di er bai wu shi si zhang gui lai



The two troops are fighting hard.

A general -like man, riding a high -headed Malaysia, commanded the army in the middle of the middle, and launched an attack towards the opponent.

On the other side, a general was sitting on a chariot and galloping back and forth.

Two army infantry cavalry staggered, the chariot and the chariot are staggered, countless people are calling, countless people are angry.

Suddenly, the general ride on the horse's back changed and suddenly looked at the sky.

Another general who was shooting on the chariot killed two opponents with one shot, and also thought about it.

The clear sky suddenly appeared in countless white clouds, and those white clouds were turning black quickly.

In just a short moment, Wuyun is densely set, and lightning is like a huge power grid. To the Internet, the world is intended.faint.

"Boom Ronaldon Ronald !!"
In the darkness, the thunder rolled, one wave of waves.

The decisive battle of the two armies ended in a blink of an eye. There was no illness in a blink of an eye.

A piece of void.

It is surrounded by black clouds, and the lights are thick in the light.

A white light spot suddenly enlarged here.

Then, two figures appeared in the void, and those lightning hit them on the two, as if mud into the sea, without a little bit of waves.

"Haha, so many years have passed, but I didn't expect me to come back again."

"This is really a departure continent. It seems that the army of the Great Zhou Empire is fighting. I did not expect Da ZhouThe empire is also chaotic. It seems that there seems to be a big change in this year. "

" Boy, where are you going? "
" There is a small village under the Dahong, in Dahong, in Dahong,It is also good in the empire, can predecessors be willing to go? "

" I have nowhere to go, since you have a place, then I will not be polite to disturb. "

"Where, the predecessor is willing to go, it is the blessing of the next."

The two are Tianlin and the creation of Xianzun from the land of the three emperors.

In the land of the ancestral tree, the creation of Xianzun has reached great benefits. The cultivation of itself is further. His strength is already stinging in the later stages of Xianzun.Among them, he is definitely a strong person in the top three, and there is no immortal to kill him, even if there are artifacts in hand.

Tianlin is just a holy person at this moment. His other body has been removed from his body and returned to Bodhi.

The Bodhi in his body seemed to be glowing at this moment, and the more discovered green, the vitality broke out.

The two rushed to Qizhou like a gallop.

Qizhou, Xianmao Villa.

The three of Min Linger, Fang Na, and Nalan Ruo pointed at a huge map, and they were discussing something.

Suddenly, a girl rushed in.

"Mrs. Mrs. ..."

All three were surprised.

"What's wrong, Hong Ling, your girl, how can you take a break in today, don't you know that we are discussing things? Be careful of military law." Min Linger laughed and cursed.

"Madam ..." Hong Ling at first glance and laughed, "If you know the news, you can't take care of me."

"What news?Didn't Xu Ying fight again? Or did Yuan's father and son take it down the city of Luzhou? This is something I was unexpected. "Min Linger laughed.

"No, these, lady, owner, Zhuang owner, he is back!" Hong Ling gasped.

Before speaking, the three women were gone, and only Hong Ling was still panting.

"... The land of the three emperors suddenly emerged from a lot of skeleton necromancer, which was the lowest, and it was also the highest master.There is no spiritual guy, which is driven by the land of the three emperors, so it was cleaned by us in the end ... However, those skulls will condense again.The land of the three emperors will not be destroyed, and the skeleton will not be completely destroyed ... Later, we encountered the creation of Xianxian ... "

Tianlin is talking to his parentsSuddenly, the three women ran in with a bustling manner.

Min Linger wanted to splash coquettishly. When he saw that the guy was laughing with her mother -in -law, she had to listen to it honestly. She knows that Tianlin is a big filial son.Toss, but in front of the mother, they have always been honest.

Father Yan was resting in the room. As soon as he got up, he walked out of the house, and saw this scene, and he couldn't help it until his son shouted. Then he understood and laughed.Well, everyone eats together tonight. "

" Okay, then I go to other places first, and talk when eating at night. "Tianlin laughed.

When the three of Min Linger saw this, they agreed.

Yan's mother stood aside honestly when she saw all three women, and couldn't help laughing: "Go, when eating at night, I let the girl call you."

As soon as I went out, Min Ling'er drank: "Hurry up, where did you run to hook by this time?"

Although the other two did not say, they were eager to try.Headache.

