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"Sister, are you okay?"
"He is a sister -in -law, you wake up."

Several women are among others, and it is hot water., Wake up Mother Liu over, she wakes up in the first sentence: "Go to the hospital!"

Jiang Xueqing greeted the photographer to follow the shooting, "Auntie, don't worry, Liu Ziguang did not haveLife is in danger. You can clean up and walk with me, and the car is outside the alley. "

Mother Liu was fighting, opened the five -fighting cabinet and pulled out a cloth bag, took out a thin stack of banknotes, about sevenLooking at the eight hundred dollars, looking at the husband's eyes, he said, "This money is just money ... those all the money was saved in the death period."Know the interest! The son is suffering from gunshot wounds! What is the use of this money! "

Tears rolled in the eyes of my mother. The neighbors saw that it was not a matter, and persuaded:" Lao Liu, don't be angry, don't be angry, don't be angry,I still have some money in my house. "

" It is necessary to see a doctor, and the salary of our family has just paid, and I will get it to you immediately. "

The big guys went home to pick up the money, and after a whileAfter getting more than 5,000 yuan, one of the middle -aged uncle took the most, and the first hand took two thousand yuan. Dad said, "Lao Bei, thank you, your family money is also tight, wait for tomorrow to pick up the deposit bills tomorrow.出来就还你,”

中年大叔一摆手:“别客气,这个钱也是专门留着给我那个不争气的儿子看伤用的,不等着用,老刘你先去,Looking back, I asked Xiaoshuai to take some money and send it over. "

The two pairs of vicissitudes were held together, shaking hard, and said nothing.

When the neighbors of the Da Miscellaneous Courtyard, when you put the money for one hundred and two hundred, the camera was filmed. Jiang Xueqing held the microphone and explained it emotionally: "Little rain is pouring down,The weather is a bit cold, but in this dilapidated shantytown, there is a different kind of warmth and strong humanity ... "

I have enough money, and the neighbors bring raincoats and umbrellas to send themOut of the alley, someone helped the flashlight in front, and someone helped him carry his mother to change his clothes for Liu Ziguang. The group walked in the dark alleys deep and light.Recently, it turned out to be Pharaoh and a young policeman at the police station.

"Lao Liu, I'm here to pick you up to the hospital. Your family is really hard to find. My film police almost get lost." The old king stepped forward to hold his dad's hand and shook it vigorouslyTwo times, he aggravated and said, "You have a good son!"

The situation is urgent, and it is inconvenient to say more. Liu Ziguang's parents got on the TV car with a sorrowful mood.With the police lamp, the two cars drove directly to the hospital.


In the ward of the municipal hospital, only Liu Ziguang and Deputy Director Song were two, and the drizzle was rang outside, and the house was quiet and peaceful.

"So, the gun was on the belt of Li Youquan? You snatched the two robbers." The pen of the Song Bureau wrote on the transcript.

"Yes, he has a waist **, but he hasn't taken it out, but I have seen the outline of **. At that time, the situation was relatively urgent. If I didn't shoot, your little policewoman wouldKilled by the robbers. "Liu Ziguang explained.

"Um." The Song Bureau nodded. "Before the police entered the bank, did you hear a conversation between the robbers and Li Youquan?"

The police will evacuate the sniper and assault team, and propose to let Police Officer Hu be a hostage, and the requirements of providing armored vehicles. After Police Officer Hu came in, he reminded the robbers that the police had a camera on the police. "

The Song Dynasty wroteGo to the dragon snake and remember Liu Ziguang's words. He particularly appreciated Liu Ziguang's word "command". In the mouth of other witnesses, the word "pointers" were used.The words are more appropriate.

"Very good, thank you for your testimony." The Song Bureau closed the hand hat, groaned and said, "I also want to ask a question, how do you grab the gun in a very short time, go up and burn it up., ** Strike, and your ** hitting technology is very strong, but in your archives, you have not been trained at all. I want to know the reason. "

Liu Ziguang grinned:" Your colleaguesDidn't you find out the answer? I said that I am a graduate of the Liangzan Paratroopers, and I have been a soldier or something outside. "** Bing, I only ask you one question. If you don't want to answer, or if you don't want to answer for some reason, I have not asked it. "

Liu Ziguang put a smile and nodded:" You say you say you say. "

" You are the soldiers of the Langya Brigade! "The Song Bureau, who was originally gentle and elegant, suddenly had four glory in his eyes, staring at Liu Ziguang with great eyes, and his eyes were like a sword.It seems to see through his heart.

