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The white sheath knife killed a day in Siemens, and the good guy of the Zhulian Gang also sold him for a few face. Later, there was a vacuum state in Hong Kong, and Xiong Gei turned gorgeously and returned to Yau Tsim Wan to be a talker.

Since his brother Ahao died on the gambling boat, Cheng Guoju retreated. He recognized Ruan Xiong as his son and gave him all the industry.With support, Xiongge is even more atmospheric, such as the sun and the sky, and the wind rises in the wind of Yau Tsim Want, and puts over the limelight of the other gangs. Why did you think that he would be pressed on the wall on the wall and threatened on his own site.

"Do your mother!" A younger brother roared from Taiwan to roar and rushed up to cut people. Liu Ziguang held Ruan Xiong's collar with his left hand.A shot.

The sound of gunfire sounded, screamed, the younger brother stopped his footsteps, and looked at Liu Ziguang angrily. You have the meaning of killing me.

Liu Ziguang didn't look at him, and patted Ruan Xiong's face with a hot barrel, "This sentence is the second time I said today. Don't take the law as a shield.Talking about the law, do you understand? "

Ruan Xiong nodded hard, and Liu Ziguang asked him to ask," So, what about the person I am looking for? "

" Go from the back doorOnce, I asked the younger brother to take them to the side of Sham Shui Kuya, a blue nanny car, and the license plate number was xxxxx "

" Didn't lie to me? "Liu Ziguang continued to pat the barrel with Ruan Xiongs face.

"No." Ruan Xiong was full of anger, but at this moment he could only bear it. The police officer of the case team could not be rough anyway, otherwise the police officer was given the handle.

Liu Ziguang's mobile phone rang, and it was the information from Shangguan Jin: Jin Xudong left a blue van.

"Very good, the sister -in -law can teach." Liu Ziguang retracted his pistol, helped Ruan Xiong to organize the collar, and shook his head to Liang Xiao: "Let's go."

Liang Xiao was relieved,At a glance at the fighters in front of him, Liu Ziguang left the nightclub side by side.

Back in the car, Shangguan was dissatisfied: "How come back, Jin Xudong has ran."

Liang Xiao said, "Don't be tight, you can find him, but the official Liu just opened the official of the official Liu.Gun, Ruan Xiong's complaint may write a report, which is a bit troublesome. "He said the car.

Ruan Xiong watched their cars leaving fiercely and turned to the nightclub. Just now the Taiwanese brother came forward: "Xiong brother, do you want to find someone to be him?"

> "I will do it, you go to the doctor to see the doctor." Ruan Xiong sent the younger brother, walked to the door of a private room at the nightclub, knocked on the door and went in. A few ladies were accompany the three men to shake the color.Son drinking and singing, a bunch of wine bottles were placed on the table, and they were playing.

Ruan Xiong patted the palm, the ladies hurriedly packed up to avoid, one of the three men said to Ruan Xiong, "Sit, say."

People, 200,000. "Ruan Xiong said.

The three men are all strong grassy. I heard the price of 200,000 without blinking.The white Toyota car was involved in Sham Shui. The license plate was XXXXX. The person to kill was medium -sized. At the age of thirty, mainlanders, wearing a black suit and spray, it is difficult to deal with it. "

"Okay, pick it up." The man stood up, and Wei An's body was more than Ruan Xiong.

Ruan Xiong smiled with satisfaction: "The brothers are really bold, I like, go, take you to get your guy."

Come to the basement of the nightclub and open a door, Ruan XiongTake out three black star pistols from the cabinet, two semi -old 56 -type submachine guns, and a bullet full of a carton saying: "These are deducted from the commission, and the discount is 45,000 yuan. There is no opinion."

The three men checked the firearms, pressed the bullet into the magazine, and ignored Ruan Xiong.

The first man continuously pulled the bolt of the assault rifle, patted the gun body and said, "Domestic goods, also coincide, used to the original East Germany, and then use this to be a bit uncomfortable."

ThreeAfter people left, Ruan Xiong's lawyer Huang Yulang came to the nightclub. Ruan Xiong described him what happened.Ruan Xiong said: "Yes, and there are hundreds of witnesses, the guy is still shot in the nightclub, the bullet case and the bomb holes on the ground are there."

Huang Yulang pushed the golden silk on the bridge of the nose.Glasses, say, "In this case, grasp the larger, you just said that this person came together with the police officer of the case?"

"Yes, but he should not be a police officer, the police don't use that gun without that gun"Ruan Xiong said.

Huang Yulang was interested: "Let me see the surveillance video."

Ruan Xiong made a fingers, and let his men take the surveillance video to Lawyer Huang.

Lawyer Huang didn't speak after reading it, and slowly took off his glasses and wiped it. Ruan Xiong noticed that Lawyer Huang had a less obvious scar on his forehead to his nose.

"Xiong, I can't help you, it is difficult for this person to deal with it, and it is useless to the law of his **."

Ruan Xiong was shocked, which sounds familiar:"How to say?"

"I doubt, just doubt, Ahao was killed, the gambling boat was sinking, the scars on my face were also hit by him."Low depression, obviously thought of some past things that were difficult to look back.

"Do it! What is amazing, I do him like him, avenging the grandfather." Ruan Xiong slammed the table and made a strong words.

