Chapter 185

Chapter 185 Escape Birth Day

I don't know how long I have gone, and after being hungry, Lu Xuyang threw out a little bit. After thirsty, I drank some water.There are so many things to eat anyway.

All the way, the feet are all white bones, but the more you go forward, the less bones.Lu Xuyang estimates that these bones should be sucked down by water like them.

"Come on, it is estimated that it's almost the cave!" Lu Xuyang excitedly.

When he heard Lu Xuyang's words, Li Jun's heart was also happy, and the two accelerated their speeds running forward.When the two were concentrating on walking, the roar stopped the two.

When he heard the roar, the fox cat was a bit uncomfortable, and it slowly opened the mouth full of sharp teeth.


It looks like a tiger howling, like Longping, which seems to be thunder in the ear.The entire cave trembled with the roar of the fox cat.Lu Xuyang and Li Jun covered his ears long ago.

After the fox cat roared, the roar disappeared without trace.

Fox Cat raised the hair that he exploded throughout his body proudly, leaping easily, and jumped on Lu Xuyang's shoulders.

"Do you want to scare me to death?" Lu Xuyang played his forehead lightly.

Lu Xuyang was fierce, and the fox cat jumped off aggrieved, looking at Lu Xuyang with only two wet eyes.

Looking at its innocent expression, Lu Xuyang smiled and smiled: "Okay, you are the best, take the way!"

The praise fox cat ran forward excitedly.

"Well, where did you get it ... Cat ... ah?" Li Jun looked at it for a long time and didn't see what it was, and had to treat him as a cat.

"I don't know, when I woke up, it was already next to it!" Lu Xuyang explained to Li Jun.

Getting this is not an explanation, Li Jun didn't ask more, and continued to move forward.Lu Xuyang was relieved.


When the two came to the entrance, a blasting sounded like a thunder in the ears of the two.Then there was a painful roar sounded.Lu Xuyang looked at Li Jun, and accelerated his steps towards the cave.

If you want to ask Lu Xuyang's most want to do, it is to make Zhang Brother Zhang.The same is true of Li Jun, these days.He has already figured out.Although he was simple, he was not stupid. It was impossible to have no hatred after being deliberately hurt.

I have no effort to break the iron shoes!

The person who harmed them now fights with the two of them with a black bear.A black bear next to it has been lying in a pool of blood ... It is estimated that it died in that explosion?

Lu Xuyang pulled Li Jun. The two stood there. They didn't go out. The fox cat was held in his hand by Lu Xuyang.

"Uncle's surname Zhang, I'm endless with you!"

Lu Xuyang looked up, it turned out that Zhang Ge used one of them to block the black bear's harm to him.The man was shot out by the black bear.Falling on the ground fiercely.I don't know life and death.

Seeing that after his uncle, Zhang, after his uncle, and desperately, he wanted to abscond, regardless of their life and death, and the man was full of sadness.Thinking that my uncle did not know life and death, he was about to die under the bear's paw.He couldn't help closing his eyes desperately.

Seeing this, Lu Xuyang knew that he had to go out. He couldn't watch the other two people died. Although the Zhang brother was not very good, the two of them took care of him along the way.


Suddenly, a long howl sounds in the ears.The man opened his eyes and looked at it. The Black Bear didn't know when he had changed direction to chase the brother Zhang.

"Are you okay?" Lu Xuyang stepped forward.

"I'm fine, thank you!" The man saw Lu Xuyang for a long time.Then he excitedly said: "Haha, you are not dead!"
"Yeah, we didn't die, the surname Zhang wanted to harm us, but we are big. We escaped!" Li Jun also stepped forward.Laugh.

"Great! Thank you, fortunately you are here, otherwise we will be killed by him!" The man sighed.

Then, the man thought of what he thought, and quickly ran to the person who was shot by the bear's paw.

"Uncle, Uncle ..."

After calling for a long time, there was no response, watching the land that was slowly stained with red, and the man cried distressedly.

"Let me see!" Lu Xuyang walked to the man next to the man.

That man remembered what he thought of, kneeling in front of Lu Xuyang: "Please save my uncle, as long as you can save him, you can let me do anything!"

"What do you think of me, what do you think?" Lu Xuyang couldn't help crying.

"Oh, yes, please ask you ..." The man rushed into Xuyang Yang Road.

Lu Xuyang put on his glasses and looked at it. The man was very injured. The entire inner inner inner was shifted, and his bones were broken a lot, but fortunately he was there.

"Your uncle is fine, rest assured, I can cure it!" Lu Xuyang rushed to the man comfortably.

"That's good, thank you, thank you too much !!!" The man said that he would kneel again, and Lu Xuyang stopped him.

"Don't kneel first, we still have business to do it!" After that, we walked aside.

The doubtful facing Lu Xuyang looked, and just saw Zhang Brother Zhang, who had been caught by the black bear.He was frustrated and scolded the brother Zhang: "Zhang, you must not die! My uncle helps you so much, at a critical moment, you actually take him to block the disaster ..."

"Say, why do you want to hurt us?" Lu Xuyang asked the brother in front of Black Bear.

"Save me, save me, I don't want to die!" The brother Zhang struggled and wanted to escape.

"I can let you go when I say that I can go, otherwise ..." Lu Xuyang continued.This despicable villain is the most annoying.

"I don't!" The man argued.

Seeing the man's mouth was still hard, Lu Xuyang smiled slightly, and said to Li Jun: "He is not afraid of death, then let's go!"
"I really don't!"The four Li Jun continued to move forward.Seeing that he was about to disappear in the jungle, Brother Zhang was anxious and shouted: "I said, I said, don't throw me here!"

"Then say!" Li JunRoar.After hearing Zhang's cry, a few people came back again.

"It was the second master, the second master ordered me to do this!" The man cried.

"Second Master?" Li Jun thought about it, and suddenly yelled: "Not to be honest, the second uncle is the best to me, and the second brother is good to me. Why does he hurt me?"

"I ... I am telling the truth, the second master has been hiding the master, the master knows nothing! He also said ..."

"What else do you say?"

"He also said that the second master was stupid, he didn't know his own things. Since the second master didn't do it, he helped him."
"Then my dad was sick with him.Related? "Li Jun roared angrily.

Zhang Gehe shrank, and said, "I don't know, I heard that it is the poison of the young master!"
"Damn !!!" When I heard Zhang's words, Li Jun punch a punch.Stranger on the tree.