Liu Ziguang's face was not shocked, there was no expression, neither nodded nor shaking his head. Now he has nothing to say.In love, he was embarrassed to say that he was not.

For a long time, the Song Bureau finally closed the record book, nodded silently, and walked to the door of the ward to open the door. The moment I was about to go out, I suddenly turned my head and said: "The Wolf Team Brigade,The prosperity of the country! "

Liu Ziguang's tiger's body was stunned, and sweat on his head almost came out. Which of this is to be arranged on himself, and when you look back, you have no head and no brain.The Song Bureau of the word has gone far away.


Under the guidance of the police car, the TV station interviewed the car and came to the municipal hospital to see the host of the TV station.Deputy Director Song, who smoked and thoughtfully thought on the balcony: "This Jiang Xueqing, there are so many ghost ideas."

I welcomed the cigarette butt, and directly held my father Liu's hand: "Hello, your two positionsIt is Liu Ziguang's parents. On behalf of the ** Bureau, I represent the masses. Thank you for raising such an excellent good son. Seeing the righteousness and self -self -self -self is a real hero. "The introduction: "This is the director of the Song Dynasty of our municipal bureau."

"Director Song, I ..." Dad's voice choked, Liu Ziguang, the child was mediocre since he was a child, studied in the middle, and was not sports.After a break from a junior college, I was in my job, and then I disappeared for eight years. After I returned, I became powerful, but I let the family be attentive all day.** The senior leaders of the Bureau evaluate this way, how to not be proud of being a father.

"Okay, don't say anything. All the costs of your son are borne by the police. I still return to the game in advance. Your old couple hurry up and see my son." Director Song and his mother again and his motherHe held his hand and greeted the Pharaoh, let him take care of the old couple, and hurriedly left.

Three minutes later, Liu Ziguang's parents finally came to the ward and saw the son's peace and sound. The old couple finally relieved. Although there was no danger of life, after all, she shot a shot.In the wound, Liu Ziguang couldn't help it, so he had to unbutton the illness, reveal the upper body entangled with bandages, and pointed at the right **: "Just here, a shot, and passing it, it's okay."

BR> Lao ** tears came out. No matter how big the son was, it was also the heart of the mother. It still hurts so much. Besides, the bullet was hit.When the sound came, my dad also came to condolence: "Okay, isn't this seeing it? My son is okay."

The family was talking, and suddenly the door pushed away. Jiang Xueqing, who had been shooting outside the door, couldn't bear it.I lived, and I said, "Hello, Liu Ziguang, have we seen, do I want to take a little time for an interview?"

I was suddenly disturbed.Eye, said coldly: "Go out."

What a cold look, the photographer could not help but shivered and did not dare to go forward again. Jiang Xueqing also stunned.I have not been rejected by the interview object, and it is so stiff, so unreasonable refusal.

It is reasonable to say that Jiangbei TV's header Huadan should be angry at this time, but I don't know why, Jiang Xueqing's first thought turned out to be: Cool!

Dad cough and said, "Xiaoguang, and I came to the hospital with a reporter in the reporter of the family, so you can help, take an interview."

Dad speaksSay love,; what else does Liu Ziguang say, refreshingly waved his hand: "Okay, but I have to get out of the photography agency, I am not used to being photographed like this."

What do you do, but Jiang Xueqing nodded in the ghost: "Well, you go out and rest first."

The photographer retreated, leaving only Jiang Xueqing interview alone, and the beautiful female reporter calmed downIn the emotions, I pinched the recording microphone with a platform with the spring -shame fingers and put it on my mouth: "Can you tell us, how do you see the righteousness and kill the two gangsters?"

"Grab the gun and shoot." Liu Ziguang said four words briefly.

Jiang Xueqing's eyes widened, two big and round eyes, it seemed that this girl was very **, like a cat, she asked in surprise, "That's what?"
"No." Liu Ziguang still said briefly.

Jiang Xueqing did not die, and asked again, "How many shots did you fire?"

"Five shots, two shots per person, and then a guy didn't die, and made another shot."

" Where is the hit? "

" Head, ** mouth, eyes. "

" ... "Jiang Xueqing was a little stunned, the man in front of him was too cold,It's too calm, don't be like a person, that is, a professional police officer who needs to do psychological counseling after killing the criminals, and then look at him, just like stepping on two ants, there is no feeling.

At this moment, Jiang Xueqing, as a journalist, was suddenly convinced that this man must have an extraordinary experience, and he can dig deep into the news of explosion.

"I still have the last question, what do you do?"

"Security, property security."