Various types of horror of folk, please ask Xianda Dafa (Part 1) (Repost)

1. Mirror Xian

The two pieces of the two pieces can look in the mirror of the whole body. Putting them face to face will form an unlimited mirror condition.At the midnight, the summoner stood in the middle of the two mirrors, touched the mirror in front of him with his left hand, and began to call the mirror.The summoned room should be quiet and only one of the summoners, point two candles on both sides of the mirror, one on one side.(This is the method of Japan)

At 0 o'clock in the middle of the night, it starts on time at 12 o'clock. Put a mirror in front of it. On the side of the mirror, order a white candle to start cutting the apple -apple skin must not be broken. It is rumored that if AppleSkin breaks your life and it will end.After cutting Apple, you can see your future!Rumors are rumored to have a mirror immortal, which will fold Yang Shou for ten years!(China)

2. Bi Xian

The two of them fit together with one hand, the middle pen, and the pen tip touched a paper.Then think about your problems with both hands, let the pen naturally want to end, think about the brush fairy, (please go back) your hand will let go.Basically gone.

This is a bit of attention to the traditional way of lectures, that is, before the Fixian did not thank Bi Xian to ask him to go back, the two must not let go of my hands and hold it.Fairy, there are many methods, choose the first way of playing with

There are many ways to play in the first dish.The more popular gameplay is to invert a small plate that indicates the arrow on the paved newspaper, and then each person on the edge of the plate, solemnly invites the discant Xianling, and ask him to give him the questions raised by the participants.answer.After everyone is waiting for a while, the small plate will suddenly have "induction".After a while, its arrow will eventually stay on a word or phrase on the newspaper, and this word or phrase is a revelation made by Danxian.

The stimulus of playing Danxian is that to everyone, the power of the small plate is extremely large, so it is mostly that the gods are indeed calligraphy.In fact, the movement of small plates is just a concentrated expression of the ideas of everyone or most participants.When most people's ideas are inconsistent, the plate either does not react or only moves without targets. Once everyone feels that a certain word or word group is an acceptable answer, the "Danxian" will point the arrows to this sooner or laterAnswer.To concentrate the ideas of most participants on a specific answer, there is indeed a lot of accidents.However, the more the composition of the participants is similar, the more tacit understanding each other, the more easier it is to achieve consistent opinions or take consistent actions.In addition, whether it is similar or tacit, it can be deployed in advance.For example, as long as a person's delicious and lazy remarks are scattered in advance, when asking the Panxian's future, the Danxian will mostly make an answer with "dull future".Therefore, in a sense, the disc fairy game is not irregular.

4. Please discuss the second method of Danxian


1. Find a place where you are heavy, such as abolition of old houses or cemeteries
BR> 2. Starting at the time of yin, Ruhai

3. When playing> 4. Do not write the characters used for answering paper. It is best to write old newspapers.

5. It is best to use the old dish for the> 6. The arrows on the plate must be painted with the blood of the virgin, and the process of drawing

1. Practice before playing.All players must swear to reveal the answers that they know, otherwise they will be cursed

2. Please fairy.Put the disc upside down on the newspaper (or other characters). Everyone puts a finger on the back of the disc, the name is the name, and the discs are invited to the disc., Be careful not to ask about the problem of disco's life

4. The disc's movement when stopped.After walking, you can take back your hands

5 Unknown immortal "Unknown Inviting Fairy Games"

This game of inviting immortals was passed down from a small town.I can't remember the name of the town, and I don't know what the game is.However, I still remember the method of the game.This is the method I have tried in the fifth grade of elementary school.

Pick a night without the moon.Or the moonlight that night was black.Then your game location is the bedroom.Do you have any friends or cousin given you a doll, every girl should have it.There should be a balcony in your bedroom, and there should be.And your bed.Just these simple props.First we walk on the balcony three laps.With your usual walking steps, soon, the three laps are finished.Then run to your bed three times, and then hit your doll three times.In the evening, holding your doll to sleep.You will hear someone constantly knocking on the door.I don't know if this game is dangerous.At that time, I told my best classmate, Yin Fei, she and her sister, and my cousin tried together.All three of them heard the knock on the door that night.If you are interested, try it.But I don't know where the disadvantage of this game is.Be careful about everything.