Chapter 329 Being my woman

As when the old woman rushed to the old woman, her mouth just kissed her mouth.At that time, he couldn't help it in his stomach.Then "wow" spit all the things I ate before, in the mouth of the old woman.This thing may be a good thing when eating.But when traveling in the stomach, the taste is not so good.

The old woman was originally poured to the ground by him.When I was panicked, I felt a hot heat on my lips.Can't help but open his eyes even bigger.But the next one is not just hot and humid lips.It was hot and hot in the whole mouth.And also with a special taste.This woman is probably a smart person.She immediately understood what happened.So her stomach also tossed for a while."Wow" also started to vomit.

However, what made her feel more depressed was that she couldn't turn her body at all by her body.You can only vomit the head tilted to the side.It looks like an old woman who is poisoned and is about to vomit things.However, tragedy often comes in pairs.The so -called misfortune is not alone.Is good things be double?The comprehensive Yanglong Yue smelled what he spit and mixed with what she vomited.Look at the look of the old woman again.His stomach seemed like a crazy searches that scratched everything.So that even the gastric juice spit it out.The position where it fell after spitting was the face of the old woman.

In the good environment, the whole Yangyue was adapted from this environment that made him terrible.But suddenly found that the old woman was not vomiting.It was in that strength that it might be tears that she thought was very humiliated.At this time, the compassionate people who had a compassion at her suddenly.At the same time, he felt soft on his chest.He couldn't help wondering.The chest of such a thin old woman is well -maintained.Not only big enough.And he found that it was still very flexible.

But her chest is good.He was not interested in playing in such a woman.But he didn't dare to let go of her.He didn't want to let go of her magic and became a dish for her.Then even if she died herself.I don't want to come to hate.But he looked at such a silent woman.But he couldn't get a punch to burst her head.He felt very puzzling about this phenomenon.Although he said that he knew how to pity the incense.But that's just limited to beauty.Not such an old woman.

But he turned to think that he couldn't kill her.This is not to say that it is not decisive enough to deal with things.It is slower at this time.He really didn't know how to recover into a normal state.If you really kill her at once.And time flow cannot return to normal.Then you will leave this world forever.I am afraid that when normal people feel just a day, I will live in this life.

Thinking of this, he suddenly felt afraid of the slow scenes that appeared before.It was not a long time at that time.Otherwise, it is really troublesome.But this time is really long.And I really have no choice but to restore this time to normal.And can only rely on the old woman in front of me.Or the old witch he thinks.

Although he was really unwilling.But still helplessly turned around again and looked at the face of the old woman who was so ugly and more disgusting from the dirty things that came out of the stomach.He held back the impulse of gastric acid again.Putting a fierce look at her: "You mean a woman. If you don't want me to fight against your head, then you better do it with my words."

br> Old women did not move.I didn't even look at the compassion of comprehensive tears at a glance.Its expression was more grievances.

The total of Yang Yang Yue was drawn out of the paratrooper knife directly to the old woman's throat.Then stared at her coldly and said, "You will return to your time now."

After hearing this, the old woman froze.Moved.She slowly turned her head.Staring at the comprehensive Yangyue with a very vicious eyes.Update at the first time, but he can see a trace of doubt from her eyes.

"I tell you. Don't doubt my abilities." Heyang Longyue sneered and said."I just want you to do what you do. If you say you want to find death. Then I don’t mind all you. I will do this set. Otherwise, I can’t use this role now. Talk to you. "

" You killed me. "The old woman continued to stare at him with no trace of fear.It seems that she does not look at life and death at all.

The whole Yanglong Yue hit a stun.It's not just because this woman is not afraid of death.It's because of this woman's voice.Not like the voice of an old woman.Its sound is crisp and delicate.It is very crispy in his heart to mobilize men's hormonal secretion.If you say it alone.No one would think that this was an old woman.And she will definitely think she is a super beauty.This could not help but think of the sweet voice of the sweet voice in the telephone customer service.Whether there are a considerable part of the dinosaur level.

