Chapter 227 Thunder means (below)

Chapter 227 Thunder means

Zhu Xi nodded, he naturally knows how the strength of Jin Yiwei is, most Jin Yiwei, that is, his former Wangfu guards, there are a few pounds in the people inside, he Zhu XiWill it be unclear?These guards, if you mobilize three or four thousand people, you can also do the situation of last night, but now Ying Tianfang Fangyuan Baili, Jin Yiwei has more than 2,000 people.The master takes a battalion forbidden forces?

Zhu Xi looked up at unconvinced and said: "Father emperor, don't be deceived by your elder brother. How many Hao Jie did Jin Yiwei recruit?The old eunuch coughed, and said in a low voice to Zhu Xi's ears: "Your Majesty, the heroes of the Jinyi Wei, the people in Shaanxi stay in Shaanxi.. The people in the Ghost Palace have all reached the East Factory. Without the orders of the old slave, they will not be dispatched at all. Is Jin Yiwei's current master?
Zhu Xi frowned, whispered: "What do you say?"

Lao Lu's eunuch said: "His Royal Highness, he ignored the extreme. Jin Yiwei's master is now the mastersThey all sent out the whereabouts of the person, where can there be any good players staying in the capital? Just look at Li Feng's serious injuries. Three commanders of Zhou, Lu An, and Xun 轼 卧 卧 卧 卧 卧 卧 卧 卧 卧 卧 都 都 都 都There is no sound of the matter. The strength of this Jin Yiwei is a little weaker. "

Zhu Xi nodded silently, thinking deeply.When Li Feng was okay, the wind of the world was blowing, especially at the time of a minister in Tianfu, he got up a few times in the middle of the night.EssenceThis is not a good thing. Jin Yiwei is a supervisory agency. If there are too few people who can do it, it will not be able to exert normal utility, which is really ridiculous.

"Huh, the second child he just pushed the responsibility. The forbidden army was so incompetent, for fear of those generals he recommended." Zhu Xi thought so.At the moment, he was too lazy to say something, and drank it straight: "The second child, the third child, you will go out of Beijing tomorrow and go to your own place. Especially the third child, since you have so many martial arts people as wings, it must be it must be, it must beIf you don't need to guard, your guards will reduce 10,000 people. All disciples in Cangfeng Fort, who have official positions, will take it out of Beijing. "

Give Zhu Ren a face,Coupled with Cangfeng Fort's contribution to the court, Zhu Xi did not kill him.However, after cutting 10,000 guards of Zhu Ren, Zhu Renke was about to cry.This Cangfeng Fort person is easy to get some official positions in the court. Now Zhu Xi is removed from office. I am afraid that they will not hate to die?

As soon as his hand waved, Zhu Xi was domineering, and he could not refute his refutation: "Cangfeng Fort is a martial arts martial arts, and the relationship with the court is too close, but it is not well reputable for the court., Do not enter the DPRK as an official, unless they leave Cangfeng Castle, the three generations of descendants are not allowed to be included ... 僜, you, you are good at it. Ren, you greedy wine, you would have nothing to do., Don't make any confusion, it's a top tank for people. "

Speaking of which, Zhu Xi glanced at Zhu Xi fiercely, Zhu Xi's body was stunned, and he lay on the ground again.

Zhu Xi is happy, this is good, the two calamities have been kicked out of the capital, which is convenient for himself.As long as you work closely with Li Feng, isn't it easy to master the loyalty of the courtiers?

But Zhu Xi's good wishes were immediately beaten by Zhu Xi, and Zhu Xi said coldly: "I announce a few things today. First, President Lu was ordered to set up an East Factory to monitor the world.Turn tied with Jinyiwei. The duties of the East Factory, monitor the people, supervise the ministers, and supervise Jin Yiwei! "

The body of all people has been stunned.Those ministers were suffering from the bottom of their hearts. A brocade guard made them bare the whole day. Now there is an extra East Factory. How can I live in the future.

"Secondly, after the spring, I was preparing to recruit Mobei by himself and flattened the Yuan Meng Mengyu Party. General General Lihu led the camp to go north to rectify the military affairs. Zhang Yu raised the soldiers and horses in Beijing and transported it to Yanjing City., 下 handsome soldiers south, recruiting Annan, and calming the land of Baiyue in the South. "

The courtiers shook, and this time it will be started again.But since it was Zhu Xi's order, they didn't dare to say anything. They angered Zhu Xi, which would be full of door.