Min Linger also put away the gorgeous nature some time ago. Tianlin was still secretly contented in her heart.Why did Fangna a coquettish girl become a tricky girl after following Min Linger?

"Grandma, my grandmother, I swear at Tianlin, I just ran in different spaces. If I hadn't taken you up, I might not come back."

Na NaLan Ruo seized the opportunity and immediately jumped out.

"Can't you come back, or do you want to come back?"

Because most people who came from the three emperors were alien, there was only one Wang Meng, and Wang Meng's here was hereIt is impossible for people to come to Xianmao Villa. Therefore, the three women's whereabouts to Tianlin really do not know at all, but Tianlin has no news at all, and Min Linger has confidence in his strength.Otherwise, I am afraid that I will worry about it.

Tianlin hurriedly argued: "The ghost wants not to come back in that place, no, the ghost is not willing to be trapped there."

What he has done is one by one, from his own leave of the battlefield to encountering the saints, the masters of Wonderland ambush, and then to enter the land of the three emperors, and briefly talk about it.

Listening to Tianlin said, those saints and masters of Wonderland have fallen, and even the Holy King will always stay there, and once it falls, it will either become a dead spirit guardianship, or it can turn into it into it.The gray body disappeared, and the three women could not help for a while.

Seeing that the three women were fooled by herself, Tianlin couldn't help but be proud.

But after being proud, I looked at Nalan Ruo and Fangna and blinked. These two girls, what's the lively?No, they seem to have been given to themselves by Linger!

Tianlin feels that he is in Taiwi, and before he said, people have entered the role.

Is this world still justified?

Tianlin immediately said a sentence of a man's character.

"That, Linger, when will you get a wedding for me? These two girls, I accepted together."

Nalan Ruo and Fang Na heard that he said, immediately remembered that he did not this this.Before marrying into the Yan family, he played the role of the Yan family's daughter -in -law, and his face became pink instantly.

"Huh, shy? This will know shyness." Tianlin smiled secretly.

"You are less proud. It seems that your things these days are not false, otherwise those guys will not defeat the mountains. You can quickly see that the situation in each battlefield is in the battlefield.Desperate. "Linger has always been in charge of the affairs of the Xianmao Mountain Villa. As soon as Tianlin returned, Min Linger was given to Tianlin even if he wanted to throw these things to Tianlin, and he was at home as a good wife at home. Well, this is the mother -in -law.What said.

Seeing that all three women were worried about the fairy villa, Tianlin couldn't help but move, and at the same time, she felt a little arrears.

Smiling, Tianlin asked, "Talking, what is the situation of the fairy mountain villa now?"

Speaking of the battle, the three women immediately inspired.

"The eighteen states of the former Dahong Empire have now been won by ten states. At present, Luzhou is also occupied by Yuan Fusheng's father and son.The whole country.

Tianlin did not expect that this situation was so good, and we couldn't help laughing: "Which states are returned to us?"

Tianlin's wordsFall, Nalan Ruo has begun to count.

"Qizhou, Fengzhou, Luzhou, Yunzhou, Yunzhou, Yingzhou, Hengzhou, Linzhou, Baihouzhou, Mizhou, Lanzhou, all of these states have been won by us, now LuzhouIt has also been occupied by us. "

Tianlin heard the words, frowned.

"The Yunzhou of the Crescent Moon Dynasty was taken down by us?"

"Yeah, in fact, this is not we won by us, but they suddenly stayed upShannan Zhou, as if letting Yunzhou give us in vain. "Min Linger also confused.

"Where is Hengzhou? It was also taken down throughout the territory?" Tianlin remembered that Hengzhou had a flame villa, thousands of years of base industry, and the strength cannot be underestimated.

"You are worried about the Flame Villa in Hengzhou. Rest assured, there is no flame villa in this world." Min Linger laughed, "We didn't want to get down Hengzhou, but the flames of the flames of the flamesInexposed internal fighting, after this internal fight, we came to a fisherman to make a profit. "

" Internal fighting? "Tianlin was surprised and surprised.

"Tianlin can still remember, Chen Bingxin, who had stood up and waved? This internal fighting is said to be he set off." Min Linger nodded and laughed.

"Chen Bingxin?" Tianlin immediately remembered the first guy who had occupied a state from the submerged continent.The tide, the entire Dahong empire, soon fell into a split.