"Of course, the complaint is also to be done. If you can't get him, you can engage in that policeman." Lawyer Huang re -put on the glasses and restored the cold momentum.


Jin Xudong feels that everything is out of control. He was just coming to Hong Kong for routine business.I have never encountered trouble, because he is good at pulling relationships with senior people, even if there are some small problems, the above sentence can be flattened.

The car is north along Nathan Road. The road in Hong Kong is far from Shanghai as wide, but it is not very congested because each car is strictly followed by rules. The driver is the younger brother sent by Ruan Xiong.Although the old and confused wearing a purple suit, although the momentum is full, a pair of thin arms made Jin Xudong feel insecure.

Jin Xudong turned to look at the Araki king around him. This Japanese made him feel strange. Although this guy is proficient in Chinese and polite, he has never bargaining.Insufficient, the specific is wrong, but it can't be said.

The Kawagawa Club is the official intelligence collection authority of Japan. This is clear that the Japanese have always been cautious and stable, and they will not work in Hong Kong after the return. Jin Xudong continues to comfort himself.

The driver kept looking at the rearview mirror, stepped on the accelerator, and Jin Xudong hurriedly looked back, but could not see anything.

"Someone followed." The driver said.

Araki Naoki smiled lightly, everything was developing as expected. He is now an intelligence collecting personnel, not an action personnel.To rely on themselves, the Chinese have always been good at fighting in the nest, and letting them kill each other is the best way.

Liang Xiao was almost caught up with the blue nanny car in front, but the phone suddenly rang, and it turned out that it was a call from the boss Miao officer. He hurriedly put on the Bluetooth headset and pressed.The answer key.

"Liang Xiao, what are you doing, do not say without authorization. Now the two people are lying in the hospital, the nightclub shoots in public, and is complained to it. Now the complaint section is waiting for meReport, how do you let me explain, come back right away! "

The roar of Chief Miao official in the headset, Liang Xiao stepped on the brakes subconsciously, and the speed was slow, but I saw that the car in front was accelerating.Escape, he suddenly pulled off his headset and followed the throttle and followed.

The blue nanny car turns left at the left of the boundary street and entered the Changsha Bay Road, and turns left in Nanchang Street into Lai Chi Kok Road.Suddenly a heavy road motorcycle followed up from behind, and the motorcycle's hand glance at the throttle at the car, overtaking like a string arrow.

Jin Xudong felt that he was sweating on his neck again, his lips were dry. Looking at the Naoki people, it was still calm and calm. This Japanese devil is a bit bold.

I just wanted to say a few words. Suddenly a black off -road vehicle rushed out of the fork and hit the left side of the nanny car.A hot face, a touch of fingers, a blood red.

After the gunfire sounded, Jin Xudong was pressed by the Araki Naoto before he responded. When the window was broken, he heard the sound of the bullet whistling from the head.

The white Toyota's sudden brakes that followed behind were stopped. Liang Xiao grabbed the intercom and called the head station: "The head station, Lai Chi Kok Road, and Beihe Street occurred at the intersection, request support!"

The voice did not fall, a bunch of bullets came, and a row of bullet holes appeared on the window. Fortunately, Liang Xiao's position was relatively low, otherwise his head would bloom.

On the back seat, Liu Ziguang opened the door long ago. He first kicked the panic official, and the director of the Shangguan hit a few rolling on the ground.Behind the truck, Liu Ziguang jumped out of the car with both hands, and the guy with a motorcycle helmet with a motorcycle helmet with a motorcycle helmet drove a few guns. The first bullet was in the middle of his helmet.The organic glass mask was smashed, and the eyes of the gunman were blinded by the splashing fragments, and a miserable loudness was fascinated, and his pain was eliminated with the second and third round bullets.

While the other person's firepower weakened, Liang Xiao also pulled out his pistol and climbed out of the car. Before he looked up, he heard a sound of tapping the iron heavily behind him.Sweeping his own car, he rushed to the roadside trash can squatting on the roadside. Looking back, his car was already full of holes.

Liu Ziguang looked at the nanny car in front of him, the doors on both sides were wide, and Kim Xutong and Araki were gone. He was about to rush over to check. Suddenly, a motorcycle roar came from behind.The place where the foothold had just been fired was already a honeycomb by a bullet.

On the streets of the night, the sound of gunfire sounded, and the fire of the flames even over the light of the street lights. There were screams and noisy footsteps everywhere. Liu Ziguang rushed to Liang Xiao and said, "There are two long guns in the direction of nine o'clock, and there are two guns at six o'clock. You cover me, I want to save Jin Xudong. "

Liu Ziguang stuffed a pistol in Liang Xiao and read:"One, two, three! "Suddenly, Liang Xiao raised his pistol high, and whether he could be hit or not, continuously pulled the trigger in the left and right directions.The shell mouth pops up, and this scene gradually becomes a slow move in Liang Xiao's eyes. His hysterical yelling: "Ah ~~~~~~~~~~~"

After all, it is limited. Soon the two pistols are hung up in an empty position, and the storm -like bullets fly in revenge. The masonry debris flys around.I didn't dare to lift it. I was afraid I was going to hang up today.

Instantly, Liu Ziguang had rushed to the place where Jin Xudong and Naoki Naoki were hidden. Between the two trucks, Jin Xudong shook like a bran.Drop blood.