Requirements for recruits physical examination


The first length and weight are not lower than the following standards:

(1) Male:

Lu Qin, submarine, surface ship personnel (Including the Navy's Marine Leaders, the following are the same), airborne soldiers, tank occupants, 162 cm long (tank players do not exceed 175 cm), and weigh 50 kg.

Dives, 168 cm long (not more than 185 cm), weighing 54 kg.

Lu Qin personnel in remote areas can be relaxed to 158 cm in length and can be relaxed to 48 kg.

(2) Women: 158 cm long and 45 kg of weight.

(3) Those who are too obese or thin, unqualified.

The second trauma cranial defect, fracture, depression, intracranial foreign body remains, etc., sequelae of the craniocerebral trauma, skull brain deformity, history of brain surgery, and unqualified.

The third neck is straight, the oblique neck that cannot be corrected by itself, three degrees of simplicity thyroid enoplane, and the tuberculosis lymphitis is unqualified.

The fourth bone, joints, burste, tendon sheath disease or damage and sequelae, bone, joint malformations, habitual dislocation, chronic spinal disease, chronic waist and leg pain, unqualified.

The following situations are qualified:

(1) Mild thorax deformity (except for divers); mild spine side bends and hump that can be corrected by itself.

(2) Simple fracture. After one year of cure, the reset is good, without functional disorders and sequelae.

(3) The joints of large bone festivals only refer to the joints (toes) joints, no conscious symptoms, no dysfunction, and Lu Qin personnel are qualified.

Article 5 The two lower limbs are not equal to more than 2 cm long, the distance between the inside of the inside of the knee and the interior distance of the inside of the tibial tibius exceeds 7 cm (airborne soldiers exceed 4 cm), or although the above regulations are in the above regulationsIn the range but unqualified gait and unqualified.

Article 6 The finger (toe) finger (toe) is incomplete, deforms, and the flat foot of the feet completely disappear, which affects the chicken eyes, crickets, and severe cracks that affect long -distance walking, and unqualified.

Article 7 of a malignant tumor, benign tumors, cysts, scars, and scars that affect the faces or functions are unqualified.

Article 8 of vasculitis, aneurysm, severe lower limb veins, iconic veins, unqualified.

Article 9 has a history of chest, abdominal surgical surgery, hernia, prolapse, anal, old anal fissure, ring hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids (diameter greater than 0.5 cm or more than two), often inflammation and bleedingInternal and external hemorrhoids, unqualified.

For more than half a year after the appendicitis surgery, more than one year after the inguinal hernia and hernia surgery, all kinds of personnel are qualified.

Article 10 The urogenital systems are inflammatory, tuberculosis, stones and other diseases or damage, and their sequelae, which affects the functional organs that affect the function.

The following situations are qualified:

(1) Mild non -traffic spermoscopic sheath effusion (not greater than the testicular of the healthy side) without conscious symptoms, testicular hydrocele (including testiclesIt is not more than double the testicles in the inside).

(2) Traffic hydrocele, no recurrence and no sequelae for more than one year after surgery.

(3) Sacrifice and sub -test nodules with no tenderness, no conscious symptoms (no more than two, less than 0.5 cm in diameter).

Article 11 of underarm odor, a ringworm, generalized anesthesia, scabies, chronic eczema, chronic measles, neurodermatitis, vitiligo, psoriasis, and infectious anesthesia patients have close contact history.(Common life) and other infectious or difficult to cure skin diseases, which affect the blood vessels and pigment moles that affect the face, are unqualified.

The following situations are qualified:

Mild underarm odor (except submarine, surface ship personnel, diver, tank occupant).

Limited neurodermatitis (not more than 3 cm in diameter), isolated vitiligo (in summer

non -naked parts), tineaite, and tinea, light hand (foot)Tingling, finger (toe), ringworm, frostbite.

Article 12 of gonorrhea, syphilis, soft undercib and sexually transmitted lymph granuloma, non -gonococcal urethritis, condyloma acuminatum, AIDS and virus carriers, unqualified.

Internal medicine:

Article 13 exceeds the following range, unqualified.

Septic pressure: 12.00-18.66 kilometer (96-140 mm Hg);

Solid pressure: 8.0-11.46 kun (60-86 mm Hg).

Article 14 of the organic heart and vascular disease, unqualified.

The following situations are qualified:

(1) Separate auscultation, the noise of the heart shrinkage period changes the posture and repeated auscultation is indeed physiological and qualified.

(2) The occasional pre -contract contraction, no more than three times a minute, there is no heart disease.

(3) The heart rate is between 56 and 110 times per minute.

Divers, airborne soldiers, and recruits in the plateau region are grasped strictly above.

Article 15 of chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, tuberculosis pleurisy and other chronic diseases of the respiratory system, unqualified.

The following situations are qualified:

(1) The calcification point of isolation and scattered scattered, the number is below 3, the diameter does not exceed 0.5 cm, the density is high, the edges are clear, and there is no infiltration around the surroundings.

(2) The enhancement of the lung texture does not exceed the middle band, the quantity is small, the slender, the distribution is uniform, and there is no distorted deformation.

Article 16 Stomach, duodenal, liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreatic disease, bacterial dysentery, chronic enteritis, drooping internal organs, abdominal blocks, and unqualified.

The following situations are qualified:

(1) lying on the supine position, breathing calm, and the liver of the liver at the middle of the right collarbone no more than 1.5 cm (no more than 3 cm below the sword process), qualitySoft, thin, smooth, no tenderness, painful pain, the upper liver boundary is in normal range, no anemia, good nutritional conditions

(2) I suffered from type A virus hepatitis five years ago.No recurrence, asymptomatic and signs.

