Sanjiang Premier


It's really emotional and excited!

Although the five Zhi is still a newcomer although in writing.However, as an old reader who has been mixed at the starting point for many years, Wu Zhi still knows that being able to board the palace of Sanjiang, for an author, how much affirmation and encouragement for a book!

Here, I want to thank the readers who support me.It is your enthusiasm that allows the Five Zhi to continue writing.You are the motivation for Wuzhi to create!

In addition, I also want to thank Wuzhi's editor Manjiang. Many of his suggestions have benefited Wuzhi, and Sanjiang's editorial dolphin is large.The pink new flowers can bloom once on the Sanjiang list ...

Okay, just say so much, Wu Zhiding should make persistence, code to produce more and better chapters, and give you to everyone!I also hope that everyone can continue to support the Five Zhi!Thank you!