6 2 yang mou

When the diners got their teeth, when they came to various bathing centers, sauna clubs, V, and bars, they found that the atmosphere was completely different from the past...COM

Special service staff in the past, or the special service staff of the heavy makeup or Emei, all disappeared tonight. Ask the waiter, they all shook their heads and said nothing.

On the third floor of Huaqing Pond, Zhuo Er has received a call from several friends on Taoism, and told him mysteriously that the police will sweep the field at 8:30 tonight, let him pay attention, and appropriately take the person to take the person appropriately.Withdrawing, everyone's faces are good -looking. Zhuo Li asked their sources. Some people said that they were greeted by friends from police station. Some people said that the news of the Public Security Brigade was reliable information about the way.

They also said that now the whole country is sweeping pornography, the deployment of the provincial deployment must be completed.The thunderous rain is small, it is just a passing field. At most, a few shampoos that have no backstage. As for the major bath centers and bars, they are key industries for local taxes. The background is very deep., So after 8:30, you can continue to open.

Zhuo Li suddenly realized that the relationship between Liu Ziguang was handled well. No wonder let yourself give employees a holiday.

The intercom on the table sounded, and the sound of the excitement of the younger brother at the gate came: "Come here, it's really here."

On the distance, a bunch of police cars whistledIn the end, the brigade, a policeman in a bullet -proof vest and a fully armed armed police jumped out of the car and rushed into Huaqing Pond for search.

The younger brothers of Zhuo Erye watched the police's performance with a gloating expression holding his arms.Empty, except for a few guests who drank too much and snoring, were the waiters, and no technician was present.

The private room upstairs is even more empty. There is no thing that the police find. The police seemed to have expected it long ago, and did not stop, and jumped on the police car and left again.

Zhuo Li went downstairs with a toothpick, squinting and looking at the flashing police lamp away gradually, nodded thoughtfully, and Wang Xing asked, "Second brother, the limelight passed, let them make them, let them make them, let them let them make them.Come and come to work. "

Zhuo Li said," I said it, today the holiday. "
" But everyone started business, let's do one day, lose tens of thousands of dollars,Anyway, the public security is gone, it is better to ... "Wang Xing persuaded.

"Wait, look." Zhuo Li went upstairs. In fact, he also wanted to start it immediately.I do n’t know how to get it, he has a faint anxiety in his heart.

I went upstairs, and he called Liu Ziguang again. Liu Ziguang didn't know what was busy. The phone was turned off. At this time, there was a phone call in., Want to come to work.

"I can't speak well, so that you can take a holiday, staying at home, wait for me to notify it." After putting on the phone, it was also very contradictory. After ten minutes of struggle, I finally decided to listen to LiuBrother's words, holiday.

At about eleven o'clock, several civilian licenses drove to the door of Huaqing Pond, and more than a dozen capable stools were wearing dark blue shoulders on their bodies.On the back is Chinese Pinyin: Jigcha, this group of people rushed inside without saying a word. The younger brother at the door couldn't stop it. When he rushed inside, the plain clothes were disappointed.The guests who had also returned to the house.

The police officers left, but Zhuo Li, who heard the news, was shocked. Fortunately, if he was too greedy to listen to them, it would be moldy this time.


Surmoral, the day after noon of the Jiangbei TV station for noon the next day, the city's unified combat -pornographic non -comprehensive governance was broadcast last night.When they came out, the police with a helmet holding the charge stood on both sides, and some clients were arrested after being arrested.I received unexpected results.

The smoke in the office on the third floor of Huaqing Pond, a group of people with grim people, without saying a word, Zhuo Er's eyebrows were locked, and the cigarette butt was destroyed.>
Sister Hong Sister Hong said: "Don't steal or grab, don't worry about the country, do you want to grab, isn't it just wanting to be fined? When the limelight is still the same as before, I'm afraid of hair."

Wang Xing said: "The bosses in the Binjiang area were folded in. It seems that the public security is very strong this time. I think the trustee still inquires. What does it mean?"

Thinking of Liu Ziguang, if he hadn't ordered himself to give himself a holiday yesterday, maybe there would be his own respect for today's noon news, so he picked up the number of Liu Ziguang: "Is Liu Ge's vacant, is there a vacant?Take a meal together at noon, a glorious restaurant. "

Half an hour later, Liu Ziguang came to the glory restaurant. This is a small restaurant on Glory Street.It was inside. There was a bottle of wine and a plate of peanut rice on the table. When I saw Liu Ziguang coming in, I hurriedly greeted: "Here." Then said to the boss, "Let's go vegetables, stir -fry the waist, stir -fry the large intestine, and put more peppers."

Liu Ziguang came to the table and sat down and asked, "I have an end to your affairs?"

