di yi zhang ruan dan


The boy who was located in the girl's toilet was called Lin Yufan. He was a student in the third and third class of Qingping No. 1 Middle School. He was named "Soft Egg" because of his extremely weak personality.His father Lin Jianhua is a worker at the construction site. His mother Zhao Meiqing was originally the daughter of Zhao Guobang, secretary of the Qingping County County Party Committee, but because Zhao Meiqing fell in love with Lin Jianhua, who had no background, he opposed it at home.I got married. After that, Zhao Guobang personally kicked her out of the house. He is now a textile factory worker. Although the Lin Jianhua family is not poverty, it is also not wealthy.

Why did Lin Yufan be kept in a girl's toilet?Things should start from an hour ago.

"Yu Fan, can you come out with me?" Lin Yufan's classmate Zhou Qi asked sweetly in front of his seat.

Zhou Qi wore a beautiful single ponytail, fair and exquisite face, and his big eyes blinked in Lin Yufan, making Lin Yufan feel a kind of sin.

Lin Yufan looked at Zhou Qi in confusion. He could basically not be said to be a friend in the senior high school class. Usually these people fiddled with him.How could Zhou Qi take the initiative to speak to him today?And also a pitiful look.

"Yu Fan, let's come out with me!" Seeing Lin Yufan's mouth, Zhou Qi pulled a cuff of him and said coquettishly.

Her sorrowful voice, he heard Lin Yufan feel like he had arrived in heaven at once. After all, he was also a boy, and he also fantasized how many girls had loved him.

"Do she want to confess like me?" Lin Yufan was crooked in his heart, carefully looking at Zhou Qi's figure, thin places and thin places, especially in the two places, especially in her chest.The mountain peaks are high. Although she is only 18 years old, this body can already look up among her peers.

Lin Yufan looked at the gods, and kept drool in his mouth, thinking: How good it would be!

"Yu Fan, okay!" Zhou Qi's snoring voice passed into Lin Yufan's ears again, and he heard that his bones were soft, and the lower body was uncomfortable.Want to raise the urge to "head".

"Okay, good, good." Lin Yufan stood up, and he looked at the appearance of a dull.

Lin Yufan followed Zhou Qi to the balcony outside the classroom. Now it is the get out of class time, but why is there no one on the balcony today?There are only few people in the classroom. Where did they go?But Lin Yufan still feels about thinking about this at this moment!

"Yu Fan, there is a saying that I want to say to you for a long time." Zhou Qi lowered his head and pulled his skirt with his right hand, and said a low voice.

This sentence with hints was passed into Lin Yufan's ears, and it was incredible. He suddenly expanded his body blood and said with excitement: "If you have any words, just say it!"

" Actually, in fact, I like you for a long time. "Zhou Qi paused twice before he exported.

"Hahaha ... hahaha, this is true. I think Lin Yulfan is also a dwellings. It's eighteen years. After 18 years, I can finally end my single life. By the wayThe man is also over! "Lin Yufan had already turned the sky in his heart, and even wanted to hit himself a few times to prove that this was not his dream, but he still kept his mood as much as possible:" You like itI

"Yes, of course, we can go to bed now." But this is Lin Yufan's thoughts.

"This is! I'm not a casual person." Lin Yufan said in a bit embarrassing. After all, this is the first time that a girl confessed to him in the past eighteen years. Of course, he had to swing.

"Yu Fan, I really like you, you let me be your girlfriend!" Zhou Qi's soft jade hand grasped Lin Yufan's hand, and the poor seemed to ask.

At the moment Zhou Qi's jade hands came into contact with Lin Yufan, he felt as refreshing as an electric shock!This is also the first time he has the skin of his skin with girls in his life.

"Okay!" Although Lin Yufan reluctantly agreed on his mouth, he yelled out "Yeah-".

"Yu Fan, since people are now your girlfriend, can we kiss?" Zhou Qi held Lin Yufan's arm and said softly in his ear.

Lin Yufan was blindfolded, but he was so happy.While today he ended his single life, it would be gone today?

"Qi, will this be too fast?" Lin Yufan said on his mouth, but his mouth was getting closer and closer to Zhou Qi's cherry lips.Zhou Qi suddenly blocked the two mouths with his palm: "Yu Fan, there are too many people here, let's change the place!"

