4 3 7 di di shi sheng wei yi hao ling dao

Is the person or nephew of President Pharaoh?

Liu Ziguang was secretly surprised, but it was not revealed at all on his face. Look at Mayor Zhou, staring at the TV completely, and did not let go of any details.The key figure of the power of life and killing, otherwise Zhou Zhongda will not pay so much attention.

After eating Fanjiang Xueqing, she made Liu Ziguang and Mayor Zhou played chess. Liu Ziguang understood that this is a chess friend who wanted to develop himself into Mayor Zhou.Many celebrities have played in the game, and may not let Mayor Zhou be too disappointed, and it is also eager to look at Mayor Zhou, and you may wish to talk to him.

But the sweeping was that the phone rang. Mayor Zhou picked up the handheld extension in the living room, and his expression immediately became serious.

This one does not matter. After a full hour, Mrs. Zhou also brought tea in. When the door opened, I could see Mayor Zhou sitting in front of the desk.What is painted on the book, his expression is quite focused."

" This old Zhou, there is no day or night, even the guests forget, it is really embarrassed.Mrs. Zhou said sorry.

Liu Ziguang looked at the seat clock, and it was not too early, so he gave Jiang Xueqing a wink., Come and play again.

Mrs. Zhou felt very embarrassed. People gave such valuable gifts. They should tell Mayor Zhou to say that Jiang Xueqing refused to affect Mayor Zhou's work.Then, send them to the door in person, the guest owner is enthusiastic.

In the elevator, Jiang Xueqing, who had already said and laughed, suddenly silently came down, and said to Liu Ziguang downstairs.It is not easy for her to face her."

After talking about Jiang Xueqing's short hair, he left without returning.The big anchor got on the car and went away. Liu Ziguang forgive him, and he murmured in his heart: Could the things with Li Yan know that everything is known.

When the matter was described, and when he mentioned Jiang Xueqing's abnormal move, Li Yan smiled and said generously: "I disclosed it to her."

Liu Ziguang's eyes widened, and with a puppet, Li Yan explained directly:" The relationship between Jiang Xueqing is very good, but it is not good enough to share a man, soI dispelled her thoughts in advance. In this way, Xue Qing was a well -known person and would not talk around."

Liu Ziguang suddenly realized that women and women are extremely selfish in emotion.The abnormality of the 了 can be seen, and even Li Yan may investigate all the situation of Liu Ziguang, including Fang Yan.

Suddenly, Liu Ziguang feels like a small field snail,President Li was squeezed steadily with three fingers in his hand.

"I don't allow it to go home tonight. I want to listen to the details of Mayor Zhou's home furnishings and his specific response to help you analyze."Li Yan said, and walked into the bedroom toilet to brush his teeth.


The next day was Saturday, Liu Ziguang specially had several students, of which Brother Deng BrotherThe baby son Deng Miaofan, the little guy is already the pride of Chenuang Children's Middle School. When it is spring, he will also represent Jiangbei City to participate in the national Olympic Games.

Teacher Liu took a group of students and rode a bicycle with a bicycle.With a broom and rags and buckets, I came to the original cadre dormitory near the Chenguang Children's Middle School. This is a tube building built in the early 1980s. The outer wall is made of red brick.The bicycle stopped in the car shed quietly, and the seats were crowded with dust. On the top of the car shed, there were snow ten days ago.

The arrival of the students brought the Tsubilitou Tower.Fresh vitality and laughter. Liu Ziguang led the students to clean up every corner of the dormitory building and wipe the handrails of the stairs. Of course, the focus of hygiene is the Principal's family of Pharaoh.Holding the cigarette roll is even more happy.

Liu Ziguang brought two cigarettes without any labeling, telling President Pharaoh that this is the cigarette produced by the internal scripts of the tobacco factory.Laughing laughed, he was a big smoke ghost, and he couldn't miss the smoke at all times. He had less salary. He couldn't bear to smoke a cigarette, and he could only smoke two or three yuan a box of inferior cigarettes. Now Liu Ziguang sent cheaper grains.Can laugh without eyebrows.

