Chapter 044 【Long Pioneer】

. Lu Xuyang was not afraid of strong fighting and righteousness in front of the abnormal crazy thief, which caused the resonance of most people.I have scolded you, but today your performance surprised me. We have greatly changed our views on you. Our server is proud of you! DamnSilly dog's legs! "

After waiting for a long time, the guy who stole the number did not say that Lu Xuyang was strange, thinking that you were not arrogant to revenge me just now, why am I in?The ICQ number is announced in the world, but you have made a turtle!

Five minutes later, Lu Xuyang found that there was a red word and secret, it was the "stealing you didn't discuss": "Who are you? How do you know the address of our website?"

Lu Xuyang read itI laughed after that sentence. It was really happy. I didn't expect that the other party was really miserable by himself. At this moment, he must be in his heart.

"Who do you care about me! I can tell you, you must pay back my friend's equipment, so as not to mix it in the game! Otherwise, I will not just bring off your website, but also need itTwenty -four hours of tracking your IP all -weather, you can't do anything you can do! Presumably you know the power of hackers. On the Internet, invasion and challenge invasion are the two things we are most willing to do! "

> The other party was so boring that she couldn't speak, but soon Lu Xuyang heard the best news from his friend "Liu Yiyi".

"He said I hope you don't go to" patronize 'their website in the future, they will withdraw from "Xianxian" in a short time, at least this server ... Big soldier, I can't think of you so powerful, it's a one, it is a one.Big hacker! I have always been a little mysterious and very glorious occupation! "

Lu Xuyang's humble sentence or two sentences her to be careful in the future. It is best to install anti -virus software on the system.Tell others to get rid of it.

Just when Lu Xuyang was ready to go offline, the world chat channel appeared on the world chat channel.Your technology is very good, you are very powerful, but you advise you to stare at our group of people who can't afford the storms. It should not be your ultimate goal, not your prideThe hacker who was amazed on the Internet was right. Didn't you have a big fish named "Net Black please close your eyes" by Microsoft recently?Picking him out and cracked his 'current flu virus', then I really worshiped the wind, and the five -body landed on the ground called you a 'big brother' ... "

Lu Xuyang consciously ridiculous, this person will give himself upFinding a word, isn't he just forced him indirectly to himself, but the proposal of the other party still sounds a bit reasonable. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.The goal.

"Thank you for thinking for us. I also gave you a word, from good as good as evil as evil, don't greedy the trivial flies in front of me, giving up the dignity and value of being human.One you, don't think that after the online world is a thief offline, but a gentleman, there is a computer technology that can be used on the right path! "

The applause, the gang is also full of people, Lu Xuyang's chat channels are brushed into flowers by the red words of secret words.

"You kid ... you can't see it, you can't see it, you actually have such a big skill!"

"Monk Monk" Kuang Bin sent a friend's chat message, amazingThe praise, like the water and sky of the Yellow River, rolled.

Lu Xuyang only said that he had recognized a master and had been learning the knowledge of hackers. After a while, he was not drowned by the flowers that were constantly flying, and hurriedly walked underground.

Go out of the room, my mother is cooking medicine for the old man, then the Chinese medicine recipe must be prescribed by himself. Lu Xuyang knows his grandfather very much.The health of the human body is very damaged, the cure is not cured, and some diseases are sometimes lost.

"Xiaoxu, someone called you just now. You locked yourself in the room. We thought you went to Zhang Sheng's house and hadn't returned." Dad put down a military newspaper in his hand,Larked his head and said to Lu Xuyang.

Lu Xuyang's face could not help but change slightly. He asked, "Who?"

The first thing I thought of was Zheng Xiyi. She could take the initiative to contact herself again.

Who knows Dad said: "It's a man. With a sip of the northern Jiangsu, he said that he was mortgaged or something. After listening for a long time, I was inexplicable.Isn't it a high loan? "

I heard the words" usury

"How could Hu Xu go to that thing? He didn't lack money, what did he do?" Or the old man's brain, the seeds, was bright and open -minded. Lu Xuyang couldn't help but laugh.Walking endlessly, I came to the door.

"Stupid boy, you can laugh at the loss! We are all worried about what is the matter of you? Why do you contact you for mortgage?" The mother is rich in imagination, but I can't let it go.In this knot, he was afraid that his son would do something stupid with his family.

"Mom, you are really, more attentive! That's just a friend of me. He is not a usual loan, but a businessman who is big buying and selling.You should always hear it? "Lu Xuyang explained briefly, and his father and mother were relieved.

Lu Xuyang's heart is full of excitement. The boss can call himself, which shows that he sees the value of the "dark moonstone" and intends to negotiate with himself.It ’s not a good price to make a good price.

During the meal, Lu Xuyang suddenly asked his mother: "Mom, do you want to live in the villa?"

"What?!" My mother stunned when she boarded it. The child was in the evening.You can also have a daydream.

Dad smiled and glanced at Lu Xuyang with a smile, and said lazily, "Who doesn't want who is a fool! But we can only think about it. You don’t know that your mother dreams in the middle of the night.The new house is so pleasantly surprised by me, saying what a new house, Xi Meng, thinking about it, is to sleep well, it is stable, don't worry about the danger of the collapse of the house beam. "

I heard my father play with a little fun, but he had a little fun but it was fun.If you are in good words, Lu Xuyang suddenly feel sad, sighed, and sighed secretly: "The days of our snail house should be almost passing!"

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