"Who is there?"There is basically no one on the balcony.

"People are shy! I am your girlfriend now, you can't follow others!" Zhou Qi shook Lin Yufan's arm, full of cuteness.

"Okay, I depend on you, I depend on you." Lin Yufan was completely stunned by joy at this moment.

Then he followed Zhou Qi to the door of the women's toilet.

"Qi, don't you let me enter the women's toilet?" Lin Yufan stunned.

"It's really smart, worthy of my boyfriend. Now there is no one in the women's toilet, we go in to kiss, and then you can do something else, as long as you like it." Zhou Qi showed a sweet sweetSmile.

The words "do something else" can cause other people's controversy, and listening to Lin Yufan's ears, it becomes that as long as you enter the women's toilet, you can do whatever you want.You can rub the mountain peaks on his chest crazy, and you can enjoy every inch of the skin of her body. Thinking of Lin Yufan here is shaking!

"Then let's go in!" Lin Yufan couldn't hide the excitement in his heart.

Zhou Qi wanted to laugh when he saw him.I don't ask you to open your eyes, don't open it, I want to surprise you. "Zhou Qi said mysteriously.

Lin Yufan couldn't wait, and closed his eyes obediently and stretched out his right hand.

Zhou Qi pulled Lin Yufan's right hand to walk into the women's toilet step by step. The women's toilet was crowded with more than 20 men and women.In the same way, I covered my mouth in the same way, and laughed out loudly without any attention without controlling it.

"Qi, let's start!" Lin Yufan pumped his mouth and waited for the advent of Zhou Qi's lips.

"Okay, start with it." Zhou Qi handled it casually, a boy standing next to her, his fingers shook, and two boys ran out of the back immediately, holding a piece of paper in his hand, holding a paper, I do n’t know what it is covered with yellow filth on it?Obviously the boy who shakes his fingers is the leader.

"Soft eggs, let's say hello and greet you." The two boys held the paper in their hands and posted it on Lin Yufan's face.

Lin Yufan's voice was wrong, and he immediately opened his eyes but was too late to hide. One was in his face, and one was posted on his white shirt.

"Giggle ..." Zhou Qi endured for so long, and finally could laugh.

Lin Yufan tore off the paper that sticks to his face and clothes, and asked angrily, "What are you doing? What is this?" Lin Yufan touched his face and looked at his palm again.Some yellow objects are also abnormally smelly.

"Soft eggs, of course, it is a good thing, the taste of the Communist Party of Mida must not taste it!" One of the boys who were holding the paper just now said.

"You, you, you ..." Lin Yufan looked at the boy shaking his fingers, "Li Tian, you arranged!"
"What about me?It's just a soft egg, don't yell here here. "Li Tian said with no choice, in his eyes, Lin Yufan was just a toy that could play with people.

"Zhou Qi, why do you lie to me?" Lin Yufan turned his eyes to Zhou Qi who smiled.

"What about lied to you? Do you really think I will like you? Look at you, do you want toad to eat swan meat? Don't dream, even if Miss Ben is blindI will look at the soft eggs like you. "Zhou Qi mocked indifferently, and was just like two people just now.

"Ah-" Lin Yufan screamed and waved his fist towards Li Tian.

"Bang-" Lin Yufan rushed to Li Tian's body and was kicked by two boys on his belly, and fell heavily on the ground.

"Soft eggs are soft eggs, even if you get angry, there is a soft egg. Okay, let's go!" Li Tian first walked out, and then everyone followed him and walked out of it out.Women's toilet.

Lin Yufan covered his stomach, climbed up from the ground, and walked to the door. He couldn't open the door to open the door. The door of the women's toilet was locked by them from the outside.

The next step is the scene of Lin Yufan desperately knocked on the toilet door.

"Why? Why? I don't want to make soft eggs anymore, I want to change, I want to change, I don't want to step on others, I want to step on others, I want to step on others."The door said angrily in his heart, gradually, gradually, his power of knocking on the door was getting smaller and smaller, and finally he stopped knocking.Unwilling, angry ...