(3) The spleen enlargement caused by malaria, blood suction insects, and black fever has been suffered from the enlarged spleen. It does not exceed 1 cm under the left rib. There is no conscious symptom, no anemia, and good nutritional condition.

(4) The liver and spleen are touched at the same time, which meets the above (1) and (3).

Article 17 of the liver function and hepatitis B surface antigen examination, who have one of the following situations are unqualified.

(1) Gifunosanase improved at 180 units or more or more units of Lai's method.

(2) Acel transaminase improved the Jin's method of more than 130 units or more than 25 units of Lai's method, and is accompanied by more than 6 units or zinc sulfate turbidity tests of more than 12 units.

(3) The inverse passive blood coagulation method of hepatitis B surface antigen is greater than 1:16.

Article 18 of the urinary, blood, endocrine and metabolic system diseases, connective tissue diseases, unqualified.Hematophyte disease, amoeba dysentery, and hook -end spiral disease have been cured for more than two years without sequelae. The whole body is good and can bear severe physical labor and qualify.

Article 20 There are epilepsy, mental illness, sleepwalking, halo history and neuropathy, low intelligence, enuresis, unqualified

The following situations are qualified:

(1) Short -time mental disorders caused by food or drug poisoning, without sequelae after cure.

(2) No remains occur after the age of thirteen.

Article 21 The central nervous system and peripheral nervous system diseases and sequelae are unqualified.

Article 22 is not qualified.

Eat mild mouth (two words in one sentence are repeated twice). Except for submarine personnel, diver, and tank occupant, they are qualified.

Ear, nose, laryngeal department:

Article 23 loses a sense of smell and is unqualified.

Slow sense of smell, qualified (except for anti -chemical soldiers).

The 24th hearing is less than 5 meters of whisper on each side, which is unqualified.

The whispering on one side is 5 meters, and its side is not less than 3 meters.

The twenty -fifth dizziness, severe motion sickness, seasickness, unqualified.

Light motion sickness, seasickness, Lu Qin personnel qualified.

Article 26 of the auricular malformations, the outer ear canal lock, recurrent inflammatory ear fistula, auricle, outer ear canal eczema, ear mold disease, and unqualified.

Mild ear mold disease, Lu Qin personnel are qualified.

Article 27: Drum membrane perforation, purulent otitis media, tractitis and other difficult to cure ear diseases are unqualified.

Injecting the tympanic membrane, the tympanic membrane adhesion, atrophy, scar, lime, the personnel of Lu Qin, the surface ships, and the tank occupants are qualified.

The tympanic membrane is mildly trapped, the tympanic membrane scar or lime are not exceeded by one -third of the tympanic membrane.

Article 28, chronic auxiliary sinusitis, severe hypertrophic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, nasal polyps, middle nasal polyps, and other chronic nasal disease that affects the nasal function.

The mid -naginal hypertrophy that does not affect the drainage of the auxiliary sinus, has a small amount of mucus purulent secretions in the middle nose, mild atrophic rhinitis.

Article 29 Chronic tonsillitis, affecting pharyngeal and laryngeal diseases that are difficult to cure swallow and pronunciation, and unqualified.


Article 30 Vision, lower than the following standards:

(1) Lu Qin personnel: right eye naked eye vision 4.9, left eye naked eye vision4.8.

(2) Submarine, surface ship personnel, diver, airborne soldiers, and tank players at each glance 5.0.

High school, vocational high school, and technical secondary school graduates can be relaxed to 4.9.

Article 31 is abnormal and unqualified.

Those who can identify red, green, yellow, blue, and purple monochrome, Lu Qin personnel are qualified.

Article 32 The eyelids, eyelid margins, conjunctiva, and lacrimal diseases that affect eye function are unqualified.

Pseudo -wing -shaped meat meat, not more than 2 mm in the corneal, is qualified by the trainees of Lu Qin.

The thirty -three eyeballs are prominent, eye tremor, eye muscle disease, and unqualified.

The common and external strabismus is within 15 degrees, and the trainees of Lu Qin are qualified.

Article 34 of the corneal, sclera, iris ciliary disease, pupil deformation, dysfunction, unqualified.

Corneal clouds that do not affect vision, all kinds of personnel are qualified.

Article 35 Crystal, vitreous, vessel, mesomidal disease, glaucoma, unqualified.

A few congenital small crystal small turbidity points are qualified.

Stomatology department:

The 36th three -degree dental caries, lack of teeth are tied together more than two, more than three non -part together; jaw joint disease, severe periodontal disease and influenceOral diseases with chewing function are not qualified.

Article 37 of the tooth cut, tip tooth, and double -pointed teeth defects, overcutting exceeds 0.5 cm, the bite is more than 0.3 cm, and the deeper compound is more than two -thirds.Mild periodontal disease, submarine staff and divers are unqualified.

The following situations are qualified:

(1) Three and four teeth bite of the upper and lower sides within 0.3 cm.

(2) Lack of a fixed teeth after the fixed dental retention is good.

(3) Individual cutting teeth are incompatible or overlapped.

(4) The upper jaw side -cutting of the jaw to teeth does not affect the occlusion.

Article 38 chronic mumps, parotid cysts, unqualified.


Article 39: External genital development abnormalities, functional*bleeding, genital organ tuberculosis, mass, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, unqualified