Chapter 158 Li Shanshan's birthday banquet (3)

Although many people went up to give gifts and please Li Shanshan, Lu Xuyang was not like everyone else, but sat quietly on his own bar chair.

"Boy, we all gave gifts to Miss Shanshan, why don't you go? Isn't it ready?" At this time, the Wang Bin obviously forgot to have a loss in Lu Xuyang before., Run Lu Xuyang again.

For such a long time, everyone who gave gifts had spread out. Lu Xuyang glanced at Wang Bin and walked towards Li Shanshan.

Li Shanshan, who was looking for something, saw Lu Xuyang's eyes lighted up, and came over at him.

"Are you finally here?"

It turned out that Li Shanshan was looking for Lu Xuyang.

"I have been here long ago, but there are too many messengers around Shan Shan's surrounding messengers, and I did not find my arrival." Lu Xuyang joked.

"Huh ... Okay, forgive you! Don't you plan to ask me to dance the first dance?"
"Uh ... I won't jump!" Lu Xuyang answered embarrassingly.

If you want to talk about playing or something, he will, but he hasn't learned to dance ...

Why did he forget this?Yes, he didn't get his hands in his physique!

At this time, Gao Mufeng, who was always concerned about Li Shanshan, saw her chatting with Lu Xuyang so happy, and slowly walked over with wine.

"I don't know what gifts have given to Miss Shanshan. They can make Shanshan so happy. Ben Shao really wants to see it!" Then he said, "Shanshan should not mindSatisfy my curiosity? "

" Uh ... "

Li Shanshan didn't squeak, and looked at Lu Xuyang with his eyes glowing.You know, she is also looking forward to the gift Lu Xuyang is about to give her.

I glanced at Gao Mufeng, who was about to watch the show. Lu Xuyang slowly took out the bracelet that he had promoted through the pocket and handed it to her.

After receiving the gift, Li Shanshan couldn't wait to open it.

"What a beautiful bracelet!" Li Shanshan screamed happily.

Actually.This bracelet is relatively simple than the "Crystal Chain" sent by Gao Mufeng before.Li Shanshan was happy because she knew Lu Xuyang's family.

Besides, this bracelet.She really liked it, and at first glance, she felt that the necklace was gorgeous without Gao Mufeng.But after watching it for a long time, it will slowly find its charm.

"Thank you, Xiaoxu!" Li Shanshan flushed his face to Lu Xuyang.

"You're welcome, this bracelet is called 'Crystal ChainLi Shanshan told.

"Haha ..."

"Boy. You won't you deliberately tease us?This is obviously not as good as Gao Shao ... "

When he heard Lu Xuyang's words, Wang Bin began to laugh.

"Still resisting three damage, are you watching too much about fantasy novels?" After that.It was even more exaggerated to cover his stomach, and even the corners of his eyes had already exuded tears.

Looking at Wang Bin's performance, the people around him finally understood what, and then laughed.

It was Gao Mufeng, obviously seeing Li Shanshan's dissatisfaction with Wang Bin's approach.He was afraid that she would disappear a good impression that she had left before her heart.So he said to everyone a step forward: "'Crystal Chain' is not an exclusive word. It is estimated that the schoolmate to send this one is just happening. Both things are the same name, which can be made up. I believe Shan ShanMiss should be happier! Everyone doesn't have to be entangled in the name. Miss Shanshan is more important than anything! "

Gao Mufeng's round field is really beautiful, most people are still by hisGreatly convinced.However, Lu Xuyang is very clear that this person is actually not good at it.

What is a set of together.It's not just to show his necklace.However, this matter is not painful or itchy for Lu Xuyang. Anyway, the gift can be sent out. He did not intend to please Li Shanshan deliberately, and what he gave was not as bad as what he said. Therefore, Lu Xuyang was lazy.He raised him, let him jump there.

In the end, Li Shanshan's first dance gave Li Wenbing!Lu Xuyang also accidentally resolved a calamity for himself.

You know, Li Shanshan's pursuit is not just Gao Mufeng. Of course, Gao Mufeng's background does not dare to provoke him, but Lu Xuyang will be different. If he is really from Li Shanshan, he guess he may have trouble constantly.EssenceAlthough he is not afraid, it is not necessary.

A luxurious birthday party, a changeable business wine party.I don't know how many single businesses have been completed.

After the banquet, Lu Xuyang rejected Li Wenbing's retention and left.

As soon as he came out of the inside, Lu Xuyang took a long breath, or the air outside left the banquet. Lu Xuyang felt that everyone was much easier. He didn't like these things that were too formal from his heart.

Because there was nothing, Lu Xuyang didn't rush to take a taxi back, but walked slowly.It hasn't been so comfortable for a long time, and Lu Xuyang closed his eyes a little intoxicated.

But when he opened his eyes again, a pair of bright eyes came into view.The owner of these eyes is a little boy about five or six years old. It may be because of naughty that the adult is angry. She was dragging a man who looked strongly and walked forward.

The man left Lu Xuyang was just a back, and he couldn't see him, but the boy's expression Lu Xuyang could see clearly.

This year, the boy is really naughty!Lu Xuyang smiled and didn't care too much, and went forward.However, no ...

He suddenly thought of the emotions in the eyes of the little boy, which was clearly frightened, helpless, desperate!Even if you are awkward with your parents, you are not desperate by adults?

You can look up, the man has disappeared with the little boy.

Lu Xuyang wanted to care about leisure, but the boy's desperate eyes appeared in his mind several times.In the end, Lu Xuyang, who was really unhappy, still chased up.

Finally, in the corner of an alley, Lu Xuyang found them again.

"Yin and Yang mirror!" Lu Xuyang said silently and looked at the boy.

"Lu Feng, who was trafficked ... Congratulations, the trial task was refreshed successfully, and you received related tasks: rescue the traffic that was trafficked and gave it to his family. The time limit was 48 hours. Reward 5He is a Tai Chi Kim Dan and randomly get a piece of item ... "

Train ...

Lu Xuyang's intuition is right, there is really a problem, what is the identity of this person next to the boy?Thinking of this, Lu Xuyang looked at the man.