"Third, in order to preach the wind of the country, I have ordered Ma He to build a treasure boat in Hangzhou, Quanzhou, and Yangzhou, prepare for the south of the ocean, and show our country's prestige to the country outside all domains ...Big and not negligent. He specially appointed Jin Yiwei, the leader Li Feng made the minister of supervision, went to the three places to inspect, and supervised the treasure boat. "Speaking of which, Zhu Xi was shocked, and Zhu Xi glanced at him fiercely and took him.The words were frightened.

"These three things are related to my direction, so all the Qing family must not be careless, and we must help my best ... So, retreat.You stay. "

The ministers have gone air. Zhu Xi scolded the three sons as if the head of a pig in the hall.Zhu Ren, early in the morning tomorrow morning, immediately rolled back to his own place, not allowed to stay in Yingtianfu.

Back to the Forbidden Palace, Zhu Xi sighed towards the monk Dao: "These three sons, which one is troubled? The third child was okay, and he was like the fourth child.I raised a dog to raise him. He has also had ambitions now. If you want to get in your head, you want to reprimand it well. I am afraid that the three brothers will kill each other in the future.> Seng Daoyan was sitting on a Tai Shi chair, and looked at Zhu Xi with a smile and asked: "The Majesty ordered Li Feng to go out of Beijing, but what is it?"

Zhu Xi narrowed his eyes and said with a smile: "Is this incident unprepared? 僜 僜, Ren Er did so many unreasonable things, not just afraid that Li Feng was in the Beijing Normal University.Maybe? I am still young, and when they are dead, they will start to make trouble now? Hey, send Li Feng to the capital, the second and third child can also put down half of your mind.I govern the people on the local area. "

He said with a dignified complexion:" Besides, the matter of the treasure boat is unsatisfactory.. The batch of people under Lifeng, which one can squeeze out the oil and water in the shell? Be a little wind to supervise the treasure boat.… In particular, when you go to sea in the future, Ma He will preach the country, but the matter of inquiring about news in various countries and chase Zhu Yunzheng still need to supervise it. "Use, Dao is not as good as far away ... "For a while, the monk Dao said with a worried:" But if Li Feng goes, I am afraid that the His Royal Highness will never assist in the middle of the DPRK.His Royal Highness also colluded a lot of ministers. I was afraid that His Royal Highness would suffer when he arrived. "

Zhu Xi laughed and said calmly:" The three sons, I know myself clearly. Hey, let Li Feng leave the three members of his subordinates in Beijing, and those civil and military ministers will converge a lot.Do n’t you dare to listen to his order? ... Hey, I ’m weak, I asked him to sit in the Beijing Division, and I’ m more assured.The emperor. "

The monk Dao Yan smiled, and nodded and said," So, it makes sense to reduce their guards? "

Zhu Xi sighed:" Yeah, I ca n’t let me have a campaign of Jingpan again in the world after a hundred years ... Dao Yan, Zhanji, have you seen it? What about blessing? "

By: "In the past, His Majesty dreamed that the old emperor gave the jade seal to his own hand, then the son Zhan Zhanzhi descended to the world.It is not false, Zhanji is better than his father, as well as his three uncle, but he has a lot of words. Recently, he still seems to be following Li Feng to learn martial arts. This is also good.The kung fu is worthy of the ancestors."Zhu Xi had a long smile, and when he thought of this greatest grandson, he couldn't help but happy.

Kunlun Mountain, rolling thousands of miles, I don't know how many deep valleys are unknown.Kunlun's decision is where the Queen Mother of the West of the ancient gods was cultivated. For thousands of years, I did not know how many people found and found in Kunlun Mountain. I hope to meet the fairy and get some unexpected benefits.People encountered the monks under the Kunlun Gate and were included in the door, but there were no one who met the Queen Mother West.

In the legend, after the Queen Mother West has seen the world's turbidity, the turbidity of the world is becoming stronger and stronger.Suddenly abandoned the residence in Kunlun and moved to the nine out of the heavens, so ordinary people and vulgas were rarely encountered by the Queen Mother of the West.