Of course, President Pharaoh didn't know that this cigarette was a special product that Liu Ziguang took from internal channels.Br>
President President's wife walked early, and several children moved out to live. A lonely old man lived in a house of less than 60 square meters. It was dark and humid. The furniture was all set up in the 1980s.Thick, the most at home is the book, not only on the bookshelf, but also on the desk, the sofa, the bedside table, the bed, and even the ground.There are a large number of wine bottles, cigarette boxes, and Pharaoh's tobacco and alcohol, but I do n’t care about eating and wearing. There are only Chinese cabbage and noodles and spicy sauce bottle in the kitchen., Even if you can not see the meat, maybe for him, spiritual food is much more important than meat.

In the wardrobe, the old Zhongshan clothes in those years are afraid of many years.Take it out to shake the sun, the house is full of dust, and the bed is even more horrible. There is a piece of oil on the pillow towel. The quilt has not been washed for a long time.Book.

Liu Ziguang looked straight and took out the cigarette to give the President President and said, "The old principal is really poor, and this Huaju really can't live."

President Pharaoh smiled:" This is the line of Fan Jinzhong in the history of Rulin Waiwai. Why, do you still have a three -in -room empty room to live with me?"

Liu Ziguang said," I don't have the house, but it is necessary to clean it."I glanced at the male students, and felt that these hairs and furious guys were embarrassed, so they said," Deng Miaofan, shouting a few female students in the class."

Now Deng Miaofan is not only a prodigy in the hearts of the teachers, but also the idols of the girls.President Wang clean up the house.

"Several girls, do not get rid of the flowers of the old principal, just sweep the dust."Liu Ziguang sat on the broken sofa and drew his foot.

President Pharaoh also sat on the sofa, smoking one by one, and his smiles were bent:" The children are good, look back at the principal, the principal,Please dinner."

Liu Ziguang joked:" Old principal, do you eat noodles for the children? "

President Pharaoh ordered a cigarette and said, "How can I, I invite everyone to get off the restaurant."

The room was full of laughter. The female students carefully cleaned every corner. A girl turned out an old mirror frame from the corner of the desk and wiped it with a handkerchief. Liu Ziguang's eyes were on.In the past, the frame was taken over and looked at it. The photos were black and white. The dress and spiritual appearance of the people in the phase seemed to be in the 1960s and 1970s. A young man wearing glasses should be President Pharaoh.The simple female worker, a kind old lady in the middle chair, and a young man with a very similar eyebrow and President Pharaoh stood on one side, his expression was a little restrained.
"Old principal, who is this, who is this?Ah, it looks like you?"Liu Ziguang pointed at the photo.

President Pharaoh took the frame, squinted at the people in the photo, and sighed and said," That's my brother."

" Oh, I haven't heard that you still have a younger brother. ""

" The words are long, and this brother and I are not a mother compatriots. Before liberation, my father was a member of the underground party. He gave birth to me when he presided over the work in Jiangbei. He was arrested by the National Party.Nothing, I was pulled by my old lady. When I heard the news of my father again, it was already in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China. My father became the deputy minister and re -organized the family and had a second child."

" What about later?You still meet."Liu Ziguang asked.

" Yes, during the period, his father was beaten, the struggle died, and his brother followed his last words.At this time, my life was very difficult. When my brother had no food plan, and when he had a long body, my mother died in order to save food and got edema ... Later, I was disappointed anyway and resumed the college entrance examination. I just gave me a place in the factory.This quota was given to him ... "

When describing these past events, President Pharaoh did not use any language with a strong color, but from these bland words, Liu Ziguang heard selflesslyMother's love and strong brotherhood, Pharaoh President's family has paid so much for the younger brother. When the mother saves export food from the teeth, she eats her ex -husband's son.There is also the eldest sister who has died, looking at the simple and unparalleled face, it must also be a woman who is virtuous.

The family spent that difficult years together.What.

"Then, after your brother was admitted to college?"Liu Ziguang asked tirelessly, like a reporter who deeply dug materials.

" He was admitted to Peking University, and after graduation, he sent abroad to study abroad.In place, and then a central ministries and commissions, the work has been busy."

" Are you always in touch?"

" There is a letter contact."

It seems that there is a spectrum, Liu Ziguang threw the last question:" Is your brother surnamed Zheng, called Zheng Jiefu? ""

President Pharaoh was stunned, and even the smoke forgot to smoke:" How do you know, Xiao Liu, I know my mother's surname, my brother is with his father's surname, it is Zheng Jiev."

Liu Ziguang's heart, whine, sorrow, old principal, old principal, your brother has been the leader of the provincial party committee, you don’t know.