Zhuo Li froze, and then woke up and laughed: "You said to checkThe background of the surname Wei, I asked Xiao Wang to do it. This may have been found out, and I called him to come over. "

Liu Ziguang asked:" Which little king? Wang Wenjun?Or is it Wang Xing? "

" The one who played the knife was originally mixed with Beckham. Recently, Beckham went to school in Shenzhen, and I tune him to help. The child is very numb. "Pick up the phone and start dialing Wang Wenjun.

After making the phone, Zhuoli took a picture on the table and said, "You heard it last night, the movement is quite large, and the city in the city has been swept.Otherwise, the loss will be great this time, by the way, when will this limelight pass? "

Liu Ziguang said," How do I know, I am not the director of the public security. "

" You youIsn't there inside information? "

Liu Ziguang laughed dumbly:" How can I have inside information. "

" What do you let me do on vacation? "
" ThisRelying on analysis and judgment and feelings. "

" Pull down, someone must have given you a wind. "

On the street, three wearing black leather clothesThe young people hurriedly came, exaggerated hairstyles, publicity's posture, and the thick golden chain and the tattoos on their necks that showed their identity of their rivers and lakes.Wang Wenjun, who was behind him, was two dead parties in high school, thin monkeys and ants.

In the past, the small haunted small haunted mechanical jobs were already famous on the Tao. I no longer need to steal bicycles to change money, nor do I have to go to the night shift in Internet cafes. Walking on the street is high.Essence

The glory restaurant was before. Wang Wenjun suddenly stopped and said, "Wait, I will buy a newspaper."Smoke ... "

Suddenly, Wang Wenjun was stalemate with the hand of money. He saw two people sitting in the newspaper, a woman in her fifties was holding a spoon to give her sonFeeding, her son was a disabled person with no hands. Her head was smooth, his eyes were stunned and his mouth had saliva. Every time a meal was eaten, he smirked twice.

This fool is the brilliant head of the Jiangbei underworld half a year ago, Yan Jinlong's security minister Ma Chun!

His hand was cut off by Wang Wenjun. His head was also silly by Wang Wenjun.

Seeing that there are customers, Mother Ma quickly put down the rice bowl, wiped her hands on the apron and asked, "What kind of cigarettes do you want?"

But the customer was gone.When people bowed their heads, they found that there were two red 100 yuan banknotes under their feet, and they were suddenly surprised: "Who is this money?"

In the glorious restaurant, Wang WenjunWhen the three were sitting in front of Liu Ziguang, they were still a little restrained, and they dared not move the chopsticks. They asked, "What did you find?"

Wang Wenjun said: "Wei Liangdong has a son named Wei Xiaoqiang.Fan, I found him yesterday, prying his mouth away. He had an uncle's development, as if he was still a head, that is, he supported the back of his back to let the Wei family be a nail household. "

Liu Ziguang and HeZhuo Li glanced at each other, and then stood up: "Good dry, drink a glass."

The three of them hurriedly stood up, lifted the wine glass and touched it lightly under the Liu Ziguang wine glass, and then drank and drank.After all, Liu Ziguang picked up his clothes and said, "You drink slowly, I still have to leave in advance."

"Goodbye Liu, Liu Ge walked slowly." The three young people said very regularly.

In view of the importance of this information, Liu Ziguang immediately rushed to the head office to discuss the countermeasures. As for the misunderstanding of yesterday, it has been interpreted. According to the surveillance video of the Western restaurant, Li Yan is not alone with Yin Zhijian alone.Eating, but appointment with the bank of Dai to have lunch, Yin Zhijian just accompanied him.

When you come to the company, let's say the situation, Li Yan sinks, and said, "There is indeed a deputy president of Wei Development. It seems that this is a big development behind the scenes.The resistance is mostly. Even if I agree with his conditions, he will definitely regret it. Their ultimate purpose is to drag the sincerity. "

Wei Ziyi interfaced:" The Wei family is quite difficult to entangle, They must have a high guidance, not only prepared generators and a large amount of drinking water, gas tanks, but also pulled away the 90 -year -old elderly hospitalized at home. The camera was opened for 24 hours.On the experience of demolition, great development is much richer than us. They use this experience to resist our demolition, which can be described as good attentive. "

Liu Ziguang said:" As I expected, the same, as I expected, as I expected, as I expected, as I expected, as I expected, as I expected, as I expected, as I expected, as I expected, as I expected, as I expected, it was the same as I expected.No matter whether we are soft or hard, the Wei family will not buy it. If the three long and two shorts are made because of this incident, the consequences will be quite serious. "

Li Xun said," What do you have?Do you usually have a lot of conspiracy and tricks. "

Liu Ziguang said:" This kind of thing does not need to use a conspiracy, but to use the Yangmou. "

Li Yan said:" So you say youIs there any way? "

" Yes, Assistant Guard, please take the blueprint. "Liu Ziguang said confidently.