On this day, when Zhu Xi and Seng Daoyan joked in the Forbidden Palace,In the depths of Kunlun Mountain, under the most remote 10,000 footbone, a subtle colorful light emerged.

A small three -legged blue bird patted his wings and flew out of his wings, and cheers in his mouth.The sound: "I can finally go out again, I can go out again ... Why am I so unlucky?When the master moved, I went to steal drinking wine, which made me sleep for nine years. I woke up and didn't see the master ... Poor, pity, my youth was so pitiful ... oh oh, I drank five thousand belowFor many years, I am going to eat meat, meat, meat ... I want to eat meat ... Yueer, hurry up, I am hungry, I want to eat meat."

She circled for a week, and stimulated a big Pengbird in the sky:" Bird, don't run, I want to eat meat, meat ... "

BR> A crystal clear, turning the colorful glazed brilliant arm slowly explored from the cliff, gently borrowed on the cliff, a thin figure had turned over the cliff. She watched it.Seeing my strange hand that is not like humans, the face is full of grief and weird expression, and quickly wraps his left arm with water sleeves, shows his right hand, and pulls the little blue bird back., A little bit, the body has reached another towering snow peak from Baili.

Ignore the blue bird's scratching complaints. The girl looked at the direction and whispered: "KunlunWhere is the mountain gate?I have never been here."After biting her lips, she whispered:" Slowly find it. If Kunlun sent her hands to help, I am afraid that it would be much better."She looked at the surroundings blankly, but didn't know where to find it. At first sight, she knew that she was a novice with no experience in the rivers and lakes.The girl couldn't help but smile bitterly. She stepped on a colorful lotus under her feet and drifted towards the Central Plains.

At this time, Ying Tianfu, lying on the bed comfortably, holding it.The kitten helped him froze pears, and said with a smile: "Kitten, you go to the eunuch of La Lv tomorrow, and say that since I worshiped him as a righteous father, he should naturally change his surname Lu., I am called Lu Fengzi.Your name will be changed. In the future, you will be called Lu Hu ... Well, you said, when the two brothers have children, the first son will succeed to his old man, so that his Lu family will not be after."

The kitten stayed for a long time, and finally smiled bitterly:" Change the surname? "Following an old lady to change the surname, Fengzi, have it necessary?"

Li Feng gave him a white glance and sneered:" Are you afraid that the people in the world laughed at us? "I am alas, as long as we have power in hand, who dares to laugh at us?Who dare?"

" This time, the emperor sent the Beijing division, to put it bluntly, he was afraid that I was fraudulent in the capital of the capital, not sending me out, and not taking you around, he was really uneasy.I changed my surname Lu, and I used Gong Gong's face to detain him. Gong Lu was loyal to him. He would not doubt it?Then I am the son of Gonggong Lu, and the emperor doubts what I am doing?Especially if he knows that I have recognized the eunuch as a father, he was still afraid that I would not rob the throne?"

" Shame?Hey, as long as there is power and power, what is shame?I was also drawn in the temple. God knows what my biological father is called.Kitten, you told Gong Gong again, saying that I was seriously injured, and I couldn't give him a hoe in person, so you can beat me a few more.I recognized him as a father and changed his surname. The old guy knew what to do.With his master in Beijing, he really has nothing."

Li Feng looked at the kitten sneer:" It's just changing a surname, which can bring so many benefits. Why don't I do it? "From now on, I am called Lu Feng, don't call me Li Feng.You, you, you will call me in the future, especially in front of Grandpa Lu, it is your benefit."

The three people at the Zhou Dynasty, Lu An, and the three people looked at each other and couldn't speak. They just admired in their hearts:" It is worthy of our master, this shameless ability is ten times higher than usmore than.Before I recognized the eunuch as a righteous father, this time I called my father.It's amazing, really amazing ... When it is broken, it really is the role of the big man."

Lifeng, oh, no, it was Lu Feng squinting his eyes and thinking:" Beijing, don't worry, hey ... go over there to build a big ship? "It was easy to take a break.Those local officials know what Lu Gonggong is, and seeing my son Lu's son going down, is there still no intention of worshiping?But there is no need to bring so many Jin Yiwei to scare people ... they stay in the Beijing division to monitor the movement of the civilian ministers."

With the Ruyi abacus, Lu Feng laughed softly.