"Do you really think I dare not kill you?" Zongyang Longyue thought about these sneer at her.But the killing intention in the eyes was a little fierce.

"Huh." Unexpectedly, the old woman smiled at him without taking him seriously.Then he closed his eyes.A pair of what you deal with.Update as soon as possible

Zhenyang Longyue laughed.But laughing is weird.I saw that he continued to hold the paratrooper knife with his right hand.The left hand quickly pulled out a handcuffs from the waist.

"Old witch. How about playing a game." He shook handcuffs in front of the old woman.Still said with a weird smile.

I don't have to wait for the old woman to react.A quickly turned the woman and quickly handcuffed her hands.Then kneeling on her left foot pressed her two calfs.Pull her back to her handcuffs back.Let it kneel.

The woman said that he didn't expect that he would suddenly come to this hand.He was very embarrassed.But she can be regarded as tough.This time, it turned out to be stiff and didn't make a noise.This has made the whole Yanglong Yue admire a bit.So that when she was turned over when he was turned over, the face that was filled with the filthy things had been guilty.But he quickly put his eyes on her look quite up and plump hips.

I saw him a wretched smile.Then he took the woman's buttocks very shamelessly and said, "I said Comrade Zhang Xiaoyan. In fact, you can be better to yourself."

The woman heard his words.This body stiffened.Then she dumped the things on her face.Turning his head, he looked at the whole Yanglong Yue in an incredible look.

"Xiaoyan. You don't have to be surprised." Zhenyang Longyue saw her reaction just a very indifferent smile and then said."Actually, I know far more than you expected. To be honest. I didn't kill you. In fact, I moved my heart."

He said that he paused EssenceStaring at her eyes for a while.Then laughed.Said: "Do you want to know why I am a sense of hiddenness to you."

"How do you know my name." The woman turned to stare at him and asked.

The total of Yangyang Yue was a smile.Continue to stroke her fart and said, "I am a man. I always know how to pity the incense. So. I think about it. Reasons. "

The yang Long Yue paused.Watching her smile again.And the smile was quite ambiguous: "So I made a decision."

"What do you want to do." Zhang Xiaoyan looked at his smile.I couldn't help but tremble, but I was staring nervously at him and asked.

"Nothing." The integrated Yangyue was hesitating and laughed at her. She kept rubbing her tall and elastic fart."I want to get closer to the relationship. Let you be my woman."

"You don't want to come." As soon as he heard this, Zhang Xiaoyan shouted in a hurry.The body could not help but tremble."If you dare to disrespect to me. I just......"
"What are you doing." The integrated yang Longyue ridiculed very funny."Do you bite your tongue and commit yourself?"

"You'd better not force me." Zhang Xiaoyan stared at him fiercely with his eyes staring at him with red eyes.

"Hahaha. It is ridiculous." The total mockery of Jiyang Longyue laughed with a smile."Do you make a lot of losses to me. You must know that we are hostile. Of course, if you don't want to give me so quickly. You can still discuss it."
Zhang Xiaoyan listened to his words.That's really angry.That is really qi bombing the liver and lungs.Broken the teeth in your mouth.What she wants to do most now is to peel him up.To solve your own hate.But she also knows.This is impossible at all.This comprehensive Yangyue is much stronger than her imagination.Otherwise, he will not fall into his hands.And the most important thing is that this guy is still super shameless.Dare to do anything shameless.

But she was tangled.If you really do n’t do what he said in Jiyang Yue, he may really give himself to Mixi.Could it be that he really committed suicide.Even suicide.She couldn't guarantee whether he would come to a corpse's evil deeds for the shamelessness of Zhenyang Longyue.At that time, she couldn't resist resistance to the ground.And if you really obey him.Is that betrayal?Although I don't care about fame.But this way of betrayal makes her feel so embarrassed.

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