8 4 5 xiao xue de da xue sheng huo


"It didn't take long for a while." Xiaoxue said, stomped his feet, and seemed to be stinging.

"The clothes your dad brought you." Liu Ziguang raised the snake skin bag in his hand, but did not mean to hand it to Xiaoxue, because the bag was too heavy, afraid that Xiaoxue would not move.

"Uncle hasn't eaten yet, I invite you to dinner, our school's cafeteria is good, and it is cheap." Xiaoxueyan Baba looked at Liu Ziguang, and his feet were still unreasonable.I'm afraid my uncle refuses.

Liu Ziguang didn't want to bother Xiaoxue. When he saw her expression, she smiled heartily: "Okay, willn't it be a rice noodle again."

Xiaoxue blushed, Said: "No, there are everything in the cafeteria, there are fried dishes, dumplings, and snacks."

"Okay, uncle, please eat."The cafeteria walked around, Xiaoxue hoped with the back, and said like a birdy:

"Uncle, let me ask you, our cafeteria is not outside, we need to be wrong, we have to go wrong.You can buy food with a card. "

" Uncle, what do you want to eat? The fried rice made by a master in the cafeteria is delicious ... "

, Can accommodate thousands of people for meals at the same time, it has passed dinner time now, so there are not many people who dine. Many windows are closed. Only a few people are lined up.The dining table and color plastic seats can imagine the spectacular scene here during the day.

Liu Ziguang found a seat and sat down. Xiaoxue ran around with a card, swiped the card to buy food. The master in the window seemed to be familiar with her and greeted him: "Snow, come from the family?"

" Well, Master Zhang, my uncle gave me winter clothes. "Xiaoxue answered happily.

When I saw two bowls of ravioli, a raw fried, a bowl of Yangzhou fried rice, and a dry fried cow river appeared on the table, Liu Ziguang was surprised: "Oh, Xiaoxue, you want to support his uncle."

Xiaoxue smiled: "I know that my uncle has a large amount of rice, I bought a few more copies, not enough for us to order again, I still have money in my card."

While talking about Xiaoxue's study and living situation, Wen Xue told Liu Ziguang that she was used to the life here. The teacher and classmates were very good to her. The school also arranged her opportunity to work hard to study in the canteen every day.Can make five hundred dollars.

Liu Ziguang noticed that Xiaoxue's hands were like small radishes, and he felt sour: "If you need money, call his uncle, don't suffer himself."

Xiaoxue shrinks his hand handleWhen I got to the table, I smiled and said, "Not tired, I don't brush the bowls to cook every day at home. These lives are hard to me. Besides, this is also a social practice. It is difficult for other students to have this opportunity.What? "

" So, that uncle is relieved, yes, I have some money here, it is your dad give you. "Liu Ziguang took out the leather clip, and he took out one by it without looking at it.Come to the table on the table.

Xiaoxue didn't move. Looking at Liu Ziguang Ai Ai said, "Uncle, I can't want your money."

"This is given by your dad." Liu Ziguang said.

"Uncle is deceiving, I have brought enough living expenses when I start to school. My dad will not give another money. If it is really given by my dad, how much is this?"

Liu Ziguang said, this girl is smart and she can't lie to her.

"Is that uncle give you well? Hold it."
"Uncle, I really can't ask, I am already an adult, not a high school student, I want to rely on it, I want to rely onGo out of a way ... "Xiaoxue's voice was getting lower and lower, but the meaning was very resolute.

Liu Ziguang was helpless, so he had to put away the money and said, "Oh, Xiaoxue is getting more and more opinionated."

After eating, Liu Ziguang looked at his watch and said, "It's not too early, I am not, IHelp you send things back to the dormitory. "

" No uncle, then I will take it back with a bicycle, I won't send you, I will be angry, Master Zhang is going to be angry. "Xiaoxue pointed outThe fat man in a white chef in the window spit out his tongue and said.

"Okay, the uncle is gone first."
"Well, uncle walk slowly, thank you uncle, goodbye."

After watching Liu Ziguang's departure, Xiaoxue started to clean upThe tableware on the table, her movements were quite numb, wiped the tables to collect the tableware, folded the remaining soup water together, and walked into the kitchen with a high dining plate and started to brush the bowl.

"Snow, this is the leftover fried, take it back as breakfast, look back at the door, I will go first." Master Zhang said to put a bag of raw raw on the table.

"Hey, rest assured, give it to me here." Xiaoxue appealed.

After washing the dishes, cleaned the garbage on the ground, and Xiaoxue picked up the mop to drag the ground clean. After doing all this, the bright sweat beads were exuded on the forehead.A small bicycle was launched in the corner of the kitchen, tied the snake skin bag on the back seat, fry the bag on the handlebar, locked the door of the kitchen, and rode away briskly.

