Chapter 65

When there were about three points of flight, the direct 10 reached the destination.

"According to the information of the intelligence department, they should be in this area!" Lu Jianfeng pointed to a place to point the map, and then looked up at the two and said, "Now we start to search for the goal.! Be vigilant and pay attention to concealment at any time, do you understand! "

" Understand! "The two answered seriously and decisively.

"Okay! Then we will set off now!" Lu Jianfeng said that he picked up the 05 micro -rush alert and moved forward.


"Instructor Lu!" He Yangyue suddenly calmed Lu Jianfeng whispering.

"Hmm!" Lu Jianfeng stopped and hidden in the bush in the bushes, "Is there any situation?"

"There is a sniper group in the direction of ten o'clock, using the old -fashioned frontThe Soviet SVD sniper rifle. "Sanyang Longyue pointed to the direction of ten o'clock, saying a serious state before the war.

"No? They still have sniper?" And Yang Xue seemed not so calm.

"Senate points!" Lu Jianfeng glanced at her and continued, "Are you confirmed that there are two people?"
"Hmm!! "Sanyang Longyue said with certainty," But they should not be a threat! "

" What do you say? "Lu Jianfeng asked in his eyes.

"Although they seem to be very professional and camouflage, they are not professional sniper." The total sneer sneer in Jiyang Longyue, "And they are going to doze now!"

" Although the old scar is very energy, the group of Ma Zi is really a group of counseling! "Lu Jianfeng also sneered," Go! Longyue, you lead the way in front, we copy from the back bag, we copy it from the back., Kill them! "

The three of them quickly copied it. He signaled that the whole Yanglong Yue controlled the sniper and asked Yang Xue to kill the observation hand directly.The two were quickly and stubbornly controlled their hands, but Yang Xue did not kill her hand.

"Kill him!" Lu Fengfeng's calm face ordered.

Yang Xue's body trembled, looking at the enemy with a horrified face and said, "I have controlled him!"

"I, I surrender!"The trembling voice followed.

Lu Jianfeng frowned and looked at Yang Xue angrily, but saw that she was very straightforward.He sneered, and then gave a look at Heyang Longyue.After receiving the sign of his signal, He Yangyue did not hesitate to attack the sniper, and then used the 65 -type paratrooper knife in his hand at a very fast speed to wipe his neck, a red red, and a reddish red.The blood sprayed Yang Xue's face.The whole movement is smooth and neat, and it will not drag water at all.The decisive cold and frowning to kill the enemy to give a professional killer.Lu Jianfeng, who often rolled in the blood, couldn't help but look at it.

"Ah-" Yang Xue was subconsciously, but before he was shouting, he was covered by Yangyang Longyue and covered his mouth.His intention is good, but his posture is a bit like rape girls are afraid of the other person's shouting.

"If you don't want to die, just close your mouth honestly!" He stared at her coldly at the eyes of the Yangyang Longyue eyes.

Yang Xue hasn't come out of the matter just now, Mu Na nodded.

龙 <
"Wake him up!" Lu Jianfeng glanced at them, ordered.


After awakening the sniper, and after a special question.Puyang Longyue and his party understand all the deployment of the enemy.The three secretly remembered that under the teachings of Lu Jianfeng, the three of them fought the sniper again.

"Yang Xue, kill him!" Lu Jianfeng glanced at Yang Xue and gave the command, and then waved his head to Heyang Longyue, "Let's go!"

"Why killHe! He has no ability to resist! "Yang Xue said angrily.

"This is the command!" Lu Jianfeng said to resolutely walk forward and walked firmly.

"You are the innocent killing!" Yang Xue yelled angrily.

Lu Jianfeng stopped his steps, his brows turned deeply, and said with a word expressionlessly to Yang Xue: "You are not worthy of being a soldier, let alone a agent, not worthy of being a agent.. You can't even do the most basic obedience! I tell you that the agents who have not killed people are not a qualified agent, and the agents who dare not kill people are not worthy of being a agent, which is an insult to the agent team.I give you two options, either kill him to continue the task with us, or you leave the agent team, I kill you! "

Yang Xue stood there with the paratrooper sword, andLu Jianfeng turned his head to continue.

Junyang Longyue also frowned and walked to Yang Xue. He said seriously: "You have a good head! How many times have the instructor and us told us, and the kindness of the enemy is to himself.Even the cruelty of your comrades. You must remember that this is a war, not a game! Your kindness may let you or your comrades throw your life. "

Yang Xue watched the fainted sniperMurmured, "I'm really wrong!"

The total of Yangyang Longyue sneered, saying, "What do you say! The benevolent of the woman can only misunderstand the fighter! Killing him, no need to kill him, no need to kill him, no need to kill him, no need to kill him, no need to kill him, no need to kill him, no need to kill him, no need to kill him, no need to kill him.Poor him, he is not innocent. It is the blood of many innocent people in his hands, and even the blood of our people's soldiers! "

Yang Xue's face was pale, watching the paratrooper trembling slightly in his handI don't know what to do for a while!

"Kill him! You are not only for yourself, but also for your comrades, for our team, for this war, for our people, for our country! Your current identity! Your current identity!It is not you Yang Xue, but a people's warrior. You need to do his responsibilities as a soldier, that is, killing him! "Junyang Longyue stared at Yang Xue fiercely.

"But ..." Yang Xue was struggling with unpredictable ideas. The main thing was that she had never killed people. Although she did well during training, she used hatred as an enemy with hatred.Hesitated.But when facing a living person, still a person who slaughtered you, but without the courage and the hatred of hatred.I just feel that this is a person who is still breathing and has life, and really wants to kill him.For a while, he couldn't break through this psychological barrier, but with inexplicable fear.

"No, so, you are a soldier, a people's warrior, this is your task, you have responsibility, obligations, and must be completed!"Itchy teeth, thinking that the woman is a woman, I really don't understand how she would call her to join the action group.

Yang Xue gritted his teeth, so he squatted his body at the sniper lying on the ground at the umbrella knife.