sighed, and got up and dragged heavily towards his mother's house.

Zhou Wen is a single -parent family. His father is a driver in the factory. He died of a car accident. The mother was a nurse in the factory office., All the savings of their lives were taken out. Liu Xiaojing did not want to live with her mother -in -law. The mother silently rented a small flat room outside. I usually dare not disturb her son and daughter -in -law. Sometimes I want to give my son a call., I'm afraid to let the daughter -in -law know.

This situation did not change until Zhou Wen became the mayor of the mayor. Zhou Wen rented a small suit house for his mother. At least there were gas and bathrooms.In the public toilet, Liu Xiaojing gradually had a good face, and often took Bo Rui to see his grandma.

Zhou Wen walked to his mother's house. No one responded at the door. The neighbor probe came out and said, "Yo, the county magistrate is here, your mother took Borui to your house."

> "Oh, thank you." Zhou Wen turned his head and walked towards his home. Thinking of his mother and thinking of his son, he felt that all this should cherish. Although Liu Xiaojing was a bit disliked, he also had a mistake first. It was better to explain it.


Zhou Wen's family, a pair of trial posture, Zhou Wen's mother was sitting on a wooden chair, Liu Xiaojing's family sat on the sofa, and the little sister -in -law leaned on the cigarette.At the door, Zhou Borui had been coaxed to the room to sleep.

"My mother, Zhou Wen, this child, I have been looking at my son, and I have been distressed when I have happened.

Liu Xiaojing's mother said: "My mother, not me say you, how do you teach your son, our family is not thin. At the beginning, he was poor and white.I didn't expect to enjoy any blessing, just look at the child's honest, duty, how can you know that it is a white -eyed wolf! Your son's conscience has been eaten by a dog, and he is carrying Xiao Jing on the outside.Br>
"Sister, have something to say, don't be excited." Zhou Wen's mother hurriedly advised that she was called by the phone. As soon as she sat down, she welcomed her head and scolded her head, and her head was dizzy.

"How can you not be excited, your son is outside, and the evidence is conclusive! He only became a county chief, and if he became the mayor of the mayor, then it is not proud!"Liu Xiaojing's mother became more and more excited.

The mother -in -law said weakly: "Don't be angry, are there any misunderstandings? Xiao Wen is not such a person."

This sentence angrily angered the little sister -in -law, Liu Xiaozheng jumped up and said:"Fuck to come to this set, I still misunderstand, don't think that your son is a county magistrate. When I look back, I will find a few people to post on the Internet to stink him.>
The mother -in -law was frightened, and only Nuo Nuo didn't dare to speak.

Suddenly the door opened, Zhou Wen appeared at the door, his face was irony.

Liu Xiaozheng stopped his mouth, his eyes aimed at other places.

"Xiao Yan, come here." Zhou Wen's tone was very gentle.,

"What do you want, don't you tell things clearly today ..." Liu Xiaozheng hadn't finished speaking, and his face had a big mouth on his face, which seemed to be crispy as the sound of mosquito in summer.

"You!" Liu Xiaozheng covered his numb cheeks and looked at the county magistrate brother -in -law.

"In front of my mother, put a cleaner mouth. You don't know respect for the elderly, I teach you." Although Zhou Wen has not been in politics for a long time, it has been handled several **.The official and prestige of themselves have been developed. The maid's family was dumbfounded. For a moment, Liu Xiaojing suddenly hysteria: "Okay, Zhou Wen, dare to hit my family, there is a kind of killing me, this day can't live.Leave, resolutely leave! "

Zhou Wen's forehead was stunned. He originally wanted to go home to reconcile. How can he know that he heard that the old man's family was scolding his mother at the door.It ’s just a matter of seeking a fence. Now as the county magistrate, why bother to be leisurely, the resentment over the years has been rushed to the heart, and it is suddenly detonated. Just like the volcano eruption, there is any reason.

"Leave away, who is afraid of whom, I do n’t want anything. I will give you all the deposit of the house's son. Satisfied, mom, let’ s go! ”Zhou Wen mentioned his bag and picked up his mother and went out.

Liu Xiao quietly stayed, tears rushed out, and scolded: "Go, go away, don't come back when you leave."Zhou Wen's footsteps seemed to stop, but still walked out.

The situation has changed sharply, and Deputy Secretary Liu, an experienced old man, has been blindly arrested, and the situation is completely out of control. The old man is thinking about the peaceful people.Divorce is not much to lose, but his wife and son make trouble, and the contradictions have been intensified. Both sides who have made no steps.

"No way!" The old man shouted angrily, and suddenly felt that half his body was gone, and he fell down and fell down, and his family exclaimed.

A few minutes later, the ambulance called the car and came downstairs. Deputy Secretary Liu was lifted away for the first aid. The initial diagnosis was the cerebral hemorrhage caused by emotional excitement.

When Zhou Wen's family was in trouble, there was a laughter in the office building of the Chenguang Factory. Lao Wen, Xiaoye and Lu Tianming, and secretaries and drivers.