Back to the dormitory, it is very late. Xiaoxue locks the bicycle and worked hard to go upstairs with a snake skin bag.大口袋?”



The snake skin bag is stuffed with a fooled, a quilt, a blanket, down jacket, sweater, cotton shoes, and a military coat.

"Wen Xue, how do your dad send you so many things?It is called Lu Jin, a cheerful and enthusiastic tall girl, and has a good relationship with Wen Xue.

"How can it be so old, it was sent by my dad when he was in the army. When I was in high school in high school, I wore it in high school, which was warm." Xiaoxue said with a smile.

"You'd better take these things and take it in, okay, fucking fleas in the province." The window was a Shanghai girl named Ning Xin'er.Said to Wen Xue.

"There is no fleas in the quilt." Wen Xue explained.

"No flea has a moldy smell. Please, the dormitory is everyone's dormitory, not your dormitory alone, is it a bit of public morality?" Ning Xin'er sneered.

"How can there be a mildew, only the camphor pill flavor." Only Lu Jin helped Wen Xue speak, and the other Zhejiang students only care about playing with mobile phones to send messages, ignoring them.

"Forget it, I can take it out for a night." Wen Xue bit her lips and picked up the military coat out.

"Township Ning." Ning Xin'er whispered, continued to comb the mirror, and suddenly shook his nose again, and asked, "What taste?"

"What else can you do?With the taste, our difficult households brought leftovers again. "Wang Yueqi, a student of Zhejiang, put down his mobile phone and glanced at the raw fried bun on the small snow table.

"Well, I can't stand it. If it wasn't for the dormitory, I wouldn't live with her." Ning Xin'er shook long hair and changed a pleasant topic: "Wang Yueqi, you know Zhu Yufeng andWhich of Han Bing can be called school grass more? "

" Of course it is Zhu Yufeng.Domineering. "

Wang Yueqi put down his mobile phone and said with a look.

"It's just a Rand Cool Luzawa FJ, just fascinated you like that, it is really not a way." Ning Xin'er hated him to poke on Wang Yueqi's forehead.

"What is Han Bing, there is no car, and people are too thin." Wang Yueqi said unconvinced.

Ning Xin'er sneered: "Do you know what kind of car Han Bing is reported to report, Pingzhi S600, which is the second, the important thing is the license plate number.As for the thinness, it is called Japanese Fan, do you understand? "

" What about that, Han Bing disappeared a few days after school, and he had dropped out of school. "Wang Yueqi said.

"You don't know don't talk nonsense, Han Bing's house is going abroad. His fake is specially approved by the director. I think it won't be long before he will come back."

"Really, the girls of your foreign language college must not be crazy. "


At 5:30 in the morning, the campus is still shrouded in the cold mist, Wen Xue quietly quietlyAfter getting up, I washed with cold water, poured a tea tank hot water ate a few raw fried, and then picked a thickest clothes from the closet, hurried downstairs, and went to the canteen to work in a bicycle.

Some students who got up early on the campus were reciting English, or in the morning exercise, Xiaoxue pierced a bicycle, sprinkled a bunch of silver bells, galloping on the path, and running on the face of a thin tall high heightThe handsome teenager, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sports shorts, the white sports shoes are covered with morning dew. Seeing Xiaoxue pass by in front of the wind, the teenager could not help but stop, and he stunned for a few seconds with Xiaoxue.Bicycles run.

Xiaoxue Fengfeng rushed to the cafeteria, locked the bicycle and ran in, and said embarrassed: "Master Zhang, I'm late again."

Master Zhang said: "It's okay, eat anyway, eat anyway, eat anyway, eat anyway, eat anyway, eat anyway, eat anyway, eat anyway.There are not many people with breakfast. You are heading first, I go to the hut. "Then he went to the toilet and went to the toilet.

The white sleeve on the small snow stands to the window. It is not the peak of breakfast. There are only a few people in the cafeteria. Suddenly a handsome young man walked to the window and said, "Hello,I want to buy a raw fried. "

" Okay, your card. "Xiaoxue opened the card with his head down and reached out to pick up the card.

"One card, I don't have it." The handsome guy was a little confused, and then reached out to the bag to find out, but only pulled out a few euro coins.

"Sorry, I ..." The handsome guy was a little bit based on this, and sweat pearls were leaked on the tip of his nose.

Xiaoxue took out her card and brushed it, and packed a raw frying with a plastic bag: "It's okay, this is your fried."

Looking up, he suddenly stunned. The boy was so familiar. He seemed to have seen it.